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Food Cold Storage Strengths

Miracle provides all sizes of food cold storage to support your business;

All types and temperatures of food cold storage are all our business range;

Miracle has more than 20 years’ experience in designing & manufacturing food cold storage.

Features and Applications of Food Cold Storage

Food Cold Storage Features

Energy-saving and environmental protection: food cold storage equips the refrigeration condensing unit and evaporator or rack unit with a big fin space condenser and other energy-saving refrigeration parts, it also adopts the automatic defrosting function. So the food cold storage will be high efficiency, but low noise also has a very strong cooling capacity, safety, and reliability, etc.

The condenser uses the high-efficiency type, it equips with low noise axial fan motor, it can effectively dissipate heat and make sure the high pressure can maintain at a normal value under a high-temperature environment, which ensures the good and high-efficiency cooling function of the condensing unit.

The food cold storage choose the high-efficiency ceiling type evaporator, it has a big cooling capacity and automatic defrosting function, but low noise.

Intelligent control: food cold storage use the automatic microcomputer electric control technology, it can achieve the function of intelligent computer temperature control and high precision temperature and humidity recorder, the recorder also can be equipped with the alarm device;

You can set the temperature you required in the food cold storage as you want; Fully automatic constant temperature function, it can open and close the condensing unit by itself, no need to arrange people to operate it; It has a digital temperature display, you can check the temperature of food cold storage clearly and ensure the safety of the storage goods in the food cold storage.

Food Cold Storage Application

The food cold storage can be widely used for storage and fresh-keeping the fruits, such as apple, grape, pear, cherry, and storage the vegetables, like onion, potato, also the flowers can be stored in the food cold storage. And each product has its perfect storage temperature, we will design the food cold storage to maintain its best performance.

The condensing unit is the key factory to affect the cooling performance for food cold storage. Miracle factory manufactures and designs semi-hermetic condensing units for more than 20 years, we supply different types of units with worldwide compressor brands, such as Bitzer compressor, Copeland compressor, Danfoss compressor, etc.

Semi-hermetic Food Cold Storage Unit

Miracle all the units are tested in our own project, and they were proved that provide high cooling performance but with low energy consumption. Related product.

Bitzer Food Cold Storage Condensing Unit

For Copeland condensing units, you can choose the matched refrigeration parts according to the condensing unit cooling capacity.
you can require using international brand refrigeration parts or Chinese brands, we can give you more options.

We shall provide the parts list when providing the quotation to you.

Copeland Food Cold Storage Condensing Unit

The food storage refrigeration parts we mentioned include refrigeration valves(expansion valve, solenoid valve, shut off valve, check valve, hot gas bypass valve, 4-way reversing valve, etc), pressure vessel products(filter drier, oil separator, liquid receiver, accumulator, etc), vibration eliminator, sight glass, cold room air curtain, cold room door, PVC strip curtain, cold room door hinges, etc.

And we also provide refrigeration tools to help with your installation work and maintenance work. In the following, you can see a photo of some spare parts. With many years of experience, we can be your reliable refrigeration parts supplier in China.

Pick the most suitable types of evaporator unit for your food cold storage.
Miracle produces MED series ceiling type evaporator, MEZ new type evaporator unit, MES dual-discharge type, MEE series for the showcase, MEB blast type evaporator unit, etc.

Why Do You Need Food Cold Storage for Your Products?​

Why Do You Need Food Cold Storage for Your Products

The fruit and vegetable cold storage room can extend the fresh-keeping period of the food, which is normally 0.5-1 time longer than ordinary cold storage. For this, you can store the fruits and vegetables until their price is at the most expensive price, and sold it on the good market to get the best profit.

The cold storage room can keep fresh and crisp vegetables. The moisture, vitamin C content, hardness, color, and weight of vegetables which are stored in the cold room are almost the same as the newly picked ones, very gender, and green, so you can provide high-quality fruits and vegetables to the market.

