Evaporator Unit
Evaporator Unit

Miracle is the manufacturer of an evaporator unit and condenser unit, condensing units in China.

Miracle has more than 20 years of experience in R&D, production, and sales in evaporator units and condenser units, and condensing units.

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Miracle Evaporator Unit Advantages

High thermal efficiency, low power consumption and save your cost;

The technology for manufacturing the evaporator unit is mature, the quality is reliable;

The evaporator unit can be customized according to requirements;

Strong production capacity, and short delivery time.

MED Series Evaporator Unit

MED series evaporator unit or some people call it Air-cooler, is one kind of cold room cooling equipment that used in freon refrigerating system. According to the different temperatures they apply for, we divided them into 3 series including MEDL evaporator unit, MEDD evaporator unit, and MEDJ evaporator unit, which can be widely used in different sizes of cold rooms.

MEDL type evaporator unit is mainly suitable for the fresh-preserved storage, temperature about 0℃ ;

MEDD type evaporator unit is widely designed for -18℃ cold storage;

MEDJ type evaporator unit is mainly applicable to fast freezing, the temperature is below -25℃.

MED series evaporator unit is the most popular type and widely used in different countries.

Standard type evaporator unit features

MED series evaporator is a ceiling-mounted type air cooler, it saves the space of our cold rooms, and leave the Max operating space for workers, then improve the efficiency for working.

MED series evaporator unit uses compact structure, it can greatly improve the efficiency of heat exchange, but with small space.

Corrosion resisting, beautiful appearance, long service life, save cost for you.

Miracle uses high-quality stainless insulation resistance of an electric heating tube, to make sure it has a good defrosting function, at the same time, the defrosting time is short.

Miracle has a different type of ceiling-mounted evaporator unit, suit for different markets.

MEZ Series Evaporator Unit

M Series and Z Series evaporator unit has a similar function with standard type evaporator unit, it also applies to 3 temperature range:

4.5mm fin space evaporator unit for a high-temperature application to retain freshness;

6mm fin space evaporator unit for Medium temperature application to cold storage;

9mm fin space for evaporator unit a low-temperature application to freeze.

The difference is for the appearance because customers come from different markets have different tastes, and we are the evaporator unit manufacturer, so we try our best to fulfill your requirements and customized refrigeration evaporators for you.

MES Series Evaporator Unit

Miracle Dual discharge evaporator unit is a piece of cooling equipment designed for all kinds of large, medium, and small cold storage, food processing rooms, and logistics centers for fresh and frozen products, also be used in industrial low-temperature air conditioning.

The refrigeration evaporator unit is using together with condensing units to provide a suitable temperature as required. Dual discharge evaporator unit, you can see it’s a feature from its name, the air comes out from two directions of the evaporator, and the air supply is very soft, the workers who inside of the cold rooms won’t feel uncomfortable with the wind.

Miracle dual discharge evaporator unit features

Miracle evaporator unit can be matched with compression condensing units with different cooling capacity, used in large, medium, and small cold storage of various types and temperatures, and used as refrigeration equipment.

Miracle has a plastic-sprayed steel plate evaporator unit, crimped aluminum plate evaporator unit, and stainless steel plate evaporator unit for your reference that can meet your different requirements.

Miracle Dual discharge evaporator unit has slight air wind and lower noise, which is comfortable for workers who operate in the cold rooms.

Miracle dual discharge evaporator unit can blow air from two sides, which is perfect for the cold room that is long and narrow, to provide better air for every corner.

Miracle can produce non-standard evaporator unit design and production, just tell us your specific requirements.

MEE Series Evaporator Unit

MEE Series evaporator unit is mainly used as an evaporator unit in 0.4-3 square single temperature or variable temperature refrigerators/freezers and can be used together with semi-hermetic or fully hermetic compressor units, depending on the user’s temperature requirements in the refrigerator.

You can choose with or without melting the frost heater evaporator unit. It has a Good heat transfer performance, fast cooling in the cabinet, and even temperature.

