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What kind of EC centrifugal fan manufacturer is qualified? Is there an extensive product line? Superb production technology? advanced technology? rich experience?

Miracle provides you with far more than these. We propose diversified centrifugal fan solutions for different markets to meet your sales intentions to the greatest extent and help you better expand your market. Contact us to find the best partner to expand your market now!

Backward Curved EC Centrifugal Fan

EC centrifugal fan is available in a variety of materials, such as aluminum centrifugal fan, plastic centrifugal fan, stainless steel centrifugal fan, etc. Not only that, but Miracle centrifugal fan also has features such as S1 continuous operation mode. Send your bulk order of EC centrifugal fan right now!

Forward Curved EC Centrifugal Fan

Regardless of whether it is a forward EC centrifugal fan or a backward EC centrifugal, the EC type centrifugal fan has become a leader in the HVAC&R market due to its high energy-saving characteristics. Miracle EC centrifugal fan uses a DC brushless maintenance-free motor with a built-in intelligent control module, which is the key to ensuring the high performance of the centrifugal fan. For more parameters, please contact Miracle technical team now!

EC Centrifugal Duct Fan

The EC centrifugal duct fan impeller has multiple backward-inclined arc-shaped aluminum alloy blades, also called backward curved EC centrifugal duct fans. Miracle EC centrifugal duct fan is a single-support external rotor motor, and the housing is available in a variety of materials, such as galvanized steel or stainless steel. In terms of protection level, our EC centrifugal fan can reach IP54 and B insulation levels. If you want to know more about the EC centrifugal fan, please contact us now!

EC Centrifugal Blower Fan

In addition to continuous operation mode and high protection level, Miracle centrifugal blower fan also has high-precision accessories such as a built-in overload thermal protector, which can accurately control the operation of the EC centrifugal blower fan. Miracle centrifugal blower fan has a wide range of applications and can be used in hotels, restaurants, auditoriums, theaters, basements, factories and mines, etc. The working environment temperature can meet -20°-+50°. Contact us to select the right EC centrifugal blower fan according to your applications now!

As a professional EC centrifugal fan manufacturer and supplier, Miracle is committed to providing you with high-quality solutions, creating greater value for you, adhering to our social responsibility, and respecting the sustainable development strategy of the earth, contribute to carbon neutrality.

As a company dedicated to building a century-old brand, Miracle is still very young, but in the future, we will continue to innovate and strive for new heights.

EC Centrifugal Fan Manufacturer

Good technology comes from a good working environment. Miracle focuses on the establishment of an innovative environment.

We introduce complete EC centrifugal fan experimental equipment, establish open and inclusive laboratory guidelines, and maximize the enthusiasm and creativity of each member.

This ensures that Miracle EC centrifugal fan has a faster technology update speed and always stands at the forefront of technology. Contact us to get more technical support for the EC centrifugal fan now!

Certification is the recognition of the quality of our EC centrifugal fan. A large number of experimental certifications further prove the quality of Miracle EC centrifugal fan. So you can purchase our EC centrifugal fan with better customer satisfaction!

What are you waiting for? If you need EC centrifugal fan, please contact our sales manager directly, because we are sure that Miracle Refrigeration is your best choice.

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What are the Reasons for the Low Operating Efficiency of EC Centrifugal Fans?

What are the Reasons for the Low Operating Efficiency of EC Centrifugal Fan

What are the reasons for the low operating efficiency of EC centrifugal fans?

For you, you are afraid of the low operating efficiency of the purchased EC centrifugal fan.

Once the operating efficiency is low, it means that production is delayed.

In fact, most of the time, the poor operating efficiency is caused by factors such as inappropriate parameters of the selected model and poor quality.

Why do we say that? Let’s analyze one by one below.

A: The model parameters are inappropriate

Many EC centrifugal fan manufacturers have less type spectrum data, so they adopt the alternative model design, which leads to deviations in the design.

The so-called type spectrum means that the operating parameters of different wind turbines correspond to the model machine.

This can ensure that the EC centrifugal fan produced meets the needs of actual working conditions.