Fresh-keeping storage can inhibit the activity of the microorganisms and prolongs the preservation period of the fruits and vegetables. At the same time, a cold storage room can inhibit the occurrence of the diseases and insect pests, and make sure the weight loss and diseases, insect pests are at the lowest.

The fruit and vegetable cold storage room provides a possibility for agricultural and sideline products from the influence of climate, we can eat the fruits and vegetables not just in their mature season, also in another season, even in winter we can eat the fruit and vegetables from summer. The long preservation period will get more benefits for you.

Usually, the fruit and vegetable cold storage room is not so big,energy-saving, and consumption reduction. Combined with the optimization of the refrigeration system design, the mechanical refrigeration is combined with the natural cold sources, ensure excellent energy and electricity saving.

It can be used as high degree automation, and the microcomputer will control the system to provide automatic temperature control. This automatic temperature control is very accurate, the error will be lower than 0.5℃, so it will be very convenient for customers’ using, no need to worry about anything.

The food cold storage room fully considers the characteristics of small wholesale and circulation markets, very practical and reliable. The food cold storage room adopts a hermetic compressor, it can runs for a long time without failure, very safe and reliable, you don’t need to concern about the maintenance of refrigeration equipment within 5-6 years.

The cost for a food cold storage room is low, especially when you use an old house to rebuild, use the current resource to save cost. Low investment, but the quick effect, normally you can benefit from the first year you do the construction of the food cold storage room.

The food cold storage room is very easy to operate, it has the automatic and manual double operation function and also has a variety of automatic protection devices, electric temperature display for you to observe the temperature of the food cold storage room. Just like you use air conditioning or refrigerator, no need to arrange for someone to take care of it.

Food Cold Storage Major Equipment

Here Miracle list the cooling equipment for the food storage, includes the condensing unit, evaporator, and condenser, also will show you some refrigeration parts for the whole refrigeration system.

Please be noted that all the condensing units we mentioned are for air-cooled units, if you want to know about water-cooled condensing units, please contact us directly.

Food Cold Storage Condensing Unit

Food Cold Storage Condensing Unit

For the fruit and vegetables cold storage condensing unit, you can choose the open type and box type according to your requirements for cold storage, and your place situation for building this food cold storage room. For the box type condensing units, you can also choose the side blowing type or top blowing type.

Miracle provides the food cold storage condensing units with a compressor, evaporator and condenser, expansion valve, solenoid valve, pressure controller, high-pressure gauge, and low-pressure gauge, sight glass, pressure vessel products, vibration absorber, and the electric box, etc.

For all of the parts you can specify the brand or special requirement, our technical team will provide you the solution.

For the compressor, you can choose the Copeland brand, Danfoss brand, bitzer brand, etc. Also, you can choose a suitable refrigerant.

For some small size cold room, you can also choose the Monoblock unit rather than this separate condensing unit and evaporators. Monoblock will be a good choice for saving inner space for cold room, but also with the good cooling function, it’s structure is very compact. For detailed info, contact us for professional guidance.

In the meantime, there is also the easiest way:you can just tell me your requirements for a cold storage room, like the size, the storage food, the temperature you required, the ambient temperature, voltage, and frequency, etc, we have a professional team to design all the refrigeration equipment for you.

Food Cold Storage Evaporator Unit

Food Cold Storage Evaporator UnitThe food cold storage evaporator unit is an important part of the cold storage room, working together with condensing units, normally we have standard side blowing type and dual discharge type for your choice.

This type of evaporator also called an air cooler or blower, should be installed inside the cold room, to provide the air blowing and better cooling function for the cold room.

According to the temperature range, we have DL, DD, DJ series evaporator with fin space for 4.5mm,6.0mm, and 9mm.

For high and medium temperature fruits and vegetables food cold storage rooms, DD, and DL series evaporators are widely used. Of course, we shall design a suitable heat exchanger area and cooling capacity for your specific cold room condensing units.

Remind the main factors for choosing the evaporator unit: the evaporation temperature of the cold storage, the effective working volume of cold storage, the condensing temperature, storage volume, the frequency of the goods in and out, the package for goods, inlet temperature, how long time to achieve the required temperature and so on.

