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Miracle has more than 20 years of accumulation and sedimentation in the production of the evaporator coil and is a mature and qualified raw material supplier. Miracle controls the quality of the evaporator unit coil from materials that meet strict requirements. Our selection of evaporator coil material suppliers is based on their ability to provide high-quality materials as required and to ensure that the rate of non-conforming products is within a very low range.

Miracle evaporator coil adopts mechanical tube expansion, secondary flanging process, and other processes. The tube spacing and fin spacing are reasonable in design. The shell and end plates are stamped from high-quality plates and undergo strict chemical anti-rust treatment. Therefore, Miracle evaporator coil has the characteristics of compact structure, efficient heat transfer, good anti-ultraviolet, and anti-corrosion performance.

MREC001 Evaporator Coil

The heat transfer efficiency of the evaporator is mainly determined by the evaporator coil, and the heat transfer efficiency of the evaporator coil is determined by the material of the evaporator unit coil. Therefore, in the choice of the material of the evaporator coil, a variety of solutions have been proposed.

The MREC001 evaporator coil is a composition of hydrophilic fins and copper tubes. In the current mainstream air-conditioning market, the evaporator coil of copper and aluminum tubes occupies a certain market share in evaporator applications. The most advanced fin production equipment and copper tube bending equipment better ensure the customization capabilities of Miracle evaporator coil. Contact us to get the evaporator coil in AC now!

MREC002 Evaporator Coil

The aluminum tube evaporator coil and the copper tube evaporator coil are quite different in strength, thermal conductivity, appearance, and weight. Both the aluminum tube evaporator coil and the copper tube evaporator coil have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a brief analysis, copper tube evaporator coil has stronger corrosion resistance and better thermal conductivity than aluminum tube evaporator coil, but the price is relatively high. The aluminum tube evaporator coil has a smaller unit volume and weight than the copper tube evaporator coil, and the price is more competitive, but it is not resistant to corrosion and has low heat exchange efficiency.

Miracle can provide you with multiple types of evaporator coil that can well meet your needs in different markets. Send us your order of evaporator coil now!

MREC003 Evaporator Coil

At present, in the highly competitive environment of the refrigeration industry, reducing the production cost of the evaporator coil is a major challenge faced by various cooling coils manufacturers. Market-oriented has become the basic criterion for the production of the evaporator coil manufacturer. In some high-end markets, we recommend that you use a copper tube evaporator coil because, in this way, the refrigeration equipment will have a longer service life and a lower failure rate.

But if you are in some markets that are more focused on the price, we recommend that you purchase aluminum tube evaporator coils, which will be more beneficial to your evaporator coil sales. Of course, we are not blindly pursuing price, we will also pay attention to the quality of the evaporator coil. When in some use environment that is not strict, aluminum evaporator coil can also fully meet your needs. Contact us now to customize your evaporator coil!

MREC004 Evaporator Coil

The evaporator is used in the refrigeration, HVAC, and air-conditioning industries with the use of condensing units, and it is widely used in a variety of different environments with different temperatures. The core component of the evaporator is the evaporator coil.

Therefore, the shape and arrangement of the evaporator unit coil will be diversified. Miracle Refrigeration has more than 20 years of production experience and can provide you with a complete evaporator coil size and design.

Of course, we need to know your evaporator coil use environment, refrigerant type, air circulation direction, and other parameters, now contact us for more details of Miracle evaporator coil!

MREC005 Evaporator Coil

The picture shown is only a few types of Miracle evaporator coil. For more types, please contact us directly. Whether you are a unit manufacturer, an evaporator and condenser manufacturer, or an air conditioner distributor, Miracle Refrigeration can meet your customization needs.

With 20 years of experience, 11,000 square meters of production workshop, and an average working age of 10 years, the R&D and design team will provide you with a satisfactory evaporator coil customized solution. The evaporator produced by the Miracle evaporator coil factory can withstand a pressure of up to 2.0Mpa and a temperature of 185°C. The evaporator coil factory test pressure can reach 500 PSI.

A full range of high-quality evaporator coils will escort your market. Contact us today and stop paying too much for the evaporator coil!

MREC006 Evaporator Coil

More types of evaporator coils and more evaporator coil designs are the embodiment of the factory’s strength, but also the embodiment of providing you with better evaporator coil services.

Miracle can provide you with a flat evaporator coil, DX evaporator coil, horizontal slab evaporator coil, and other different designs of the evaporator coil. Miracle Refrigeration has 20 years of experience in HVAC coil manufacturing and has more accumulation in the production of evaporator coils.

Especially for the evaporator, the welding of brass determines the quality of the evaporator coil, so it is important to choose a reliable evaporator coil manufacturer. Miracle is your best choice of the evaporator coil. Contact us without any delay right now!

As a reliable evaporator coil and HVAC coil manufacturer, Miracle has completely mastered brass welding technology after years of polishing.

The welding engineers of Miracle evaporator coil have an average working age of more than 15 years.

Many years of welding experience allow them to handle the welding of complex structures. Then we can better guarantee the quality of the evaporator coil.

Not only that, the Miracle evaporator coil manufacturer adopts a variety of management methods to ensure that the quality of the Miracle evaporator coil is flawless.

Evaporator coil management methods include 5S management of production lines, implementation of self-inspection and mutual inspection systems, and 100% leak detection before shipment.

Miracle Refrigeration is your most reliable evaporator coil manufacturer and supplier.

If you met some problem with your current supplier, such as the evaporator coil leak, evaporator coil cleaning, contact us for professional service now!

High-quality evaporator coil production materials, efficient evaporator coil manufacturing technology, advanced evaporator coil production equipment, excellent evaporator coil employees, and 100% pass rate in all production links can make sure Miracle produces high-quality evaporator coil.

Miracle Refrigeration pays attention to the control of every link.

The evaporator coil production equipment is regularly maintained according to the preset maintenance cycle. Miracle conducts regular training for evaporator coil production personnel.

Miracle evaporator coil shall be tested inside the factory and the third-party certification to ensure that the Miracle evaporator coil meets the production specifications.

Miracle provides you with an evaporator coil as well as an evaporator unit.

As shown in the picture, we can provide you with a variety of types of evaporator units, including water flush evaporator units, small evaporator units, side blowing evaporator units, refrigeration evaporator, etc.

The anti-corrosion sprayed plastic shell and fashionable appearance design will be your best choice for the evaporator unit.

Not only that but Miracle evaporator coil can also be flexibly matched, which is convenient for combining with other units.

Contact us now to get your satisfied evaporator coil and the method for how to clean evaporator coil!

Evaporator Coil and Evaporator Unit

Miracle evaporator coil refrigerator includes inflatable refrigerator coil, tube-plate refrigerator evaporator coil, etc.

Miracle has professional inflatable evaporator production equipment, independent design, and development capabilities, to meet your refrigerator evaporator coil customization needs, contact us now!

Evaporator Coil Refrigerator

Condensing unit is the core of the refrigeration system, and the main energy source of the refrigeration system evaporator is the unit. Miracle refrigeration units include air-cooled units, water-cooled units, and small refrigeration units.

Air-cooled units include outdoor units, Copeland units, Danfoss units, Bitzer units, commercial refrigeration units, etc. Small units include refrigeration condensing unit, freezer condensing unit, etc. Contact us today to get a quick quote!

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