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I know you want to ask what services Miracle can provide for you when you are here? Now let me explain Miracle’s business scope. Miracle can provide fridge coils supporting services for refrigerator factories, fridge condenser coils, fridge evaporator coils, and mini-fridge evaporator coil. Miracle has many years of experience in supporting refrigerator factories and can understand your needs for fridge coils better and faster.

Miracle can also provide you with a non-fire connection solution. The non-fire connection solution has a more efficient way for fridge coil connection, which can help factories improve production efficiency, reduce the leakage rate of refrigerator welding, and improve the overall quality of the refrigerator.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to get well known of a new product and increase your business in a good way now!

Wire Tube Fridge Condenser Coil

Wire tube fridge condenser coil is the most used type of refrigerator coils. Because of the low cost, good thermal conductivity, and easy customization features, the Wire tube fridge coil is the first choice for refrigerator condensers by refrigerator factories.

Wire tube fridge condenser coil uses iron pipe and iron wire as raw materials and is connected together by spot welding. Wire tube fridge condenser coil has mature production technology and is widely used in low-end and mid-range refrigerators that the market values the price. Contact us now!

Multi Layer Wire Tube Fridge Condenser Coil

Compared with single-layer wire tube fridge condenser coil, Multilayer wire tube fridge condenser coil saves more refrigerator volume. The wire tube fridge condenser coil is stronger than the plate evaporator and has more obvious advantages in terms of cooling capacity.

Multi-layer wire tube fridge condenser coil and single-layer wire tube fridge condenser coil can both use high-speed or iron as the raw material of the fridge coil. For more details, please contact us directly!

Plate and Tube Fridge Condenser Coil

In order to ensure the quality of the fridge coil, Miracle guarantees that the Plate and tube fridge condenser coil meets the R134a refrigeration system internal pipeline standard during production, and meets the residual moisture in the fridge coil pipeline less than or equal to 5mg/100cm³, and the residual impurities less than or equal to 10mg/100cm³ standard.

Plate and tube fridge condenser coil is produced by pipe bending, punching, plate tube welding, and other processes. The surface of the Plate and tube fridge condenser coil is treated with black electrophoresis for higher corrosion resistance. Send your inquiry now!

Shutter Type Fridge Condenser Coil

Shutter type fridge condenser coil is based on the flat plate condenser, and punches the fridge condenser coil into the shape of louvers, and squeezes the cooling tube on the louver type flat heat sink to form a system.

The heat dissipation area of the Shutter type fridge coil is larger than that of the plate-type fridge coil, and the heat exchange efficiency is more than 15% higher than that of the plate-type fridge coil. You are welcome to contact us and learn more about Miracle fridge condenser coil now!

Spiral Fin Fridge Condenser Coil

The Spiral fin fridge condenser coil is made by rotating thin aluminum heat sinks on the condenser tube. The advantage of the Spiral fin fridge condenser coil is that it greatly increases the heat dissipation area and enhances the heat exchange capacity of the fridge coil.

The heat transfer coefficient of the Spiral fin fridge condenser coil is the highest among various types of fridge coils. However, the Spiral fin fridge condenser coil must be equipped with a fan for forced heat dissipation, which is generally used for refrigerators above 300L. Send us your order now!

Plate and Tube Fridge Evaporator Coil

The area and distribution of the plate and tube fridge evaporator coil directly affect the cooling capacity and cooling speed of the refrigerator system. The freezer compartment of the refrigerator is mostly refrigerated by a multi-layer heat exchange evaporator, and the drawer of the freezer compartment is arranged between the layers of the heat exchange layer of the evaporator.

Plate and tube fridge evaporator coil is the fridge coil that the copper tube or aluminum tube (generally 8mm in diameter) is bent into a certain shape, and then bonded (or brazed) to the composite aluminum plate. Among them, the copper pipe is used for the circulation of the refrigerant; the aluminum plate is used to increase the conduction area. Plate and tube fridge evaporator coil is often used in a direct cooling refrigerator freezer. Contact us to get your fridge evaporator coil right now!