According to that, we will provide a high heat exchange efficiency, compact structure,energy-saving evaporator unit for you.

Food Cold Storage Condenser

Food Cold Storage CondenserFood storage condenser is an important part of refrigeration condensing units, be installed together on the plate with the compressor, refrigeration valves, controllers, etc.

Generally, we have L type, V type, and W type condenser. L type is popular for open type condensing unit, V and W type normally installs with box type condensing unit and with bigger cooling capacity.

Normally we design the heat exchanger area according to the condensing temperature that the system needs, it all depends on the cold room situation.

If you don’t have special requirements, we use Chinese famous brand fan motor for the condenser or use the international brand as your demand, EBM and Ziehl Abegg are most popular for our customers.

At the same time, if you have the ability to design, you can also choose to require the condenser without a fan motor and install them by yourself.

Food Cold Storage Body

Food Cold Storage Panels

Food Cold Storage Panels

Food cold storage panels are normally produced in advance, to save the time for preparation of the cold room panel, so it has the fixed length, width, and thickness, you can choose the suitable food cold storage panels according to your requirements.

High temperature and medium temperature food cold storage normally use 10cm thickness panels, low temperature and freezing storage normally use 12cm or 15cm thickness panels.

Food Cold Storage Door

Food Cold Storage Doors

The material of the food cold storage door is exactly matched with the cold storage panel.

We have many types of cold room doors: manual sliding doors, electric sliding doors, automatic return doors, hinged doors, free doors, vertical lifting cold storage doors, and double-opening cold storage doors, etc.

For the food storage room, the hinged door and manual sliding door are more popular. Learn more, or contact us directly.

Food Cold Storage Installation Project Case​

Here are the projects that Miracle provided to our customers who come from Malaysia, Indonesia, Colombia, Chile, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Russia, Turkey, Romania, and other countries before.

And the cold room type we provided includes food storage cold room, low-temperature cold storage, vegetables cold storage, fruit cold storage, restaurant cold storage, aluminum fin evaporator cold storage, etc with small, medium, and big sizes.

If you are planning to build a cold room, please do not hesitate to contact us, you won’t lose anything by sending the quotation, on the contrary, you may get a reliable cold storage supplier.

Food Cold Storage Installation Methods​

Food Cold Storage Installation Methods

The cooling function for the cold storage is related to the selection of cold storage, the matching of the condensing unit and evaporator, also related to the using condition for cold storage. But that’s not all the main factors;

The installation of a cold storage room is also important. Installation is the final procedure, good cold storage design and a good installation will bring you 1+1>2 affection.

Now the most popular way is welding, which is widely accepted.

But if you do the installation very often, you may feel the inconvenient part: big and dangerous equipment to carry, high temperature and fire can’t be avoided during your work, and most important thing, this requires the worker has a very skilled experience for welding, or it may burn other parts besides the welding position, or it will over burnt to destroy the spare parts.

And welding method does really has the risk of getting fire and hurt people. So here miracle brings you the new connection method, it’s called solder-free connection, or no welding connection.

You just need a lokring crimping tool, lokring connectors, and sealing liquid, which will connect the pipes very quickly and easily, and no need to worry about any of the above problems.

Miracle solder-free connection method has been used for more than 10 years, but this connection way’s history is from the 1960s to the aerospace industry.

Now it’s popular for air conditioning installation, refrigeration equipment installation, refrigerator, and freezer repairing work.

With this incredibly simple and high-efficiency connection method, you can greatly save cost for the installation process.No mention it has a longer life and safer connection than welding.

Try this new connection way for food cold storage, please contact us for professional service.

How to Choose the Refrigeration Equipment for Cold Storage Volume?

How to Choose the Refrigeration Equipment for Cold Storage Volume?

How to correctly select the refrigeration equipment is the key for cold storage design, and this selection should be considered many factors, the current situation for the place for building a cold room, the goods should be stored, etc. we only give an accurate solution for everything clear projects.