MEA Series Evaporator Unit with Air Duct

Miracle also provides the evaporator unit with an air duct to meet your demand. The air duct evaporator unit is widely used in water treatment, pharmaceutical, food, medical, storage, and other industries, and is suitable for cold storage or freezing in different temperature ranges. Electrical defrosting and water defrosting are available. Contact us to design your evaporator unit with an air duct!

MEB Series Evaporator Unit

Blast freezer is an evaporator unit designed for different kinds of Freon cold rooms, especially suitable for fish and meat storage cold rooms with high humidity and frosting seriously.

Miracle blast freezer has fin space 6mm and 10mm, suitable for room temperature -18℃~-33℃.

Blast freezer evaporator unit features:

The Evaporator unit heat exchanger area is very big, but with Low dehumidification, which will reduce food moisture consumption, to make sure the freshness of meat and fish.

Slow frosting speed can reduce the defrosting times, save energy and reduce operating costs.

Vertical structure, so it’s very convenient for installation.

The shell is sprayed with steel plate

The shell is made of steel plate, with electrostatic spraying process, and the adhesion is strengthened by high temperature during treatment. The thick paint layer is more resistant to corrosion and wear, making each unit more beautiful and durable.

For some high requirements, we can provide stainless steel shell cabinet.

How to Get Evaporator Coil From Miracle?

There are two ways:

If you want our standard evaporator unit, such as side-ceiling type, dual discharge, etc. That’s quite easy, we finish the most important part for the evaporator unit at our factory and tests them well, packed it in a good way and send it to you.

If you want the redesigned evaporator unit coil as your requirements, that’s ok. Share your drawings with us, we will keep them private and secure, and produce them for you. If you want us to design an evaporator unit for you, no problem, contact us, the sales and engineer will form a team to service you.

Miracle is the evaporator unit manufacturer, and we provide the complete evaporator unit and evaporator coil for customers from the start.

With the expansion of our market, we got different types of customers in the domestic market and overseas market, Project customer, distributors, wholesalers, also the factory, they have needs for the evaporator unit coil, then we open this business for them.

The main parts of the evaporator unit coil are the copper pipes and aluminum fins. Here is our standard choice for them.

Evaporator Coil

Miracle has a smooth evaporator unit copper tube and internally threaded copper tubes. The internally threaded copper tube is made of the finely toothed inner wall of the copper tube, which greatly increases the internal surface area.

Therefore, evaporator unit thermal conductivity is about 20% higher than that of an ordinary plain copper tube, and evaporator unit volume can be reduced by about 10%.

But the process is more complicated and the cost is higher. You can refer to “design of internal thread copper tube” for more information.

Evaporator Unit Coil Copper Tube

Miracle has a hydrophilic aluminum foil and ordinary aluminum foil.

Evaporator unit aluminum heat sink fins with nano-level hydrophilic coating technology, has stronger corrosion resistance, can reduce the airflow resistance, improve the heat exchange rate by about 5%, and have a longer service life than ordinary aluminum foil fins.

Of course, the cost is a little higher than an ordinary aluminum foil evaporator unit.

Evaporator Coil Aluminum Fins

Miracle has a standard evaporator unit, dual discharge refrigeration evaporator, which also can be custom for you. Miracle also provides the evaporator coil for customers.

To better meet your evaporator unit needs, improve evaporator unit competitiveness, enhance the quality consciousness of all employees, form a system, Miracle starting from raw materials to control.

The ordering, transportation, and storage of raw materials are all registered so that they can be counted daily.

We adopt self-inspection and mutual inspection, inspection, and random inspection systems in the evaporator unit production process. Self-inspection is to independently check the product quality. The inspection is under the responsibility of the leader of each team.

A strict evaluation system is established to find out the problems and deal with them promptly to ensure smooth production.

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Why Choose Miracle?

Miracle is the manufacturer of condensers and evaporators in China.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

In 2017, Miracle received more investment to build the new plant to improve our production ability and expand our business by buying advanced equipment, recruiting more professional staff who are in different positions, such as R&D, management, and production.

In 2018, the new plant’s first phase of 34,000 square meters has been put into use, the second phase is under planning.