Roll Bond Fridge Evaporator Coil

Roll bond fridge evaporator coil uses a printed tube between two aluminum plates. After calendering, the unprinted part is hot pressed into one body and then blown into a tube by high pressure.

Roll bond fridge evaporator coil is mainly used in the refrigerator compartments of single-door refrigerators and double-door refrigerators, as well as the refrigerator compartments and freezing compartments of small-volume double-door refrigerators. The fridge evaporator coil is installed on the upper part of the rear wall of the refrigerator in the form of a flat plate.

Roll bond fridge coil has the advantages of sufficient heat exchange, stable internal volume, low moisture and impurity content, and fast cooling speed. Contact us to get a free quote for fridge coil now!

Wire Tube Fridge Evaporator Coil

Wire tube fridge evaporator coil generally uses platinum nickel steel alloy as raw material. Wire tube fridge evaporator coil is an important heat exchange component of the refrigerator refrigeration system. Not only that, compared with plate and tube fridge evaporator coil, wire tube fridge evaporator coil has a stronger load-bearing effect. Contact us now to get a reliable Fridge Coil!

Fin Type Fridge Evaporator Coil

Fin type fridge evaporator coil is an indirect cooling evaporator. It is only suitable for indirect cooling refrigerators. Fin type fridge evaporator coil mostly uses aluminum or copper tubes with a diameter of 8-12mm as the tubular part and uses aluminum (or copper) as the fin part, and the distance between the fins is 8 -12mm.

The tubular part of the fin-type fridge evaporator coil is mainly used for the circulation of refrigerant, and the fin part of the fridge coil is used to absorb heat from the refrigerating compartment and the freezing compartment. In high-end refrigerator applications, more and more fridge manufacturers choose fin-type fridge evaporator coil.

Miracle fin-type fridge evaporator coil also has the advantages of high heat transfer coefficient, small footprint, sturdiness, reliability, and long life. Send your inquiry now!

Miracle provides you with OEM and ODM services for fridge coils.

Strong production and design capabilities can better serve your refrigerator production.

You can transfer your refrigerator production capacity, and we provide you with a complete and reasonable design of the fridge coil.

Miracle will communicate with you in time to allow you to participate in all stages of the development of the fridge coil until the completion of the fridge coil development.

The completed development of the fridge coil will enter our after-sales service link. Our fridge coil after-sales service team will look for all opportunities to help you and guarantee the production of your refrigerator.

Contact us now, Miracle will provide you with a more reliable solution of the fridge condenser coil and fridge evaporator coil now!

Fridge Coil OEM Service

As shown in the video, Miracle lokring tool is connecting the fridge evaporator coil. As you can see, our workers can connect metal pipes with simple crimping instead of welding.

Miracle lokring tool is a type of solderless connection tool, which is specially designed to provide a non-fire connection solution for refrigerator factories. Especially for the connection of the fridge coil, the Miracle lokring tool has a greater advantage.

The advantages of Miracle’s fire-free connection solution for refrigerator factories are as follows:

Save labor cost

Increase productivity


Improve factory working environment

Increase the production capacity of the refrigerator factory

You can click on the link to see more about the propress for the refrigeration line at any time!

The refrigerator repair tool is also called FRK manual propress tool. FRK manual propress tool is a solution for building an after-sales service system for refrigerator factories.

The video shows the use of Miracle FRK manual propress tool to replace the fridge compressor, and it can also be used on the production or maintenance of fridge coils. You can see that it is so easy to use, safe and reliable.

Maybe you are worried about the quality of the connection, but the quality of the product must be reliable and safe before we will promote it. This is the foundation of a responsible enterprise because we have done a lot of experiments and tests to ensure its reliability.

Miracle lokring fitting can effectively reduce the leakage rate of welding. The practice has proved that the leakage rate of Miracle fire-free connection tools is lower than that of welding. You can contact us directly, and we will show you more trials and tests on product quality!

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