Equal Diameter Brass Ring

Miracle equal diameter brass ring is used to connect the equal diameter copper pipes.

If you need to connect copper pipes of different diameters, then you need a Miracle reducing diameter brass ring.

Item No.Outer diameter

mm / ”

CCR281828.61 1/8
CCR311831.81 1/4
CCR351834.91 3/8

Miracle equal diameter brass rings are made of copper rods.

You may wonder why there are different materials of Miracle rings.

This is necessary.

It is because it is determined by the material of the pipeline to be connected.

The physical properties of different metal materials are different.

Therefore, in order to achieve a reliable connection, we need to produce the best Miracle ring according to the material of the pipe to be connected.

Miracle Equal Diameter Brass Ring for Connecting Copper and Copper Tube

Miracle equal diameter brass ring can be used to connect copper and copper pipe, copper and steel pipe, copper and titanium pipe, and copper and stainless steel pipe.

You can see how the Miracle ring works for more details.

Or you can check this video to see how the Miracle ring is crimped.

More Applications of Miracle Equal Diameter Brass Ring

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