Here we just provide reference configuration selection tables for the common cold storage unit, under an ideal environment.

As we mentioned above, you need to consider the cold room size, the goods that will be stored, the required temperature, etc.

Actually, as long as you matched all the parts perfectly, you will get a very good cold storage room, no matter you choose the international brands parts or Chinese brands.

The cooling capacity/heat exchange area is an important factor; The small cold storage room design is not that complicated;

The compressor is simple to choose from, compare with big volume cold storage. For customized solutions of food cold storage, contact us directly.

Fruit and Vegetable Cold Storage Temperature Chart

Check the following storage temperature for common fruit and vegetable, hope it can help with your picking of food cold storage.

Fruit and Vegetable Cold Storage Temperature Chart

How to Save Energy in Fruit and Vegetable Cold Storage

Prevent the impurities from entering the refrigeration system.

The refrigeration system is a sealed and circulating system, the refrigerant circulating in the system must be clean, with no impurities.

But in the reality refrigeration system, it’s impossible to get them completely clean refrigerants, this should be related to the working condition and the filling refrigerant which is not so clean.

The impurities I mentioned include refrigerant oil, air, water, welding slag, and so on. A perfect design and installation method will greatly avoid those problems, especially the solder-free connection is a good choice.

Remove the dirt and frost on the heat exchange equipment in time to improve the heat transfer efficiency.

When the evaporator unit works for some time, it will be some frost on the coil, sometimes even will form the ice.

And the frost and ice will increase the heat transfer resistance and reduce the heat transfer effect, affect the cooling speed, then increase the start-up time and power consumption. So make sure defrosting of the evaporator in time.

Close the food cold storage door tightly, make sure no cold air loss.

The cold storage door is the throat of the cold storage room, the workers enter and exit, the goods enter and exit all need to open and close it.

This will exit the heat exchange situation for cold and hot air inevitably, the hot air will enter into the cold room by opening the cold room door, this not only causes the heat increase and cold room temperature increase but also cause the moisture exchange which will cause the frost for the evaporator, the temperature and humidity changes for cold storage room will affect the product storage function.

So it is very important to control the food cold storage door, reduce the opening times and opening time, close the cold room door quickly when entering and exiting.

Use a cotton curtain or soft PVC curtain inside of the cold storage door will be a good choice, it will be better if you install a high-efficiency air curtain that should be installed outside of the cold storage door, make sure it works well.

Do the best food cold storage lighting control.

The lighting for food cold storage is not only consumed electricity but also increases the heat for the cold storage room.

Therefore, the lighting should be settled very reasonably, you can set it to control in groups from the front, middle, and back. It should minimize the number and time for turning the lights when workers entering in the cold storage room, and ensure turn off the lights when leaving.

Stock the goods reasonably and improve cold storage utilization.

The using rate for cold storage room directly affects the economic benefits for the cold storage, if the utilization rate is low, the cold consumption per unit of goods increases, then the cost increase.

So for improving the utilization rate for the cold storage room, you can use strong packaging or use the shelves to store more goods;

When there is empty space for the cold storage room, and the storage requirements are the same or similar for goods, you can mixed storage them for a short time.

Ensure good ventilation.

Fruits and vegetables are still living organisms after they are harvested, they are still constantly metabolized during storage, so it will need regular ventilation window when storing the fruits and vegetables.

Ventilation is to exchange the fresh air from outside of the cold storage to discharge the dirty air inside of the cold storage room.

But when the temperature of the outside air is too high, the energy loss will be very big.

So when you do the ventilation process, choose a similar temperature for inside and outside of the cold storage room.

The number of ventilation and the time for each ventilation should be determined according to the types and requirements of the stored goods.

Good maintenance of insulation and moisture-proof layer.

The performance and design requirements for thermal insulation should be strictly ensured, especially for the loose thermal insulation materials.

