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Miracle EC motor adopts advanced design concepts and has the advantages of fast starting, large torque, low noise, low vibration, high efficiency, and energy-saving.

Miracle EC motor coils are made of pure copper, with excellent double ball bearings, and high-quality lubricating oil-resistant enameled wire, which improves the reliability of the EC motor.

The third-generation EC motor adapts mature product technology and low failure rate. Send your inquiry to us with the EC motor list now!

GEC EC Motor

The voltage of Miracle EC motor is 220-240v / 110-120V. Frequency adopts 50/60hz. There are a variety of output power options, 9W, 16W, 32W. The diameter of Miracle GEC EC motor is 88mm. For more details, please contact us now!


Miracle EC motor has passed CCC certification, CE certification, RoHs certification, VDE certification, UL certification, EX certification, etc. The control method of this EC motor is electronic control, and the EC motor efficiency can be improved by 65% compared with the traditional EC motor. It is a high-performance EC motor in the true sense. Contact us with your inquiry now!


Miracle GECQ EC motor has high-level explosion-proof protection features, the internal structure uses permanent magnets, the insulation level is H level, and the protection level is IP65. In terms of product performance and efficiency, all Miracle EC motors can increase efficiency by 65%. For more details, please contact us without hesitation!

GYJ EC Motor

Miracle GYJ EC motor is a refrigerator evaporator fan, which is mostly used for heat dissipation in air-cooled refrigerator systems. This motor is a brushless DC motor. Miracle GYJ EC motor is also a type of hood-level motor. The working mode is S1 and the speed can reach 2600r/min. Contact us today to get this EC motor!


We can customize different brands of refrigerator condenser EC motor or EC motor fan. Such as, LG refrigerator fan motor, Samsung refrigerator fan motor, GE refrigerator fan motor, Whirlpool refrigerator fan motor, etc. If you need any refrigerator condenser EC motor, please contact us directly!

Miracle has its own EC motor design team, which combines the advantages of AC motor and DC motor, with electronic commutation technology, which makes EC motor more efficient.

Miracle EC motor complies with RoHS standards, has passed many quality management system certifications, and obtained UL TUV and VDE certifications.

Each model of Miracle’s EC motor has undergone rigorous testing to achieve the lowest noise under high airflow and high air pressure conditions. All models of Miracle EC motor meet your strict purchasing requirements. Contact us for more production info now!

EC Motor Manufacturer Workshop

EC motors cannot simply be equivalent to permanent magnet synchronous motors or motor drives. EC motors are a complete electrical system. We all know that choosing a reliable EC fan and EC fan motor manufacturer is very important.

Miracle team has been tracking and researching EC motors for a long time, is committed to pursuing better fan energy efficiency ratio and fan performance, and carries out special design and development of motor power and speed, and continues to introduce new products.

EC motors cover high-standard fan fields such as HVAC system fans, air-cooled units, cooling fans, and HVAC fans. We look forward to cooperating with you, Email us now!

Miracle EC Motor Technology Support

We have invested a lot of money and equipment to develop EC motors. Therefore, Miracle EC motors will continue to be optimized, and you can get newly developed EC motors more quickly.

The important parts of the EC motor are all developed and produced by ourselves, and there is no foundry phenomenon. Therefore, the production process of Miracle EC motor is more rigorous.

We can also provide OEM and ODM services for many types of EC motors. Contact us with your custom demand now!

EC Motor Manufacturer Technical Support

One-stop shopping service is an in-depth service provided to you on the basis of a high-quality EC motor to save your time and purchase costs, and enlarge your business range.

If EC motor is used in condenser fan motor, we can provide you with a small refrigeration unit, outdoor condensing unit, air-cooled condensing unit, etc.

If EC motor is used in refrigerator fan motor, we can provide you with refrigerator evaporator, refrigerator condenser, refrigerator compressor, refrigerator parts, etc.

If an EC motor is used in the HVAC system, we can provide you with an air curtain, air conditioning parts, cross-flow fan, forward curved centrifugal fan, centrifugal HVAC fans, etc. Contact us for a fast quote now!

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