Fin Type Refrigerator Evaporator

Aluminum tube: φ8.0×0.7~1mm.

Aluminum coil thickness T: =0.15~0.25mm.

Side plate: aluminum plate T = 0.8 ~ 1.5mm.

Copper tube: φ8.0~¢9.52.

Wall thickness: light tube or internal thread tube T = 0.32 ~ 0.36mm.

Aluminum foil thickness:T=0.13~0.25mm.

Side plate: aluminum plate T = 0.8 ~ 1.5mm.

Miracle fin-type refrigerator evaporators can be used for refrigerators, freezers, and other refrigeration equipment evaporators.

Oblique insertion type: fin specification 50×19.05×N; 60×19.05×N (N≥4).

Expanding type: fin specification 60×28; 52×283.

Pressure expansion type: Fin specification 50.8.

The fin-type refrigerator evaporator can be customized according to your needs.

Fin Type Refrigerator Evaporator line standard:

Content area (cm³) ≤100cm³ 101~200 101~400 401~800. Residual moisture (mg) ≤10 ≤20 ≤25 ≤30.

Residual impurities (mg) ≤100mg/100cm³. Maximum single impurity ≤2mg.

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