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Miracle EC fan and EC fan motor are new three-phase electronically controlled motors, EC motor is an upgraded version of brushless motor, all our types of EC fan motors are self-developed products with perfect functions.

Miracle EC fan is with multiple motor protection mechanisms, IP55 high protection motor structure, which looks stylish, easy installation, safety, and reliability.

With advanced design concepts, Miracle EC fan manufacturers produce products for a wide range of applications in HVAC systems, air conditioning systems, heat pump systems, industrial fan systems, and more, therefore meeting your needs for efficiency, comfort and reliability. Contact us to get various types of EC fans from Miracle EC fan manufacturer now!

EC Axial Fan

The core component of the Miracle EC axial fan is an EC motor. The maximum diameter of this fan can reach 900mm. EC axial fan is mostly used on occasions with high flow. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient installation, and strong adaptability to the environment. Contact Miracle team today for future cooperation now!

EC Forward Curved Fan

EC forward-curved fan is matched with different types of air ducts, which can be applied to air outlets of air conditioners. The typical characteristics of forward-curved fans are low noise and large air output, but the power of the fan will increase. Miracle forward-curved fan has a variety of styles and voltage types to choose from, contact us to choose the most suitable EC fan motor now!

EC Backward Curved Fan

The biggest difference between the backward curved fan and the forward-curved fan is the difference in the angle and direction of the blade inclination. The backward curved fan has lower energy consumption due to the design structure, so it is more suitable for application in a commercial environment. Of course, the energy efficiency of the backward curved fan with EC motor will be further improved. For more details, please contact us to get right now!

EC Blower Fan

The EC blower fan uses a high-performance EC motor, and the impeller uses a forward curved fan. The air volume of the EC blower fan is more concentrated, so the air pressure will increase significantly. You can choose AC/DC/EC blower fan according to your market needs. Contact us to get a detailed quote now!

EC Duct Fan

EC duct fan makes it possible for ducts to transport air over long distances, such as fresh air systems in residential or commercial buildings. Miracle EC duct fan has various sizes, stylish appearance, easy installation, reliable use, and other advantages, which are favored by distributors all over the world. Contact us to get our EC duct fan now!

EC Refrigerator Fan Motor

Miracle EC refrigerator fan motor is a type of shaded pole motor. This type of EC fan motor is mostly used in home appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, etc. The full range of Miracle EC refrigerator fan motors has passed CE, VDE, TUV, CCC, ISO, Rohs, and other product certifications, which can meet the import needs of all countries in the world. Send your order today!

As a reliable EC fan manufacturer, Miracle has passed reliability tests and certifications such as UL, CE, and ROHS.

In terms of EC fan capacity, the core component of Miracle EC fan, the EC fan motor, is produced by Miracle itself, which will allow us to take advantage of the price of the EC fan.

Not only that, our investment in EC fan research and development is also based on the industry’s leading level, and the speed of EC fan replacement is faster, which can help you better manage your market.

That’s what Miracle EC fan manufacturers do. Contact us to talk about the cooperation now!

EC Fan Manufacturer

A high-quality EC fan requires the support of excellent R&D personnel.

Miracle actively implements the construction of a team of technical personnel, optimizes the innovation environment, and establishes a multi-functional EC fan laboratory to help EC fan development.

At present, Miracle EC fan manufacturer has formed a stable and reasonable talent construction system.

The implementation of senior engineers to drive junior and intermediate engineers to jointly develop products can effectively reduce the impact of talent flow on product development progress.

If you have the need for a custom EC fan, Please contact Miracle EC fan manufacturer now!

While developing the EC fan, we also use computer-aided design tools to actively expand the application range of our HVAC products.

For example, we have an ECM condenser fan motor, ECM evaporator fan motor, ECO fan motor, ECM fan motor, and other products used in HVAC&R.

This greatly improves the efficiency of product development and gives you more product support. Contact us to enlarge your business range now!


Miracle is your trusted EC fan motor manufacturer. After years of hard work by our R&D team, today’s EC fan motor has gone through three generations.

The EC fan motors we produce allow a constant speed with different loads, but you can customize motors with any speed from 600-2000r/min, and you can also achieve dual-speed, forward, and reverse functions through different wiring methods.

Miracle EC fan motor will boom your business. Send us your inquiry now!

EC Fan Motor Technology

We will continue to improve the performance and application range of the EC fan motor. Please subscribe to us now so that we can notify you as soon as we have any technical or product updates.

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