After a period of time, some unfilled areas will slowly fill and sink, this will cause the vacancies in the upper part of wall insulation, so please pay attention to this situation and inspect it regularly;

The insulation material will also become damp due to the damage of the moisture-proof layer or the protective layer, this will cause the loss of the heat insulation performance, so also need to pay attention to the inspect and repair for damped insulation material, some may be dried and filled it back.

How to Install the Food Cold Storage

In this part, you can see the notices to install the food cold storage panel and the refrigeration equipment, and we made a video to show you how to install the food cold storage panel quickly and correctly.

So let me explain the notices for two parts: cold room panel and refrigeration equipment.

Food Cold Storage Panel Installation:

First of all, the installation order can not be reversed, if you install them with a wrong order, it will cause many problems, maybe more time to correct it, maybe just install them wrong and have a bad cooling function.

So please follow these rules to install the cold storage panel:

if there is a cold storage bottom plate, install the bottom plate first, then install the cold storage corner plate and cold storage wall panel, finally install the cold storage top plate.

When installing the cold storage, splice the cold storage board one by one in order and then lock the hooks(check the following video for better checking).

After install, the cold storage body, seal the joints between each cold storage plate with the special sealant.

Use the level to balance the door frame when installing the cold storage door, because the inclination of the cold room door will directly affect the insulation effect of the cold storage.

Refrigeration Equipment Installation:

It is very important to fix the equipment firmly when install the refrigeration equipment, the first fixation of the refrigeration equipment is especially important because if you didn’t fix it well for the first time, it will be a risk for future operation, it may cause the loosen situation which will reduce the service life for refrigeration equipment.

You must choose the distance between the refrigeration equipment that is installed inside and outside of the cold storage when you do the installation of refrigeration equipment.

The closer the distance, the better the cooling effect. When you choose the best installation point for the internal and external equipment, it’s better to have a shelter for the outside equipment or you can directly choose the box type condensing units.

Customer Service for Food Cold Storage

Customer Service for Food Cold Storage

Miracle is the company that provides the complete solution for food cold storage for customers, so it’s necessary to let you know how we do the customer service for before and after sales, actually include the process in the middle for production.

Customer service before selling:

When we get your inquiry, the first thing we do is forming a service team, there should be sales, a technical, an assistant.

The sales will contact you quickly for knowing better your project’s basic info and requirements, then talking with technical to calculate and design a solution on our site, then send it to you for confirmation, there should be some time to modify it until it’s perfect for you. When the solution is confirmed, the sales and assistant will do the next procedure to check the delivery time and the packaging info for the whole order, give you the delivery time and the cost for shipment, then you can make your decision well.

Customer service for production:

There will be a QC join this team to follow and inspect the food cold storage during the production and when it’s finished.

At least 1 week before it’s ready, we will inform you to arrange the delivery thing.

We have professional forwarders that can provide you the most economic way for shipment, no matter you want to get them by sea, by air or by railway, or even door to door, we can manage it.

After it’s loading, we will send the documents at a time, also follow the updates until you get the cold storage.

Customer service for After-sales:

The sales and technical will be your guide after you get the food cold storage, we will be there when you do the whole installation work and testing work until all is done and your business is normal operating.

How to Store the Fruits and Vegetables in Food Cold Storage

How to Store the Fruits and Vegetables in Cold Storage

Increase the value of the fruits and vegetables and increase the income, that’s why many people building the food cold storage.

The food cold storage can fulfill their needs for a long time storing the goods, and keep the fruits and vegetables fresh. Then in the off-season, they can sell at a very good price.

So improving the storage effect is what you need, then it’s very necessary to pay attention to the following notes for fruits and vegetables cold storage.

Preparation of the fruits and vegetables before storage.

A: Before the fruits and vegetables are put into the food cold storage, the food clod storage should be cleaned and disinfected with chemicals to thoroughly kill all kinds of diseases, pests, and microorganisms hidden in the cold storage.

Pre-cooling the fruits and vegetables before they enter into food cold storage, it’s better to cool them in time at the place where the raw material is produced, to dissipate the heat that inside of the fruits and vegetables.

