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Copper Y Joint

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No solder connection expert, Miracle can provide the most perfect No solder connection copper Y Joint solution, a revolutionary expert in central air conditioning installation efficiency.

China’s first No solder connection manufacturer and seller, we have more central air-conditioning Copper Y Joint installation cases and have successfully supported many central air-conditioning installation teams.

High-quality copper Y joint, professional non-fire connection design, increase your central air installation efficiency, greatly reduce personnel expenses, and increase the income of your copper Y joint team.

Copper Y Joint for MIRACLE Solder-free

Miracle copper Y joint adopts equal-diameter design ideas, With Miracle ring, it can easily realize the connection of central air-conditioning copper Y joint and copper pipes. Miracle copper Y joint saves more material and does not need to cut copper pipe or copper Y joint. Miracle copper Y joint can easily connect different pipe diameters of central air-conditioning copper Y joint by reducing the diameter of Miracle ring.

Copper Y Joint for DAIKIN

THE copper Y joint for DAIKIN is designed according to the installation requirements of the DAIKIN air conditioner copper Y joint and the size of the copper Y joint. Daikin-type copper Y joint has a variety of combinations. The standard size of the copper Y joint ranges from 9.52mm to 19.05mm. Other sizes can be customized according to your copper Y joint needs. For details on copper Y joint content, you can click the link to view more.

Copper Y Joint for HITACHI

THE copper Y joint for HITACHI is designed according to the diameter of the HITACHI air conditioning pipes and the appearance of the copper Y joint. The copper Y joint for HITACHI has two specifications: indoor unit copper Y joint and outdoor unit copper Y joint. The copper Y joint for HITACHI has more large pipe diameters, so the diameter range of the copper Y joint is larger. Copper Y joint for HITACHI is available in sizes from 15.88mm to 38.1mm.

Copper Y Joint for GREE

Copper Y joint for GREE uses high-quality copper as the raw material, rigorous material selection, which is strong and durable. The copper Y joint for GREE is suitable for a variety of refrigeration systems, including the R410A refrigeration system, which can easily meet the installation requirements of a high-end refrigeration system copper Y joint. The size of GREE type copper Y joint can meet the demand of 9.52mm~69.85mm.

Copper Y Joint for Midea

There are many types of Midea copper Y joint, so when choosing Midea copper Y joint, you should take more time to check the parameters carefully. Copper Y Joint for Midea parameters, you can refer to the copper Y joint below. In order to save your time in purchasing Copper Y joint, Miracle copper Y joint team recommends that you contact us directly.

Copper Y Joint for FUJITSU

The surface treatment process of Miracle copper Y joint ranks first in China. The Copper Y joint of the FUJITSU model is a new generation of optimized products. Copper Y joint uses specially designed silver brazing as the welding material. The internal auxiliary welding equipment of the copper Y joint has been newly optimized, which greatly improves the durability and durability of the copper Y joint and makes no leakage.

Copper Y Joint for Haier

Miracle copper Y joint has a bright appearance, but also raises higher requirements for itself. Miracle copper Y joint puts forward the concept of one-time installation and lifetime warranty to ensure the reliability of copper Y joint to the greatest extent. At the same time, it also proposes a 6-year super long Quality assurance that minimizes users’ worries. Miracle copper Y joint permanently escorts your VRF, VRV projects!

Copper Y Joint for LG

Miracle copper Y joint always produces every product with refined and zero-defect standards, and continuously improves the quality of copper Y joint and the craftsmanship of copper Y joint. More perfect copper Y joint craftsmanship, more outstanding quality. Start your copper Y joint purchasing journey in Miracle now!

Copper Y Joint for SAMSUNG

At present, all types of copper Y joint sold on the market are designed for large central air-conditioning systems. Therefore, the copper Y joint manufacturer designed the copper Y joint for the versatility of the copper Y joint, the diameter of the copper Y joint nozzle covers a large range. This will reduce the amount you have to stock up.

Copper Y Joint for MITSUBISHI

Miracle copper Y joint adopts a modern business management model, centering on your needs, aiming at your satisfaction, and manufacturing in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system. Regardless of the type of copper branch we provide you with a very long warranty. Contact us now!

Copper Y Joint for SANYO

SANYO type copper branchers are used for the SANYO air conditioner, and it is designed with 90° bending. It is very similar to the Hitachi type. But we have made some adjustments to the design. We keep innovating and improving the processing technology and production equipment of copper Y-joint, just to serve you better. Contact Miracle, we will help you choose the right copper Y joint!

Copper Y Joint for McQuay

Miracle strictly controls the raw materials of the Copper Y joint for McQuay. During the production process of the copper Y joint for McQuay, the inspection of semi-finished and finished products is emphasized, and Copper Y joint for McQuay will conduct a pressure test of 6.5 MPa before packaging.

Copper Y Joint for TOSHIBA

Miracle’s business philosophy is to create value for you and meet your business needs for copper Y joint. This is why we can manufacture many types of divergent tubes. In addition, Miracle copper Y joint R&D team provides you with a personalized service of copper Y joint based on the characteristics of the copper Y joint.