If the EC centrifugal fan manufacturer does not have the corresponding type spectrum data when designing, there are no corresponding operating parameters for reference.

And only some models with similar specifications and models can be found to replace, resulting in a great gap between the actual operating conditions and the designed operating conditions.

B: Poor production and processing accuracy

The processing technology adopted by the EC centrifugal fan manufacturer is relatively backward, resulting in a relatively large product accuracy error, which fails to meet the design requirements, resulting in a large error between the produced equipment and the actual operating conditions.

The process flow of EC centrifugal fan production is relatively complicated.

The process flow includes cutting, forming, riveting, welding, heat treatment, calibration, machining, assembly, and appearance treatment.

As long as there is a manufacturing error in one step, it will affect the actual operating efficiency.

C: Excessive surplus during the design

When designing, in order to allow the EC centrifugal fan to operate normally, a margin is generally reserved for related parameters.

However, if the design parameter margin coefficient is too large, it will cause the actual operating parameters to be lower than the design parameters.

D: The system pipe network is unreasonable

The unreasonable system pipe network will increase the resistance of the system and directly cause the EC centrifugal fan to deviate from the designed operating point.

How to Determine the Normal Operation of EC Centrifugal Fans?

How to Determine the Normal Operation of EC Centrifugal Fan

The reliability and safety of EC centrifugal fan operation are very important.

We need to pay attention to the stability of its operation in normal times, so how to determine its normal operation?

A: Trial operation

After assembling the EC centrifugal fan, the technicians need to check whether the fan operation is coordinated and whether there is friction or jamming on the rotating blades before the formal use.

At the same time, it is necessary to check whether there are debris and tools left in the pipeline.

Check whether the bypass valve in the pipeline has been opened.

Check the EC centrifugal fan and rotating signs.

When the inspection is over, there are no other problems, and the fan is tested.

The test running time is generally 10-30 minutes.

During the test, It is necessary to observe the rotation of the blades, whether the blades are loose, whether the anchor bolts connecting the vibrating base and the foundation are firm.

And the fan is found to be normal after the test before the EC centrifugal fan can be delivered.

B: Using of EC centrifugal fan

During the use of an EC centrifugal fan, it is necessary to regularly control the current of the motor, and the current cannot exceed the rated parameter range of the EC centrifugal fan.

In addition, it is necessary to always pay attention to the vibration of the fan and motor, and make sure that there is no friction and abnormal sound on the fan and blades.

For fans running in series, additional attention should be paid to whether the EC centrifugal fans are running under low-frequency oscillation.

How to Maintain the EC Centrifugal Fan When It Is Out Of Service?

How to Maintain the EC Centrifugal Fans When It Is Out Of Service

There are two situations for the suspension of EC centrifugal fans, one is short-term suspension, and the other is long-term suspension.

Regardless of whether the time is long or short, Miracle must first remind you to prevent freezing and cracking.

Stop using the fan. When the ambient temperature is lower than 5°C, the remaining water in the equipment and pipelines should be drained to avoid damage to the equipment and pipelines by freezing.

This is the same reason as the freezing and cracking problem of water pipes that we will encounter in winter.

If the failure is caused by the failure to deal with the residual moisture in time, it is too careless. Such problems can be avoided.

When the EC centrifugal fan is out of use and the ambient temperature is lower than 5°C, the remaining water in the equipment and pipelines should be drained to avoid damage to the equipment and pipelines by freezing.

This is the same as the problem of freezing and cracking of water pipes that we will encounter in winter.

If the fault is caused by the failure to deal with the residual moisture in time, it is too careless, and such a problem can be avoided.

In addition, if it is suspended for a long time, what should be done?

  • Coat the surface of bearings and other main parts with anti-rust oil to avoid corrosion.
  • Every half month or so, the rotor of the EC centrifugal fan should be manually moved for half a rotation (that is, 180°).

Before moving, mark the shaft end so that the original top point is at the bottom after moving the rotor.

Of course, the above maintenance methods are only to ensure that the EC centrifugal fan is properly stored during the suspension period.

If you want to put it back into use, you still have to do a simple inspection to check the state of the EC centrifugal fan, and then put it into use after confirming that it is correct.

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