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Miracle copper press fitting adopts the cold connection method to connect various metal pipes.

Not use a rubber gasket inside for sealing.

Miracle uses the special sealing liquid to suck in the small scratches and gaps between the pipe and Miracle ring, ensuring it has a longer life than your pipes’ life.

Low leakage that is less than 0.01/%.

Equal Diameter Copper Press Fittings

Miracle has Equal diameter press fittings, designed for the connection of two pipes with the same diameter. And according to the different applications, we have different material press fittings, copper, aluminum, stainless steel for now, if you need more, please contact us.

Reducing Diameter Copper Press Fittings

Miracle has Reducing Diameter copper press fittings, designed for the connection of two pipes of different sizes. Miracle considers all your feelings when you are doing the installation work, we are trying our best to make your work simple and save time for your whole project. Reducing diameter copper press fittings is like an adaptor for the connection, you don’t need an extra adaptor, one press fittings is your best choice.

Copper Press Fittings for Refrigerator

These copper-steel press fittings are designed for refrigerator and freezer repair. We can provide you with refrigerator rings made of aluminum and copper. However, for refrigerator systems, aluminum refrigerator rings are perfectly suited to meet the pressure of the system. For more details, please contact us now.

Copper Press Fittings Stopper

Miracle stoppers are designed for mass production line, refrigerator maintenance, installation, and Air condition pressure maintaining. We have aluminum and copper-steel stoppers for now. It has very high hardness and sealing properties. It can greatly improve the productivity of the production line. Contact us now.

Copper Press Fittings Tool

Copper press-fitting tool is designed to use together with all the above copper pres fittings for no welding connection. You can choose the cost-effective manual press-fitting tool or much more high efficient electric copper press-fitting tool for copper-steel pres fitting or aluminum fitting with size 5/16~1 1/8. FRK press-fitting tool uses together with aluminum press fitting with sizes that are smaller than 5/16. Click to check more now!

Why Miracle Copper Press Fitting?

Copper press-fitting no use rubber ring. Therefore, copper press fitting will not corrode and will not corrode the connection line. Strong and flexible metal sealing. Miracle copper press fitting adopted an inner nesting design, with higher reliability.

Miracle copper press fitting connections are made without the use of fire, high temperatures, and dangerous gases.

The copper press fitting can effectively connect pipes of different materials. 4-7 seconds of press-fitting operation is enough for the connection of pipes. Miracle copper press fitting is highly efficient, quite easy to operate, and safer to use.

There is some type of no welding connection that uses a plastic gasket or rubber O-ring inside of their fittings to support the sealing function. But we don’t use, because plastic or rubber gaskets will easily age and be corroded over time, then causing leakage, you can not predict when the leakage will occur, it is a risk for the refrigeration system.

Miracle copper press fitting is mainly made of copper(or you can call brass) and steel, and the parts include 2pcs steel rings, one copper sleeve, and two inner copper supports. And all the copper press fitting will be equipped with these inner copper supports to prevent any leakage because of inappropriate or improper operation.

Miracle no welding connection technology is more reliable and has a longer service life.

Copper Press Fitting Structure
Copper Press Fitting Structure

As a copper press fitting manufacturer, we attach importance to the quality of our products. Before each new product is launched, we do a lot of destructive tests to ensure the quality of Miracle copper press fitting is 100% reliable.

The press-fitting with different pipe press tools can be used in different scenarios, plumbing press tool with plumbing press fitting for plumbing line installation and repair, and propress for refrigeration lines with single ring for line connection of refrigerator line.

Miracle press fitting is designed in the way of locking, so Miracle press fitting can also be called lokring fitting, lokring fitting with the use of lokring tool to meet your connection of all materials piping, especially in the connection of copper and aluminum pipes, Miracle press fitting advantages are more prominent.

Copper Press Fittings Blasting Experiment

Miracle provides a complete solution, including pipe press tools, copper crimping tools, HVAC tools, HVAC parts, insulated copper pipe, copper Y joint, etc.

As a technology company, Miracle re-invests a large portion of corporate earnings back into R&D each year.

More investment in research will lead to better products. Just Contact Miracle Team!

As mentioned in the structure, Miracle can ensure a much longer service life, in our cases, when your copper pipe break or blow up because of big pressure or corroded, the copper press fitting connection is connected well.

Install or repair your refrigeration system with Miracle copper press fitting, press tool, and sealing liquid, it will be a finished work once and for all, no need to worry when the system will have problems or customer’s complain, no need to spend time and money to do the maintenance, then you can have more time to explore your new projects.

