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Miracle provides you with a richer variety of DC fans, including DC brushless fans, DC cross-flow fans, DC inline fans, DC axial fans, etc., to achieve your one-stop purchase needs. The most important thing is that we rely on years of production and the sales experience of DC fans can help you save more time.

In terms of DC fan function and size, we can still provide you with the best solution, so you don’t have to worry about the size and performance of the DC fan. Our rich product system can meet the needs of all markets for DC fan size and voltage. Send your inquiry now!

DC axial fan has a wide range of applications in the field of fans. It can be used for refrigerator evaporator fans, refrigerator condenser fans, and can also be used for heat dissipation of computers and household appliances. The DC axial fan emits wind along the axial direction, so it has the advantage of large air volume. Miracle can provide you with a fan diameter range of 25mm-280mm. For more details, contact us now!

DC Forward Curved Fan

Miracle DC forward-curved fan has narrow blades and a large number of blades. In order to generate higher wind pressure, the outlet angle of the fan impeller is generally greater than 90 degrees, but this will reduce the efficiency. Miracle DC forward-curved fan is mostly used in areas with low air volume but high-pressure requirements. For more details, please contact us to get this DC fan for yourself now!

DC Backward Curved Fan

Miracle DC backward curved fan has higher performance than forwarding fan in terms of power, energy consumption, and noise. However, both the forward and backward centrifugal fans have their own advantages and disadvantages. They should be selected according to the application environment to maximize the function of the DC fan and create greater value. Contact Miracle team to help with your selection of the DC fan now!

DC Blower Fan

The other name of the DC forward-curved fan is DC blower fan. DC blower fan is based on centrifugal fan and adds air duct part to concentrate the scattered wind. DC blower fan also has a distinction between the single inlet and double inlet. You can choose the DC blower fan depending on your market needs, contact us to get the professional guide now!

DC inline fan is mostly used indoors, so its noise value has been fully considered in the design, the current noise is only 65dB. Miracle DC inline fan size range is 100mm-315mm, which can meet the ventilation needs of 9-14㎡. Send your inquiry to us today!

DC Refrigerator Fan

DC refrigerator fan is also called shaded pole motor, refrigerator evaporator fan, refrigerator condenser fan, etc. Miracle DC refrigerator fans have a wide range of types, including integrated fans, fan accessories, extension pole motors, etc. For more details, please contact us to get a professional DC fan manufacturer in China now!

DC Cross Flow Fan

The impeller of the DC cross flow fan is multi-blade, long cylindrical, with forward multi-wing blades. It is installed in the indoor unit of the air conditioner. The main function is to generate vortex wind and blow the wind to the evaporator. The Miracle DC cross flow fan’s operating noise is extremely low, which can satisfy the use of indoor air conditioners in bedrooms. Contact us to get the DC fan price now!

Miracle factory has sophisticated DC fan production equipment, advanced design concepts, and 6S management methods. Miracle R&D team has a complete product development system and a harmonious innovation environment, thus creating a first-class DC fan to support your business.

Miracle DC fan manufacturer has considered all the details in place from the beginning of the establishment of the factory.

It has a superior geographical location, a rich supply chain system, and a modern factory. These factors have prompted Miracle to become a benchmark company in the DC fan industry. Contact us for cooperation now!

DC Fan Manufacturer

Features of DC brushless fans:

Low loss and high efficiency.

High power factor.

Good speed regulation performance, simple control.

Long life.

DC Brushless Fan Motor Working Principle

We use a computer to analyze the performance and noise of the DC fan motor, and control the quality of the DC fan in advance, then ensure the DC fan you got with fewer defects.

At the same time, this helps us develop new DC fans, speed up the update frequency of Miracle DC fan motor, and provide you with more types of DC fans.

In addition, we can also develop a DC fan motor with you, and we can use advanced design tools to make the product design more in line with your needs. Contact us now!

DC fan and DC fan motors are mostly used in the HVAC field. The types of HVAC parts are very rich. If you diversify the procurement, it will inevitably delay the completion of your project. Therefore, Miracle provides you with a one-stop DC fan service.

As a reliable DC fan manufacturer, we can provide you with all the accessories in the air conditioning installation process, such as air curtain, insulated copper pipe, copper fitting, copper Y joint, HVAC gauges, HVAC condensate pump, etc. You can click the link to view the details, or contact us directly!

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