Because this can remove the heat from the field, reduce the breathing intensity, reduce the occurrence of physiological diseases, and reduce the heat load of the refrigeration system.

The pre-cooling measures for fruits and vegetables include natural cooling, water cooling, ice cooling, ventilation cooling, and vacuum cooling, etc.

But the best way to keep the pre-cooling temperature of the fruits and vegetables close to the storage temperature in the cold room.

B: Make sure to select the fruits and vegetables before they are put into storage.

Pick out the fruits and vegetables with mechanical damage and insect damage, separate the fruits and vegetables for different maturity levels.

Because fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water and nutrients, they are a good medium for microbial life, fruits and vegetables will soon rot and deteriorate if they are contaminated by the microorganisms.

C: Fruits and vegetables of different maturity levels should not be mixed and preserved. Because more mature fruits and vegetables will become overripe after a period of preservation.

Its character is: the fruit body becomes soft and is about to begin to rot. After some fruits and vegetables are selected, those fruits of good quality and long storage life should be wrapped in paper one by one and packed in boxes or baskets.

The paper you will use for wrapping the fruits and vegetables should not be too hard or too thin, or it will damage the fruits or can’t protect them well.

It’s better to use paper that has been treated with chemicals that have no adverse effects on fruits and vegetables.

For the fruits that have the handle, please notice that does not press the handle on the fruit bodies, so as not to break the peel of other fruits. Please pay attention to pick the fruits with care to prevent any damage to the fruit body.

Product storage:

Put the fruits and vegetables into storage in time after pre-cooling.

A: Please control the daily cold storage volume of the fruit and vegetable, generally it is better to control it at around 20% of the storage capacity.

Because the storage volume is too large for one time, the temperature reduces very slowly, which will have a negative impact on the storage effect.

When fruits and vegetables are put into the food cold storage room, please make sure to put them in order, reasonable storage will make full use of the food cold storage space, and it will be good for the air circulation between the products.

But for the space near the outlet of the evaporator, please do not store the fruits and vegetables, it’s better not to put the products within 2m distance with the outlet of the evaporator, to prevent the products are damaged by the cold wind.

B: Different types of fruits and vegetables should be stored at their perfect temperatures, do not store the products at inappropriate temperatures.

Because different types of fruits and vegetables have different abilities to withstand the low temperatures.

The unsuitable low temperature and freezing will affect the normal physiological functions of the fruits and causing changes in flavor quality or the production of physiological diseases.

Food Cold Storage period management:

After the goods enter the cold storage room, the storage temperature should be adjusted to the appropriate temperature, avoid big temperature fluctuation.

The temperature of each part in the cold storage room should be even to prevent the blind spots of overcooling or overheating.

The temperature in the food cold storage can be controlled by the flow and vaporization rate of the refrigerant in the evaporation system, and pay attention to defrost the evaporation tube in time.

For the food cold storage that stored the fruits and vegetables, it’s better to keep the relative humidity at 80%-90%.

If the humidity is too low, you can use some methods to increase the humidity, such as ground watering, spraying, wet sawdust and covering wet cattail bales, and so on;

If the humidity is too high, you can use a moisture absorber or lime dusting to reduce the humidity in the cold storage.

During the period of food cold storage, you suppose to pay attention to the ventilation to eliminate excessive CO2 and other harmful gas substances.

Ventilation time is commonly selected in the morning when the temperature is low.

It is not suitable to choose the rainy and foggy days because the outside humidity is too high.

The refrigeration equipment should be operated while ventilating, to slow down the changes in temperature and humidity.

In addition, fruits and vegetables should be checked regularly during the cold storage period, to test the respiratory strength, hardness, and soluble solid content, so as to well know the dynamic changes of fruits and vegetables during storage, then to deal with the problems in time.

Good delivery:

Fruits and vegetables should be delivered promptly when their delivery time is ready. Follow the principle: the earlier for entering, the earlier for delivery, make sure the freshness of the goods.

The fruits and vegetables stored in the cold storage room should be warmed up slowly before leaving the food cold storage, and it is perfect to rise 1 degree every 2-3 hours to prevent condensation due to the excessive heating.