The factory implements 6S management, workshop production management supervisor has 20 years of management experience.

We use implement humanized management, do the good logistics guarantee, and ensure that workers can work actively and happily, making sure the good quality for each process of the evaporator unit.

Miracle has strict rules for the selection of raw materials, the suppliers of copper tubes, steel plates, and aluminum foils are all on the top list in China.

Miracle will never cut the raw material for our profits, we treasure our brand and treat the quality is our life.

Miracle Cares About the Details

Install protective plates on both sides of the evaporator unit, on the one hand, it can better protect the copper pipes on both sides, reduce accidental injuries, and increase the service life of the product.

On the other hand, through the whole way to ensure good heat dissipation efficiency.

Add aluminum plates at both ends to better protect copper pipes and internal piping systems.

We have advanced stretching equipment, the air cylinder is stretched and formed once, which is more durable and beautiful.

Workers who are responsible for welding positions have more than 10 years of experience and have a senior welder certificate to ensure the quality of welding.

We tested every refrigeration condenser and evaporator that comes from our factory, the test pressure can reach 35kg.

We prepare stocks for standard types of condenser and evaporator, for your emergency, and will update them very often, making sure quality before delivery even its stock.

What is Evaporator Unit?

What is Evaporator Unit

The Evaporator Unit is an important component for four major parts in the refrigeration system; Others are the compressor, condenser, and expansion valve.

Along with other spare parts, like a liquid receiver, filter drier, accumulator, oil separator, oil gauge, sight glass, solenoid valve, pressure controllers, etc, the whole refrigeration system is formed.

How does the evaporator unit work for cooling?

When the low-temperature liquid refrigerant which is just condensed by the condenser enters the evaporator unit coil, the refrigerant will exchange the heat with the air outside, evaporation.

At the same time, absorbs the heat to achieve the cooling function for the refrigeration system.

The evaporator unit has a heating room and an evaporation room.

The heating room provides the heat that the liquid refrigerant need when evaporation, to help the liquid refrigerant boil, then vaporize.

The evaporation room help to separate the gas and liquid of the refrigerant.

Miracle is the evaporator unit manufacturer for the past 20 years.

We provide different types of refrigeration evaporators, including the most popular DD, DJ DL series air cooled evaporator unit, dual discharge type evaporator unit, and small air cooler for the freezer and refrigerated cabinets.

At the same time, we provide the evaporator coil separately according to your drawings for different applications.

Evaporator Unit Type

Evaporator: It is an indispensable refrigeration component in the refrigeration system because it provides a usable low-temperature source for the entire refrigeration system.

There are two forms of hot exchangers in the refrigeration system: evaporator unit and condenser unit, but their roles are opposite.

The condenser emits heat, while the evaporator unit emits heat;

That is, the mixed refrigerant of gas and liquid in the evaporator unit absorbs heat from the outside, gradually evaporates until it becomes saturated or superheated vapor, and then leaves the evaporator.

According to the different heat exchange mediums of the evaporator, it is generally divided into liquid cooling, gas cooling, and direct cooling.

The gas is mainly air, and the liquid is mainly water, brine, and other refrigerants (evaporative condenser for cascade system).

Like condensers, there are many types of evaporator units for liquid cooling.

Such as shell and tube type (including the dry type evaporator unit and flooded type evaporator unit), immersed vertical tube type evaporator unit, or spiral tube type evaporator unit (usually used in ammonia systems), and plate type evaporator unit, Spiral plate-type evaporator unit, plate tube type evaporator unit, coil type evaporator unit, sleeve type evaporator unit, etc.,

According to different needs, there are many types, the following will introduce several common forms.

The evaporator for cooling air is relatively simple, mainly the exhaust pipe and air cooler.

Classification of Evaporator Unit:

Dry Shell and Tube Evaporator Unit

As shown in the figure, the evaporator unit heat exchanger has a straight tube and a U-shaped tube.

One type of heat exchange tube is a straight tube. The other is a U-shaped tube, which enters and exits on the same side.