Related Products

  • Copper Press Fitting and 30w Tool

    30w press tool uses high-quality rubber as the handle sheath and designed with non-slip grooves. when crimping the copper press fitting, it is more labor-saving and comfortable. The handle can be adjusted at multiple angles, making it more flexible to use.

  • Copper Press Fitting and FRK Tool

    Copper press tool with copper press fitting is the best choice for a pipe connection of 8mm and below. If you want to do your work well, you must first sharpen your tools. A good tool can better guarantee the connection quality of press fitting, maximize the potential of the tool, and serve your work.

  • Copper Press Fitting and Electrical Tool

    The electric tool is a more labor-saving tool for crimping copper press-fitting. Electric tool’s pliers head is easy to replace, it will not shake after a long time of use, and the crimping effect is more reliable. When the thrust of the Electric tool meets the design requirements, it will automatically retract to prevent excessive torque.

  • Copper Press Fitting and Single Press Fitting Equipment

    Single press-fitting equipment is the best choice for production line automation equipment. One piece of equipment has two clamp heads, the clamp heads can be operated independently. Using hydraulic drive instead of manual crimping, the operation is labor-saving and the effect is stable, and it is more suitable for mass pipeline connection.

What is Copper Press Fitting?

Miracle copper press fitting consists of two single rings and a sleeve.

Miracle copper press fitting using standardized design, and using high quality brass as raw material.

For refrigeration and air conditioning installations, copper press fittings are super simple fast, and anyone can do it anytime, just with his excellent grip.

In addition to simple operation, We also have different materials for press fittings for different applications.

For big sizes there is copper support inside of the pipes, to protect the deform of pipes when crimping.

As a professional copper press fitting manufacturer, we bring to you customizable copper press fittings with excellent service.

What is the History of Copper Press Fittings?

What is the History of Copper Press Fittings

Copper press fitting is a successful alternative to soldering copper pipes connection.

Press-fit or Copper press fitting is invented in Europe in the 1950s.

It is a perfect solution for non-fire welding.

For attaching traditional pipes, copper press fitting reduces and removes the risks and disadvantages of soldering.

It takes place between two pipes just with a hydraulic tool.

Therefore, Miracle copper press fittings is stronger and has higher reliability.

In this article, you will have a complete idea about copper press fitting, how it works, the pros and cons of copper press fitting, and so on.

And if you are wondering that why copper press fitting is much better than creating a joint with soldering, it’s worth getting through this article.

How to Ensure Quality of Copper Press Fitting?

How to Ensure Quality of Copper Press Fitting

Miracle is a trusted manufacturer of copper stamping parts.

What makes Miracle copper press fittings better than soldering?

First, we conduct sufficient theoretical research in the experimental stage and fully consider the physical properties of the material.

Then, copper press fitting adopts automatic production processing with high processing accuracy.

Miracle copper press fitting uses machine inspection and manual inspection.

Multiple testing methods reduce the failure rate of the products.

When each batch of copper press fitting production is completed.

We will carry out a series of destructive tests, including anti-corrosion, pulling, bursting tests, etc.

What is the Benifit of Miracle Copper Press Fittings?

What is the Benifits of Miracle Copper Press Fittings

When you choose copper press fitting instead of solder, it means there is no fire hazard and no fume or fire extinguisher on hand.

But if you use welding connection your pipes, some other drawbacks can occur.

Such as fittings corrode and leakage can take place.

Miracle copper press fittings brings the solution to the copper connection. And the drawbacks of soldering are removed.

We don’t use a plastic gasket or even a rubber seal inside O-ring.

That’s why there is no risk of metal corrosion or refrigerant leakage.

Miracle copper press fittings are a copper and steel fastener.

Therefore it can effectively prevent the joint from loosening after you finish the project.

These features make up unique and more reliable in the market than others.

We also provide insurance service and warranty.

But you’ll never need that as there is 30 years’ lifetime and you can rely on this perfectly.

Copper Press Fittings VS Solder

For welding, you need to order the reducing copper fittings for this situation, but copper fitting requires MOQ is high, it’s not so economic,

A small copper fitting can affect the whole project, so a reliable connection is very important, will save you a lot of energy for the alone term.

Miracle copper press fitting can easily solve all your problems.

Copper Press Fittings vs Solder

Copper press fittings save money and time.

Copper fittings don’t require a highly skilled plumber to create a connection. Anyone with press-fitting knowledge can operate it.

So you can save the labor cost and don’t need to worry about their skills.

If there is a massive quantity of pipe you need to connect with soldering, imagine how much time and money it can save.

You need to apply flux for soldering; you need to sweat the fitting and apply the solder.