Some customers will also choose to build a cold room as the pre-stock room, cause sometimes you don’t deliver the goods for the whole cold storage in one time, but the cold storage room should keep the low temperature for fresh.

When the temperature of the food cold storage rises to 2-3 degrees difference from the outside temperature, you can take out the products.


A brief introduction to your company business.

Miracle is a food cold storage solution provider in China, no matter you want the complete cold room with refrigeration equipment and cold room panel, or you just need us to provide some part of the whole project.

Can I follow your instructions and specifications above to confirm the food cold storage for my project?

It’s better to contact us with professional design because the above specifications have some ideal environment required, to achieve the perfect cold storage, let’s calculate and design with the specific data of your projects.

Can you provide the refrigeration equipment for food cold storage that uses in my country?

Yes, just need to know your location, the ambient temperature, the climate, the voltage, and frequency, etc to customize it for you.

Can you arrange the container to deliver the food cold storage for me?

Yes, of course. We have a professional forwarder that has more than 20 years’ experience for different shipments way, by sea, by air, by railway, all no problem.

We will calculate the volume, weight, and size for products in advance and arrange a suitable way for you.

Do you have an installation guide for the whole food cold storage?

Yes, don’t worry about that, we have videos to show you how to install the cold room clearly, at the same time, we have a technical person to serve you.

Do you have a guarantee for food cold storage?

Yes, for the whole refrigeration equipment, we have a 1-year guarantee, for compressor and main parts, that will be longer, you can contact us for details.

The refrigeration condensing units of food cold storage does not install the vibration device, or the vibration reduction effect is bad?

According to the installation specifications, the vibration absorber should be installed.

Because the vibration damping is not standardized or there is no damping measure, the refrigeration condensing unit will vibrate violently, which may easily cause damage to refrigeration equipment or the pipelines.

Maintenance of the condensing unit​ of food condensing unit?

Please make sure to change the refrigerant oil and filter drier regularly.

Replenish the refrigerants as it’s needed. The condenser should be cleaned at any time and kept clean to avoid any dust, sand, or flying debris, which all will affect the cooling function.

Some customers think that as long as the lubricating oil has no impurities, it can continue to be used, even though it has been used for more than two years, no need to be replaced. But this is obviously wrong after the lubricating oil has been running for a long time under high temperature in the refrigeration system, its performance may have been changed, and it can no longer play the role of lubrication.

If still, you don’t change it, it will cause the operating temperature to increase of condensing units, even will damage the condensing units.

There is no oil return bend or bad oil return bend in the refrigeration pipeline of food cold storage?

When the pipeline conveying refrigerant is turned from the lateral direction to the upward bend, you must make a small bend to hang down first, then upwards, which is the U bend, so that the pipeline is qualified if it goes upward.

It can not be turned into a 90 degree upward directly.

Otherwise, the oil in the refrigeration system will not be able to return to the compressor very well, and a large amount of oil will be deposited in the air cooler, which will make the air cooler and the entire refrigeration system can’t work properly, even will damage the condensing unit and air cooler.

The pipe connection of the refrigeration system is not balanced?

When the pipeline of the condensing unit is connected to the multiple compressors (rack condensing unit), in order to distribute the oil return to each compressor in a balanced manner, the position of the main pipeline must be set to the middle place of multiple compressors, then set some branch pipes to both sides, which ensure the oil return to each branch pipes of compressors.

Moreover, each branch pipe should be equipped with valves to adjust the oil return.

If this is not the case and set many downward branch pipes from different parts of the main pipeline to connect to multiple compressors, it will cause an unbalanced oil return situation, the first oil return is always the most full, and the latter one oil return gradually decreases in turn.

In this way, it may cause the operation problem for the first compressor, huge vibration, excessive oil pressure, overheating of the condensing unit, and all these possibilities will cause damage for condensing units, such as compressor cylinder flushing or locking.

No insulation for the pipeline of food cold storage?

