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Miracle cross-flow fan manufacturer is a production enterprise under its own control from mold development to processing and manufacturing. The cross-flow fans we produce can support many types of motors, such as AC motor, DC motor, EC motor, etc.

Miracle provides a wide range of cross-flow fans, which can meet the needs of AC/DC cross-flow fans of 30 series, 40 series, 43 series, 45 series, 48 series, 50 series, 60 series, and 65 series. As a cross-flow fan supplier with rich experience, Miracle can give you more support. Contact us now!

30 Series Cross Flow Fan

Another name for the cross-flow fan is transverse flow fans, which is generally in the shape of a towering column but also have a large cylindrical shape. The windblown out is concentrated and columnar, so it can be used in a variety of application scenarios to form a relay airflow transmission. Miracle 30 series cross-flow fan can meet AC/DC/EC power supply type, the impeller diameter is 30mm. For more details, contact us now!

40 Series Cross Flow Fan

The diameter of the Miracle 40 series cross-flow fan impeller is 40mm, and the impeller is made of aluminum alloy. There are two styles to choose from, and the installation method is horizontal installation. Of course, it can also be designed for vertical installation according to requirements, and the power supply voltage can meet the needs of 110V-230V. Send your inquiry today!

43 Series Cross Flow Fan

The main advantage of the cross-flow fan is that the wind speed is evenly distributed and the wind is soft. Miracle cross-flow fan adopts an all-copper motor and high-strength body, which has the advantages of strong exhaust, safe and reliable, sturdy and durable.

The service life of the full range of Miracle cross flow ball bearings exceeds 30000H. It is a real high-quality product. Contact us to get the cross-flow fan price now!

45 Series Cross Flow Fan

The impeller diameter of Miracle 45 series cross flow fan is 45mm, and the impeller and fan body are made of aluminum alloy. The full range of Miracle cross-flow fans can be customized for multi-speed speed regulation according to requirements. Not only that, we can give you a larger range of customization to make our products more suitable for your market and improve the cross-flow fan competitiveness. Contact us with your cross-flow fan needs now!

48 Series Cross Flow Fan

Miracle 48 series cross flow fan is available in two types: double outlet and a single outlet. The core components use high-precision ball bearings, and the fan housing adopts a high-strength body with surface treatment, which makes our cross-flow fan has a higher degree of corrosion resistance. Miracle 48 series cross flow fan can be widely used in fireplaces, purifiers, HVAC ventilation, and other industries. Send your order now!

50 Series Cross Flow Fan

Miracle 50 series cross flow fan has a larger impeller diameter, so the air output is larger. Miracle cross-flow fan uses a high-efficiency energy-saving motor, which has a large air volume and lowers energy consumption. The voltage of this Miracle cross-flow fan is 120V/60HZ and 230V/50HZ. For more parameters, please contact Miracle technical team to get now!

60 Series Cross Flow Fan

The impeller diameter of Miracle 60 series cross flow fan is 60mm. There are three series to choose from, namely PF series, LZ series, and LL series. 60 series cross-flow fan adopts DC power supply, and the speed regulation mode can be customized as voltage regulation or PWM speed regulation. Miracle cross-flow fan with strong wind and long warranty will be boom your business. Contact us with your cross-flow fan order now!

65 Series Cross Flow Fan

When the Miracle 65 series cross flow fan uses AC power, the voltage range is 110V-230V. When DC power is used, the voltage is 12V-24V. Miracle cross-flow fan adopts aviation aluminum high-strength blades, and the design method adopts oblique blade design, which reduces the vibration of the fan to the greatest extent and reduces the noise. Send us your inquiry now!

I know that for you, you need a stable cross-flow fan supplier that can give you all-around support. Miracle has a cross-flow fan dust-free workshop of 30,000 square meters and automated assembly line equipment.

In terms of production capacity and research and development capabilities, it can fully meet your needs for cross-flow fans and provide you with more product support.

In addition, our cross-flow fan uses environmentally friendly materials to ensure that Miracle cross-flow fans meet the market’s environmental requirements.

What’s more, our sales team has accumulated a wealth of sales and platform promotion programs, which can provide you with more marketing strategy and promotion support. Contact us to discuss the cooperation for cross flow fan now!

As one of the most popular cross-flow fan suppliers, the cross flow fan motors that Miracle provided use high-end brushless motors, which have the advantages of stable operation, low noise, and low energy consumption. In addition, the cross-flow fan motor also has a long life span and can run safely for more than 30,000H.

In the rotating part of the cross-flow fan, we use EPDM shock-absorbing rubber, and the bearings use high-precision ball bearings to minimize the operating noise of the cross-flow fan.

The Miracle cross flow fan wind wheel adopts a curved design to further reduce the noise generated by the synchronous blade cutting air. For more details, please contact us to communicate now!

As a leading cross-flow fan supplier in China, Miracle is very sensitive to the development trend of the global market. We collect a large amount of market information in various market areas around the world and direct dialogue with customers to customize more precise product development programs.

Then, after careful and rigorous certification by the team members, it is determined to develop and research a new cross-flow fan topic.

This information will be quickly fed back to various departments in order to quickly provide you with more competitive cross-flow fans. We look forward to working with you. Contact us with your bulk order now!

Cross Flow Fan Market Strategy

As a responsible cross-flow fan supplier, Miracle always regards the protection of the environment as one of the important issues of the company’s management and makes every effort to promote the protection of the environment throughout our whole company.

The basic principles of environmental protection are as follows:

Carry out corporate activities on the premise of protecting the global environment, establish and continuously improve the environmental management system that is compatible with it.

Strictly abide by laws, regulations, and other requirements related to the environment, proactively formulate corresponding standards and implement management in accordance with their standards.

In order to maximize the use of limited resources, we actively promote energy conservation, recycling of waste products, and reduction of environmentally harmful emissions.

Try to use substances that have no impact on the environment to replace those that have an impact on the environment. Actively carry out environmental publicity activities and do a good job in environmental education to improve the environmental awareness of all employees.

Cross Flow Fan Environmental Policy

Miracle cross-flow fan is widely used in industrial heat dissipation, air conditioning and refrigeration, light industrial products, household appliances, the IT industry, and other fields.

In order to let you use our cross-flow fan with more peace of mind, we start with the research on machining accuracy. Changes due to environmental changes and chemical substances will affect the performance of the cross-flow fan. Therefore, we continue to repeat rigorous tests in terms of noise and durability.

While we are constantly striving to improve the company’s management system, we also abide by the company’s quality management policy. It is our original intention to provide you with high-quality cross-flow fans. Contact us today!

Cross Flow Fan Quality Assurance

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