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The Miracle DC centrifugal fan uses a brush-less motor which offers the advantages of small size, high torque and long life to maximize the performance of the DC centrifugal fan.

Miracle can supply 12v DC centrifugal fans, 24v DC centrifugal fans and other voltage types. In terms of structural form, they can be divided into forward curved centrifugal fans and backward curved centrifugal fans, contact us to get more details now!

Backward Curved DC Centrifugal Fan

Miracle backward-curved DC centrifugal fans are available in different materials, such as backward curved centrifugal fans with aluminum blades and backward curved centrifugal fans with PA66 plastic blades.

In addition to this, we can also offer centrifugal fans with red, black, blue, and grey color fan blades, which offer high performance with a decorative effect. Contact us with your needs for DC centrifugal fan now!

Forward Curved DC Centrifugal Fan

All DC centrifugal fans of Miracle have undergone rigorous scientific design and perfect air duct experiments, and are truly high-quality DC centrifugal fans.

Miracle DC centrifugal fan has condensed a lot of our production experience. Miracle technicians obtain the best air volume data by constantly adjusting the angle of the fan blades, and obtain a more perfect DC centrifugal fan appearance surface through each minor improvement of the mold.

This is a cost-effective forward curved centrifugal fan. Contact us with your formal order right now!

DC Centrifugal Blower Fan

The DC Centrifugal blower fan can be equipped with different enclosures according to different uses. Of course, the DC centrifugal blower fan can be customized, for example, the diameter and length of the fan. Centrifugal blower fans mostly use forward curved type centrifugal fans.

The most notable feature of Centrifugal blower fan is the high wind pressure, which can generate strong wind in a short period of time. Miracle centrifugal blower fan has many types to choose from. For more information, please contact Miracle team now!

In terms of DC centrifugal fan production equipment, we have the latest welding robots, automatic stator winding and embedding production lines, full self-service centrifugal casting machines, automatic electroplating production lines, high-precision laser cutting machines, automatic fan blade spraying production lines, etc.

These high-efficiency production equipment ensure the production efficiency and quality of Miracle DC centrifugal fan. You are always welcome to visit Miracle DC centrifugal fan manufacturer at any time!

As a professional DC centrifugal fan manufacturer, Miracle has a full set of testing equipment, including an aerodynamic laboratory. Our aerodynamic performance testing device has a maximum measurable air volume of 30000m3/h.

And also equipped with an environmental simulation laboratory, reliability laboratory, fatigue laboratory, etc. These effectively guarantee the performance of Miracle DC centrifugal fan. Trust that Miracle DC centrifugal fan is your best choice, WhatsApp us for more details now!

Strong R&D capabilities are the solid foundation for Miracle’s continuous development.

Since its establishment, Miracle has insisted on leading development with innovation and focused on promoting enterprise technological innovation and new DC centrifugal fan research and development.

At the same time, we actively integrate with the world market and have successively passed a series of certifications such as CCC, CE, UL, ISO, and ROHS.

These certifications provide a good market foundation for Miracle DC centrifugal fans. You can purchase with confidence. Contact us to let us support your business in the strongest way!

Miracle is growing vigorously, and we are looking for partners in every country around the world to join the same business and growing together.

If what you need is a dynamic and passionate leader, plus a team of experienced and professional technical teams, as well as dedicated employees, and excellent DC centrifugal fans of very reliable quality, I believe Miracle does not will fail your choice ever.

Contact us to discuss the cooperation with Miracle immediately!

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DC Centrifugal Fan Design Steps

DC Centrifugal Fan Design Steps

Impeller made of plastic PA66, fiberglass reinforced. All material accord with ROHS and UL-V0

External rotor brushless DC motor, rotor with ferrite and coated in black. All material accord with ROHS

The motor start at low speed, after 20 SEC running to full speed, to prevent current surges from being drawn from the power supply

The fan provides an output signal proportional to its speed without a pull-up resistor. The signal comprises 3 cycles per revolution of a square. The maximum amplitude of the signal is 12 V

Signal voltage range: 0~10VDC

The frequency for the control signal of the fan shall be able to accept 1~10 kHz.

This motor with locked-rotor protection, current limited,under-voltage, and over-voltage lockout protection

How to Improve the Suction Efficiency of the DC Centrifugal Fan?

How to Improve the Suction Efficiency of the DC Centrifugal Fan

Changing the shape of the extraction partition

First of all, the pumping efficiency of the DC centrifugal fan is directly related to the convexity of the spacer.

Because of the convexity of the diaphragm, the airflow is irregular and the efficiency of pumping is reduced.

We can improve the extraction efficiency by changing the shape of the DC centrifugal fan’s extraction partition.

Reasonable installation

DC centrifugal fan pumping efficiency and in the external environment also have a relationship, if the DC centrifugal fan is in a more stable air flow field, then the fan pumping efficiency will also remain in a stable state, and vice versa, resulting in the fan stall.

Therefore, attention needs to be paid to the axial uniformity and radial uniformity of the installation environment.

When the construction personnel in the installation need to pay attention to the size of the pipe, the length, and the degree of bending, try to choose with the matching accessories, and follow the correct process to operate.

Structure, Application, Technical Parameters, and Installation Requirements of DC Centrifugal Fans

Structure, Application, Technical Parameters, and Installation Requirements of DC Centrifugal Fans


Product Overview

DC centrifugal fan refers to the centrifugal fan using a DC power supply, which has various features such as easy installation, high efficiency, low power consumption, low noise, long service life, and smooth operation.

In addition, DC centrifugal fans have stepless speed control, soft start, mechanical vibration, and other functions, and play an important role in various industries.

Of course, the DC centrifugal fan is more complicated in terms of process and higher production cost compared to the AC one.

Structure composition

DC centrifugal fan is mainly composed of impeller, housing, air inlet, cooling air blade, connector, transmission part, and bracket.

The outer rotor of the backward impeller is driven by DC brushless motor, the motor adopts ball bearing with grease, the impeller is molded by quantitative plastic material, the air inlet adopts convergent streamline vortex reduction form, these unique structures make the airflow loss of backward impeller smaller, thus improving the efficiency of the fan.


DC centrifugal fans are widely used in air conditioning and refrigeration, fresh air systems, household appliances, air purification systems, automotive and office equipment, duct ventilation, mining and explosion-proof equipment, clean rooms, engineering machinery, medical and education, and other industrial fields.

Installation requirements

⦁ When installing the DC centrifugal fan, be careful not to add the weight of the air transmission pipe to the housing.

⦁ On some joint surfaces, grease or mechanical oil can be applied, which can avoid rusting and reduce the difficulty of disassembly.

⦁ After installation, check the inside of the housing and other shells to see if there are any tools and debris left behind.

⦁ After the installation of the DC centrifugal fan is completed, you can use your hand or lever to poke the rotor to check whether it is too tight or touching the inspection phenomenon

Feature advantages

⦁ The speed control of DC centrifugal fans is not only simple but also has better speed control performance compared with similar products.

⦁ Miracle DC centrifugal fan eliminates current loss and has a much higher operating efficiency than similar products.

⦁ The power factor of DC fans is higher compared with similar products.

⦁ Miracle DC centrifugal fan has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, high-cost performance, high air pressure, low operating noise, and high working efficiency. Send your inquiry now.

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