Copper Y Joint for YORK

YORK copper Y joint is used for YORK central air conditioners. Because the Y-type branch has good versatility, it is also applicable to other brands of the Y-type branches. For more detail please contact us directly, our efficient communication can better help you choose the copper Y joint.

Copper Y Joint for AUX

As a local Chinese company, we have a deeper understanding of AUX air conditioners. Therefore, we can provide you with a more suitable copper Y joint for you. If you have any questions about Miracle copper Y joint, please do not hesitate to contact Miracle copper Y joint team, we will give you professional advice!

Miracle Copper Y Joint, One Installation, Lifetime Warranty.

High-quality copper pipes 6-year-long warranty Automatic welding equipment CNC automatic control

PLC numerical control automatic processing equipment Suitable for R410A refrigerant refrigeration system

The copper Y joint dedicated for Miracle household air conditioners is designed according to the design of household central air conditioners. The copper Y joint connection diameter combination is more reasonable.

The purchased copper Y joint can be used directly without cutting. Therefore, the cost of household air conditioners copper Y joint is greatly reduced, and the construction efficiency is significantly improved. Contact Miracle copper Y joint team now to get a quick answer!

The personalized customization of Miracle copper Y joint needs to be processed and manufactured according to your actual copper Y joint requirements for the installation project. The customized service of Miracle copper Y joint can effectively avoid the waste of large and small diameters in the selection of general copper Y joints, and greatly reduces the purchase cost of copper Y joint for installation projects.

The cost of Miracle customized copper Y joint is 10%-30% lower than the cost of a standard copper Y joint. Contact the Miracle copper Y joint team now to customize the copper Y joint that fits your project installation.

Miracle not only provides you with a high-quality copper Y joint but also provides you with high-quality copper fittings. During the installation of copper Y joint in central air-conditioning projects, multiple types of copper fittings are often needed to connect central air-conditioning pipes. Miracle has multiple styles of copper Y joint and copper fittings for you to choose from.

In the multi-split air conditioner copper Y joint and copper fitting produced by Miracle, the production process adopts PLC numerical control equipment to ensure the reliability of the product;

The perfect ISO9001 management system ensures the consistency of the copper Y joint, the product quality, and the production of Miracle copper Y joint and copper fitting technology is in an international leading position.

Copper Y Joint Certifications

Fully automatic copper Y joint welding equipment, with a daily output of 10,000 sets and an annual production capacity of 3 million sets of copper Y joint.

One-time installation, lifetime quality assurance, please feel free to deliver to us your copper Y joint order!

Copper Y joint adopts high-end CNC rigorous testing and is carefully crafted.

Copper Y joint is made of carefully selected thicker materials, longer life, polished surface, high quality, and low price, appearance and quality coexist.

We treat the copper Y joint more carefully than you.

Our copper Y joint projects include Kaifeng Park Family, Qingdao Fortune Zone, Nanchang Changbei International Airport, Yantai Longhu Real Estate, etc. Only high-quality copper Y joint will have a future. We look forward to cooperating with your next copper Y joint project!

Hitachi Central Air Conditioning Project Aerial View

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Why 45-degree Copper Y Joint is Better?

The diameter of the Miracle 45-degree copper Y joint is rationally optimized and designed based on years of experience in designing and producing copper Y joints, and the diameter ratio is perfect. The 45-degree copper Y joint is mainly to solve the problem of mutual conversion between parallel pipes and 90-bend pipes.

The 45-degree copper Y joint can effectively save elbows fittings, and the use of the 45-degree copper Y joint can also greatly reduce the solder joints and reduce the probability of solder joint leakage.

When Miracle 45-degree copper Y joint is used for 90-degree elbows, it uses a combination of two 45-degree elbows, which increases the bending radius of the elbow and reduces the influence of the elbow wall on the resistance of the refrigerant.

Compared with the traditional copper Y joint, the 45-degree copper Y joint has a lower material cost and a better price. Welcome your inquiry for copper Y joint now!

What are the Advantages of Miracle Copper Branch?

6-year-long warranty, Miracle copper Y joint has a longer warranty time than a similar industry, generally 4-5 years in the same industry.

Copper Y joint uses high-quality copper pipes, and the products comply with the standard of the R410A refrigerant refrigeration system.

The forming and processing of the copper Y joint adopts PLC numerical control automatic processing equipment to ensure the accuracy of the Miracle copper Y joint design.

Copper Y joint welding adopts the company’s self-developed automatic welding equipment, and the welding process has realized CNC automatic control to ensure the quality of Miracle copper Y joint. At present, the leakage rate of our copper Y joint has reached the level of 6σ.

The cleaning of the copper Y joint adopts green cleaning technology, and the cleaning process does not pollute the environment.

The residue on the inner wall of the Miracle copper Y joint pipe is less than 20mg/m2, which has reached the international advanced standard.

Miracle can design and process Copper Y joint and copper accessories products according to the various needs of customers.

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