The in-line arrangement of heat exchanger pipes is simpler and clearer.

When a single tube leaks, it can be blocked.

But the resistance of the end cap is relatively large;

The resistance of the elbow tube is relatively small, but it is more troublesome to clean.

If it leaks, it is difficult to replace the tube.

Advantages of U-tube dry evaporator unit:

The tube group can be assembled in advance, it can be drawn out, it is easier to clean the tube outside, thermal stress can be eliminated, the refrigerant distribution is uniform.


Different molds are required to manufacture the tube group, and longitudinal internal rib tubes cannot be used, and it’s hard to change the tubes when they are damaged.

Straight tube dry evaporator

Composition: shell, tube side, baffle, end cap, tube plate, etc.

If you want a higher heat transfer effect, you can try a smooth inner tube or a tube with longitudinal internal fins, and generally no external fin tube.

Advantages: low resistance, compact structure, low metal consumption, adjustable heat transfer area, etc.

Dry-type shell and tube evaporator, the refrigerant flows in the tube (tube side), the secondary refrigerant flows outside the tube (shell side).

Generally, expansion throttling (electronic expansion valve and thermal expansion valve), straight tube dry evaporator has a fast flow.

Generally, it is higher than 4m/s, so it is easier to return oil.

There is no need to consider the problem of oil return.

The oil return problem can be solved by returning the refrigerant to the gas and carrying oil;

The dry evaporator has a small refrigerant charge, usually 30-40% of the total volume of the straight tube dry evaporator, which is equivalent to 1/3 or less of the refrigerant charge of a flooded evaporator, with less leakage loss and better safety;

Dry-type evaporators must consider the return air overheating and have a certain degree of superheat. Therefore, about 20% of the evaporation channels in the evaporator take overheated gas, and the heat exchange of this part is very small;

The inside of the dry evaporator tube is refrigerant, the temperature is low, and the outside is the secondary refrigerant, which has a higher temperature than the refrigerant.

So the shell temperature is relatively high, and the loss of cold can be reduced; and because the water volume outside the heat exchange tube is relatively large, the cooling pipeline is immersed in water.

When the dry evaporator system working pressure changes, the water temperature will not fluctuate too sharply, there will be certain thermal inertia, and the system load fluctuation will be small.

This is very important for the refrigeration unit, and for the compressor unit, the working conditions are relatively smooth.

Because of the structure of the dry evaporator, it is difficult to clean, because it is difficult to clean, so the water quality requirements are higher.

Dry evaporators are usually used in fluorine systems and dry evaporator internal arrangement of copper tubes. This type of form is not used in ammonia systems.

Flooded Evaporator Unit

The flooded evaporator uses the same structure as the water-cooled condenser to feed liquid under the evaporator and return air above it.

Due to the internal design of the heat exchange tube, the flooded evaporator has a more flexible structure, and the liquid directly contacts the heat exchange tube, which has a good heat exchange effect and high heat transfer coefficient.

Both ammonia and fluorine systems use flooded evaporators, and ammonia systems use more.

In the past, flooded evaporators for fluorine used to have oil return problems, but more dry evaporators are used.

Now the evaporator refrigerating oil returns It can be solved, so the flooded evaporator used in the fluorine system is gradually increasing.

It mainly depends on the float valve and throttle valve to control the superheat, unlike the dry evaporator through the expansion valve to control the superheat.

Here is a certain space above the flooded evaporator without heat exchange tubes (usually 1 and 2 rows of space are reserved under the liquid surface without pipes), and some have an airbag on it, which is specially used for the gas-liquid separation to avoid air return with liquid.

Same as the condenser, because of the influence of heat exchange performance, the ammonia system cannot use copper pipes, usually DN32 or DN25 seamless steel pipes (smooth pipes).

The heat exchange coefficients of water and ammonia are not very different, and finned pipes are not used (Even if there is, it is a low-rib tube).

Flooded Evaporator Unit Structure Diagram
Flooded Evaporator Unit Structure Diagram

The structure is as shown in the figure above. Under normal circumstances, the copper pipes are arranged at a height below about 50% to 60% of the evaporator shell.