After that, you need to clean the fitting, overall there are so many steps, and you need to go through all the step-in systems.

But for press-fitting, you need to join all the pipes together.

And then press the fitting with the press-fitting tools.

This one-step simplicity saves hours and hours times of productivity.

Though it’s a little costly than soldering if you are a contractor or an industry, it’s only the best opportunity to complete the job as quickly as you can.

Copper press fitting is secure and reliable.

Copper Press fitting is secure and reliable

You may know how important a secure connection for doing a project effectively and successfully is.

A copper press-fitting connection is the most secure way to attach pipes.

If you can ensure that you prepared the pipe correctly, there is nothing to worry about press-fitting strength.

You will have the most substantial connection like the other way of connecting.

The second security step is when the hydraulic press tools shut off automatically when the attachments are perfectly done.

So when you try to set fitting with press tools, you don’t need to worry about the pipe is correctly attached or not.

Copper press fittings reduce the risk and make it the safest.

Copper press fittings reduce the risk and make it the safest

Soldering or welding must use the flame to set up the connection.

Imagine how risky it is inside of your house.

The fire hazard can take place if there is any mistake.

So the brilliant way is to use copper press fittings as there is no use of brazing and flame.

Even labor is safe from injury, and the environment is safe from the heat.

There is no need to prepare for it like glasses, gloves, and even safety gear when there is no fire, saving money.

Copper Press fittings are adaptable to any material.

Copper Press fittings are adaptable to any material

As you know, press-fitting can be copper press fittings, stainless steel press fittings, or carbon steel press fittings, and there is a significant advantage.

Typically pipes are made by these materials, and press fittings are adaptable for any of these materials.

For a variety of uses in a different setting, indeed, it’s a hassle-free fitting solution.

So your project is any of the elements, there must have a press-fitting solution for that.

Fast and easy fixing method with Copper press fittings.

Fast and easy fixing method with Copper press fittings

Because you don’t need to take so much preparation to start repairing the pipes, for welding, it’s required to clean and manage the pipes before soldering.

It would be best if you even stopped the connection of pipes for a while.

Except personal, it’s a hassle for an official or commercial project.

This exact problem disappears while you do it with press fittings.

You even don’t need to turn off the pipe system.

Also, get rid of cleaning and drying the wet pipes.

Why Miracle Copper Press Fitting Will Boom Your Business?

Why Miracle Copper Press Fitting Will Boom Your Business

Press fitting is the connectors that use no welding connection technology, along with pipe press tools to provide a better way for metal pipes connection.

You can also call it copper press fitting because it’s widely used for copper pipes connection.

Actually, it can use for different metals that you’ve already known, such as brass, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, etc.

What impresses people is you don’t need any fire for dangerous gas.

Can’t be safer anymore for customers and workers, and that’s what we care a lot about.

In the meantime, copper press fitting is an environmental way for connection.

Because welding will produce some impurities and pollutants during the process of high-temperature connection.

On this side, copper press fitting is a worthy connection method.

How to Use Copper Press Fittings?

01. Choose the right size.

02. Burr on the edge of the copper tube.

03. Insert inner nest, connecting ring, connecting sleeve respectively.

04. Draw a mark on the tube wall.

05. Take the connecting sleeve as the reference line.

06. Dropping the sealing liquid on the copper pipe.

07. Push the connecting ring towards the connecting sleeve.

08. Start crimping.

Read more: lokring training, copper pipe joining methods.

How to Choose Right Copper Press Fittings?

How to Choose Copper Press Fittings

It depends on your system, what kind of pipes do you use, choose the most suitable material for you, and save the cost at the same time for your project.

For the refrigeration system, mostly use copper press fittings and aluminum press fittings.

The irreplaceable advantage for copper press fitting is: it can fulfill the connection to different metal pipes, like copper to aluminum pipes.

It won’t have metal chemical corrosion during the connection process.

So there is no welding slag inside of the copper pipes, and there are also no welding scars outside of the pipes, it looks very beautiful in appearance.

In a word. If you use it for an air conditioning installation project, then a copper steel press fitting is the best choice for you.

If you use them for fridge freezer repair, aluminum press fitting is a more economical choice.

If you don’t know how to choose it, just contact us for a more professional and better introduction.

We will help you to find the most suitable and cost-effective press fittings and pipe press tools.

What is the Application of Copper Press Fitting?

What is the Application of Copper Press Fitting

Now copper press fitting is widely used for central AC installation projects.

Miracle has our own project team, while I am writing this sentence, our technical team is installing the Central AC in a newly finished residential area.