If there is no insulation material, the cold pipeline will be frosted at the ambient temperature, in this way, it will affect the cooling function of the condensing units, increase the load of the compressor, and then make the condensing units operates in a super-intensive situation, this will cause the reducing of condensing unit service life.

The installation environment and maintenance of the air cooler of food cold storage?

The position and environment of the air cooler inside the food cold storage will affect its operation.

Generally, the air cooler near the food cold storage door is very easy for condensing and frosting.

Because it’s the environment is very near the doorway, when the cold room door opens, the hot air outside will enter into cold storage, the condensation and frost, even ice phenomenon will occur when the hot air encounters with air cooler.

Although the air cooler can automatically heat and defrost at regular intervals.

But if you open the door too frequently and the opening time is too long, then the time for entering hot air is obvious and the quantity for entering hot air is large, which will affect the air cooler defrosting function.

Because the defrosting time of the air cooler can not be too long, otherwise the cooling time will be relatively shortened, the cooling function will be not that well, which will directly affect the storage temperature.

So make sure do not open the food cold storage door two frequently and for too long time.

The ambient temperature for the condenser of food cold storage?

The condenser should be installed outside of the food cold storage room, which is commonly installed on the roof of the building or beside the sidewall of cold storage.

So when the ambient temperature is very high, like in summer, the temperature of the condenser itself has a very high temperature, which will increase the operating pressure of the condensing units.

So if your place has a long time for high temperature, it’s better to build a shelter for the condensing units to block the sun and reduce the temperature of the condenser to reduce the pressure of the units, then it will have a good function for protecting the condensing units, then it ensures the suitable temperature for food cold storage.

Of course, if you design the condensing unit capacity is very sufficient to ensure the food cold storage temperature, you can ignore this, and no need to build this shelter.

Food cold storage temperature and food cold storage door?

The area of the cold storage room, the amount of inventory, how many doors are opened, the time and frequency of opening and closing of the food cold storage doors, the frequency of inventory in and out, are all the factors to affect the temperature of the food cold storage.

Normally the food cold storage door should not be opened and closed more than 8 times a day.

If you open and close the food cold storage door in unlimited times, the mechanical parts and the frame insulation material of the automatic door of the food cold storage will accelerate the wear and tear, and the electrical components are more easily to have problems.

If the food cold storage area is large but has fewer automatic doors, then each automatic door will be opened and closed many times, this will increase the mechanical burden for the food cold storage door, which will cause the door failures frequently and you need to repair the spare parts for cold room very often.

In this case, it will increase the maintenance workload and timeliness.

However, once the food old storage door fails and can not be opened in time, it will affect the incoming and outgoing goods;

Or if the food cold storage door can not be closed in time, it will make the temperature increasing of the cold storage, if it’s for a long time, it will damage the stored products.

So the design and construction of the food cold storage room and the setting, numbers of cold storage doors are should be matched, you need to consider the inventory of the food cold storage room, and the frequency of opening and closing of the cold storage door comprehensively arranged.

So when you use the food cold storage, please make sure use it reasonably according to the design specifications, and please do not ignore the design conditions and the actual using conditions of the facility, blindly increase the inventory and increase the turnover of the goods, and exceed the normal load and bearing capacity of the food cold storage and cooling equipment. Otherwise, many problems will occur.

The fire safety issues of cold storage room?

The temperature of food cold storage is normally around minus 20 degrees.

It is not suitable for installing the fire sprinkler system because of the low ambient temperature.

Therefore, you should pay more attention to fire prevention in food cold storage.

Although the ambient temperature in the food cold storage is very low, if a fire occurs, there are still some combustibles in the food cold storage, especially the inventory goods are often packed in cartons and wooden boxes, which is very easy to burn.

Therefore, the food cold storage also has a big risk for fire, please make sure the fireworks must be strictly prohibited in the food cold storage.

At the same time, the air cooler and its wire box, power wire, electric heating tube, and other parts that need to charged with electricity, all have the risk for fire, please make sure to check them frequently and eliminate the fire hazards.

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