Generally, 1 to 2 layers of pipes are reserved above.

The principle is different from that of ammonia: the return gas on the ammonia has an airbag, which plays a role in liquid separation.

The Freon system controls the degree of superheat, whether it is an electronic expansion valve or an expansion valve, it controls the degree of superheat.

Although it is also used to return air on the upper side and supply liquid on the lower side, due to superheating’s control, there is usually no liquid in the next gas.

So there is no need to design an airbag for gas-liquid distribution.

The liquid level of the system in normal use is about 50% to 65%.

As shown in the text, there is usually an ultra-high level alarm at about 2/3 of the volume, and an ultra-low level alarm at about 1/3 of the volume.

If the valve of the system’s liquid supply pipeline fails, the liquid level will be excessively high, and there may be a possibility of liquid shock when the machine is turned on again;

It may also cause the liquid level to be extremely low, resulting in insufficient heat exchange area and affecting the cooling effect.

The following describes the ejection and oil return technology.

Ejection and return of oil is a new technology these years, see the picture below.

Evaporator Unit Ejection Technology

The structure of the nozzle is relatively simple, as shown in the figure. There are many types of high-pressure liquids used.

In addition to conventional high-pressure exhaust, you can also consider using high-pressure liquids, or even high-pressure oil, which is the high-pressure oil below the oil.

Some nozzles are not high-pressure fluid, but the return air of the compressor.

The return air is set up with a throttle nozzle in a certain place so that the nozzle is throttled to produce high speed and form negative pressure, the oil-rich layer is drawn from the liquid surface of the evaporator.

The oil return usually uses 2 to 3 holes (see label), and the oil is taken about 50-150mm below the liquid level at different liquid levels.

Taking the oil at this position can ensure that it is a pure liquid without gas, and can ensure a relatively large oil content.

If the oil fetching point is too high, the liquid level will boil violently, which may cause air to enter the oil return pipe and affect low pressure.

If the oil return pipe goes down too much, it is pure refrigerant liquid, and it will not function as oil return.

Therefore, the liquid is generally taken in the interval of about 100mm below the liquid surface (oil-rich layer), where the oil content is more, and then it is returned to the system through the ejector pump.

Immersion Cooling Liquid Evaporator Unit

Immersion cooling liquid evaporator unit (can be put in water)

Immersion cooling liquid evaporator units are usually used in large-scale, open-type refrigerant systems. Generally, brine-based block ice systems use more.

There are usually two types of evaporators unit for immersed cooling liquid: one is a vertical tube type, and the other is a spiral tube type.

Roughly the same, mainly because of the different tube structures.

The feature is that the equipment is placed in a lot of water, the water circulation is particularly large, it is not easy to freeze, even if it is frozen, it will not freeze the tube.

The evaporator unit whole equipment is open, easy to observe, operate, maintain, and repair.

Due to the large amount of water, the hot load of the refrigeration compressor is relatively stable, the working conditions are not changed quickly, and the thermal stability is better.

A large amount of water has a certain cold storage function.

The electricity price of the peak and valley is used (more cold or latent heat at night), there is a certain degree of economy.

The riser and spiral tube types are generally used in ammonia systems; the serpentine tube type evaporator unit is generally used in fluorine systems; the spiral evaporator unit coil type is more commonly used in small equipment.

Vertical Tube Evaporator Unit

Vertical Tube Evaporator Unit
Vertical Tube Evaporator Unit

The vertical tube evaporator unit of an open system is not suitable for volatile organics, but suitable for non-volatile inorganics, such as sodium chloride and calcium chloride.

This kind of riser-type equipment is usually placed in a water tank made of six thick steel plates or directly made of reinforced concrete.

A certain flow channel is formed in it, and the evaporator unit is stirred with a pump to exchange heat.

The structure is simple. Because the riser-type evaporator unit uses too much steel and the heat exchange effect is relatively poor, it has been gradually replaced by spiral pipes.

