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Miracle EC axial fan manufactures EC axial fan to meet various specifications from φ175 to φ900 diameter, EC axial fan motor rated speed from 500r/min to 3000r/min, output power range 5w to 1800w.

Miracle offers three-phase motors (type S), single-phase capacitor-run motors (type D), shaded-pole motors, energy-saving EC axial fans, and motors.

300mm EC Axial Fan

The 300mm EC axial fan has a blade diameter of 300mm and is appropriate for condensers or evaporators with a barrel diameter of 325mm. 300mm type EC axial fan has a mounting dimension of 360mm in diameter. 300mm type EC axial fan can be matched with a voltage of 1 to 230V, making it easier to meet your market needs. Contact us now!

350mm EC Axial Fan

The 350mm EC axial fan has a fan blade diameter of 350mm and is suitable for air-cooled equipment with a barrel diameter of 375mm. The Miracle 350mm EC axial fan has a mounting dimension of 422mm in diameter and uses maintenance-free bearings as its core component, making it more trouble-free to use and more reliable. Contact us now!

400mm EC Axial Fan

EC axial fan 400mm series has a maximum fan blade diameter of 400mm and a condensing unit opening size of φ425mm, the Miracle 400mm EC axial fan has an installation size of 470mm in diameter. For more info, please contact us now!

450mm EC Axial Fan

The Miracle EC axial fan is named according to the outer circle size of the fan blade. 450mm series fan blade with a maximum diameter of 450mm and a condensing unit opening size of φ475mm, the Miracle 450mm EC axial fan has an installation size of 470mm in diameter. view more now!

500mm EC Axial Fan

The EC axial fan 500mm series is made from high-quality aluminum, pressed in a special process, and painted with high-end anti-corrosion paint for greater corrosion resistance and a more secure installation. The depth of the EC axial fan 500mm series is approximately 214mm, if your installation size is different, it doesn’t matter, we can easily solve this, just contact us!

630mm EC Axial Fan

The 630mm series EC axial fan, which is available in a square housing design, can of course also be produced in a round housing. The Miracle 630mm series EC axial fan motor has an s1 continuous duty system and has the ability to run for long periods of time, keep it simple to cope with high load environments. Contact us today!

710mm EC Axial Fan

The larger EC axial fan is used in industrial environments where higher airspeeds and higher flow rates are required for industrial refrigeration. the EC axial fan 710mm series has a voltage range of 3 to 400V, a power of 1396W, and airflow of up to 19249m³/h. contact us now for a sample brochure!

800mm EC Axial Fan

The 800mm series EC axial fan has the same voltage parameters as the 710mm series and the voltage range meets the requirements of industrial voltage. This large diameter EC axial fan usually can be applied in two positions in the application, namely horizontal and vertical installation, which can also further expand the range of applications for large EC axial fans. Send your inquiry today!

900mm EC Axial Fan

The 900mm series EC axial fan has a fan blade diameter of 895mm, and has the insulation class F, has already passed the CE and CCC certifications. In industrial applications, the self-protection of large diameter EC axial fans is even more important. The Miracle 900mm series EC axial fan is designed with various protection modes for temperature overheating, voltage protection, and soft start protection, making it a true high-quality EC axial fan. contact us now!

Miracle has always adhered to the business philosophy of “Cultivating talents, creating excellence with technology, gaining trust with quality, and meeting demand with innovation”, and has made great results in the growth of the new plant, equipment, and management.

At present Miracle EC axial fan has a number of patents, passed ISO9001:2008, CE certification, ROHS, CCC certification, etc. Send your inquiry today!

EC Axial Fan Manufacturer

EC axial fan manufacturer has a professional laboratory testing team.

EC axial fan has its own UL visual laboratory and has established close cooperation with relevant testing institutes, with a complete range of means for testing the performance and reliability of fans and motors.

EC axial fan laboratory is equipped with fan aerodynamic performance testing devices, multi-channel noise detectors, and other high-end precision testing equipment.

EC Axial Fan Technical Strength

It takes a team of fashion to design a highly reliable EC axial fan.

Miracle uses our years of accumulation and market-proven performance to ensure that our EC axial fans are reliable and secure.

To make sure Miracle EC axial fan arrives in your city with 100% performance, Miracle Group has a professional EC axial fan packaging and delivery department to ensure maximum protection. Contact us now!

EC Axial Fan Package

Miracle EC axial fan can be applied for the air-cooled condensing unit, Danfoss condensing unit, Copeland condensing unit, Bitzer condensing unit, condensing unit, evaporator unit, air-cooled condenser, etc. For more special applications, please contact us right now!

Causes and Solutions for Surge of EC Axial Fan?

Causes and Solutions for Surge of EC Axial Fan

What is surge? Simply put, it is similar to human asthma. Due to the periodic wind and backflow of EC axial fans, once more serious surge occurs.

It will cause fatigue damage to the bearings and blades of the fan and cause accidents.

This leads to a decrease in safety.

Generally speaking, the occurrence of EC axial fan surge will be accompanied by frequent current swings, reduced outlet air pressure, increased noise, and increased vibration.

So what are the reasons for the surge? What are the solutions?

The main reason for the surge of the EC axial fan is that the equipment is running in a non-operating work area.

Or the air duct of the fan is blocked, the opening of the air duct baffle is not enough, and the air duct baffle is not opened, resulting in excessive system resistance.

Normally, when the working area of the EC axial flow fan is on the right side of the dividing point, the equipment will operate relatively stable, but when the equipment load is relatively low, the operation will be unstable, and the pressure head of the equipment will drop below the pipe.

The pressure in the road, the pressure head will cause the airflow to start to reverse in the opposite direction and pour it back into the fan from the air duct.

Backflow airflow will reduce the air volume in the duct system, which will lead to a drop in pressure in the duct, but because the EC axial fan still continues to run.

So that the flow of the EC axial fan continue to output, but with the rise in pressure, in order to be able to balance with the pressure in the duct, the work point needs to be adjusted, which will lead to wind backflow again, causing EC axial fan wheezing.

To solve the problem of EC axial fan wheezing, you need to run the EC axial fan at a stable working point, not to let it in the unstable area can be.

A simple solution to the problem of EC axial fan surge is to quickly open the dynamic leaves of the surge fan or to increase the processing and frequency of the EC axial fan.

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