Main Parameters of Standpipe Heat Exchanger Evaporator Unit:

The general heat transfer coefficient can reach 520~650W/㎡.℃, this kind of low-temperature water is mainly used in central air conditioning.

In the saltwater system, the general heat transfer coefficient can be 450~550W/㎡.℃, because the saltwater is viscous and fluidity is small, the heat transfer coefficient will be smaller.

This type is mainly used in low-temperature block ice salt pools. The heat transfer temperature difference is generally 4 to 6 ℃. The temperature is lower, and the value can be higher.

Spiral Tube Evaporator Unit

Spiral Tube Evaporator Unit
Spiral Tube Evaporator Unit

Main Parameters of Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger:

In the spiral tube heat exchanger freshwater system, the general heat transfer coefficient can reach 550~700W/㎡.℃.

In the spiral tube heat exchanger saltwater system, the general heat transfer coefficient can reach 500~600W/㎡.℃.

Coil Evaporator Unit

This evaporator is usually used in small experimental equipment, such as various cryogenic equipment.

Miracle can provide titanium pipe or copper pipe evaporators, and they are all used in Freon systems.

Miracle evaporator the cooling material may be water, most of the time it is other low-temperature refrigerants, such as ethylene glycol, alcohol, methanol, etc.

This type of evaporator is generally used in small freezer equipment, and the structure is simpler.

The miracle can customize your products according to your needs. Contact Miracle.

Plate Tube Evaporator Unit

Plate Tube Evaporator Unit
Plate Tube Evaporator Unit

The plate tube evaporator unit is mainly used in refrigerators and freezers.

As the radiator of the refrigerator and freezer, it provides a steady stream of cooling capacity for the refrigerator.

The plate tube evaporator unit has a simple structure and is easy to install. However, a whole panel needs to be replaced when leakage occurs.

What is an Evaporator Coil?

What is an Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is the core of the evaporator unit which is one of the major components of condensing units.

The evaporator coil is consists of copper pipes and aluminum fins, with the cover and fan motors, that form the complete evaporator unit.

We can see it in the air conditioner, cold room units, heat pump, freezer, refrigerators, etc. It has a very wide application.

What is the function of the evaporator coil? It absorbs the heat from the air of your home or cold room or freezer and produces cold air.

How does it work? The evaporator units consist of one or several sets of evaporator coils: when low-temperature liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator coils and flows.

Through the wall of the tube, the hottest boiling liquid (evaporation) of the medium (air or water) around the coil is used to reduce the temperature of the medium around the coil or to maintain a certain low temperature, so the goal of cooling is achieved.

Because of this, the evaporator coil should be placed in the space medium that requires refrigeration.

For example, The evaporator unit of the refrigerator or freezer is placed inside of the refrigerator and freezer;

The evaporator of the room air conditioner is placed inside the wall of the air-conditioned room.

It is also used as an air cooler to produce evaporator coils of chillers that produce low water (called cold water in the project) and placed in the shell box where cold food water emerges.

Refrigerant keeps the temperature and pressure unchanged while boiling liquid in evaporator coil to gas.

The corresponding temperature and pressure are called evaporation temperature and evaporation pressure.

The evaporation temperature increases with the increase of the evaporation pressure, and they have a confirmed correspondence.

Miracle Evaporator Unit Manufacturer

Evaporator Unit Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for all kinds of metal plates and pipes.

It can be used for plane cutting or bevel cutting, and the edges are neat and smooth.

It’s suitable for high-precision processing of metal plates, etc.

The diameter of the laser beam after the fiber laser focusing is extremely small, and the width of the slit produced by the cutting is very narrow.

So that the accuracy of the cutting machine is very high, which belongs to one-time forming, and the finished workpiece does not need to be processed again.

The laser cutting speed is very fast and belongs to non-contact processing.

The heat impact area generated by the cutting is small, the thermal deformation of the workpiece is very small, and the high-quality cutting quality is effectively guaranteed.

The fiber laser cutting can cut very complex graphics and the cutting cost is low, it can better meet your needs.

Evaporator Unit Hydraulic CNC Punching Machine

This equipment integrates cutting, punching, stretching, reinforcing, discharging, and embossing function.

One piece of equipment can efficiently complete all sheet metal processing processes to better meet the customer’s product customization needs.

The high precision of this equipment further improves the production process and improves the appearance quality and processing efficiency of the product.

Evaporator Unit Stamping Machine

The complete set of stamping equipment can produce blanking, punching, forming, stretching, trimming, fine blanking, it mainly produces the parts for evaporator and condenser.

Evaporator Coil Hydraulic Press

The new frame structure hydraulic press has good rigidity, high precision, and strong anti-eccentric load capacity.

It is suitable for various stamping processes such as stretching, bending, forming, blanking, and flagging.

It adopts an imported PLC-controlled electrical system and has a compact structure.

The work is sensitive and reliable, the hydraulic control system adopts the plug-in integrated system, the action is reliable, and the evaporator and condenser, condensing unit quality are better guaranteed.

Evaporator Unit Spray Painted Workshop

Miracle has our independent spray-painted workshop. The independent spray painted workshop is a mechanized “one-stop service”.

The work efficiency is several times higher than manual work.

The independent closed spray painted booth can effectively prevent dust in the air and protect the appearance quality of the product.

All of this guarantees the perfect appearance of the evaporator unit, condenser, and has a good anti-corrosion function.

Evaporator Unit Automatic Pipe Bending Machine

The automatic pipe bending machine can automatically complete the feeding material, bending, fixed-length, and cutting process.

When adjusting the length, accuracy is more accurate.

The copper coil can be cut without debris, and the operation is careful and the necking of the copper pipe is small.

There is no burr in the nozzle, which is a kind of cutting and straightening machine commonly used in industrial production equipment, which realizes the automation and length determination of the delivery.

Evaporator Coil Fin Punch

Fin punch is a special production line for evaporator and condenser fin production in the refrigeration industry, which is made of high-speed precision punch.

The discharge rack, the oil tank, the pulling device, the suction rack, the aggregate rack, and the electrical system are composed.

After configuring the special mold, the evaporator and condenser fins of different thicknesses can be stamped out.

Evaporator Unit Vertical Tube Expander

The function of the vertical pipe expander is simply to expand the sides of the metal pipe so that it can be closely expanded with the hole of the tube sheet, then it will avoid water leakage or air leakage, and it can withstand a certain pressure.

This equipment has greatly improved the quality and production efficiency of the heat exchanger equipment.

Evaporator Unit Coil Pressure Test Pool

Miracle will conduct the pressure nitrogen test for every evaporator and condenser before the delivery, which means a 100% test.

After leaving the factory, there will be a small amount of residual pressure to ensure that the products are still safe and reliable when they arrive at your warehouse or after a period of storage.

Are You an Evaporator Unit Manufacturer or a Trading Company?

We are a manufacturer of evaporator and condenser and condensing units. And our factory is located in Henan Province.

Which Port for Evaporator Unit Shipping?

We normally ship the goods from Qingdao Port, sometimes will use Shanghai or Ningbo port, that’s negotiable.

What is the Delivery Time?

For standard refrigeration evaporators and condensers, we have stock for your emergency needs, for special types or no-stock products, our production time will be around 15-20days, contact us with your firm order, we shall give the accurate delivery time.

What is the Packing Method?

We provide a standard wooden box that is acceptable for export and import, of course, the customized package is available.

Can You Do Evaporator Unit OEM?

Yes, After obtaining your brand authorization, we will produce according to your requirements, in the meantime, we will protect your brand, product design, and other information.

Can You Do a Customized Evaporator Unit and Condenser Unit?

Yes, of course, we have a professional team to know how to fulfill your requirements, you can provide your satisfied drawing, we produce the best evaporator and condenser for you.

Can You Design the Evaporator Unit and Condenser Unit According to Our Projects?

Yes, we have our evaporator unit R&D department, and the engineer has more than 20 years experience for evaporator units, condensers, furthermore, we do projects for the domestic and overseas market, so relax, tell us your needs, we provide the complete solution to you.

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