Supermarkets, commercial buildings, libraries, hospitals all will use central AC, copper press fitting can save 80% time compared with welding, and it’s so safe.

We even don’t require a worker who has many years’ experience.

Time, labor, safety, these are all money for our project and business, it’s worth trying, copper press fittings will impress you.

In addition, the copper press fitting can also be used in refrigerator factories, refrigerator repairs, after-sales system team building, etc.

We test it on 30Mpa, working pressure can reach 5-7Mpa, and we have our own test equipment and procedures to make sure the good quality.

We guarantee it’s much better than a welding connection.

Copper Press Fittings for Gas:

Copper Press Fittings for Gas

Press fittings are standard and essential to use for natural gas lines.

It varies with gas types as there are many types of press fittings materials like brass, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and copper press fittings.

So you have the option to set up a press-fitting with stainless steel, carbon steel, or copper press fittings for the gas lines.

So you can create a risk-free and leak-free gas pipes connection with copper press fittings.

As long as it takes to do it with soldering, it takes much less time than press fittings.

Copper Press Fittings for HVAC:

For the best environment heating and cooling system, you are also required to join two pipes together.

Copper press fittings are always the best decision for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

When your HVAC system needs to achieve a strong connection, it should have copper press fittings.

Miracle Copper press fittings for HVAC allow you to provide a suitable environment to maintain.

Copper Press Fittings for Sale:

Copper Press Fittings for Sale

As an experienced professional press fittings manufacturers, Miracle refrigeration produces the best quality copper press fittings.

Miracle copper press fitting is never converting your connection line into oxide, hydroxide, or sulfide.

We don’t use rubber rings, and you can rely on us with 100% of the trust.

Miracle copper press fitting manufacturer takes only 4 to 7 seconds to press the fittings.

It is the most compatible way that is more fast and flameless than soldering.

Miracle Copper press fittings supplier also manufacturer stainless steel press fittings and carbon steel press fittings.

There is more standard than any other manufacturing company for the HVAC system.

It can build a most secure connection within a very short time.

Miracle copper fittings for air conditioning are also successful and practical proven fittings.

What are the Types of Press Fittings?

The pretty fast and straightforward way to join two pipes together and create a connection is press-fitting.

Press fitting is made from a few materials.

It can be from copper, brass, aluminum, carbon, or stainless steel.

√ Equal Diameter Aluminium Press Fittings​

Equal Diameter Aluminium Press Fittings

Miracle aluminum press fittings, design for Central AC installation.

We have press fittings of equal diameter and reduced diameter, which is suitable for the connection between pipes of the same diameter and pipes of different diameters.

In refrigerator markets all over the world, the aluminum condenser is widely used, for the connection, we recommend using aluminum press fittings.

Of course, you can also use copper press fittings, but for cost consideration, aluminum is a better choice, it’s enough for the refrigerator life.

In the AC installation market, most people choose copper press fittings, because copper has better conductivity.

But some of our customers use aluminum press fittings to install Daikin AC for the VRV system, it works well.

So if you consider the cost, aluminum press fittings will be a good choice.

√ Stainless Steel Press Fittings

Stainless Steel Press Fittings

Miracle has stainless steel press fittings, designed for drinking water pipes and a closed-circuit solar energy system.

Why use stainless steel press fittings for the drinking water system?

Because stainless steel water pipes are widely used in the drinking water system.

It has longer lives for 70-100 years and corrosion resistance, we use stainless steel press fitting to make sure the same life with the system.

It has a high sealing performance, can reach 2.5Mpa pressure but water can only have 0.3-0.6Mpa.

The no welding technology with pipe press tool and press fittings allows each connection to have a few millimeters of room for expansion and contraction.

So it can completely eliminate the hidden danger of other screw connections, welding, and glued water pipes due to thermal expansion and cold shrinkage tearing the seam.

Safe to use in an environment of 160 ℃. (According to the national GB50261 standard, welding of metal water pipe joints is strictly prohibited).

Contact us with your project situation, we will design the press fittings for you.

√ Refrigerator Aluminum Press Fittings

Refrigerator Aluminum Press Fittings

These Copper press fittings are specially designed for refrigerators normally use on the inlet and outlet of compressors of refrigerators, also the system connects with a copper filter drier, capillary.

For the repair work, you can see our videos here.

With the pipe press tool and press fittings, it will improve 80% time of repair, and very easy even though you are a freshman in this field.

FRK tool is very small and flexible, with press fittings, you will love your repair work.

√ Single Press Fittings

Lokring single ring is commonly used in the mass-production line of refrigeration equipment, to connect refrigerant ga tubes.

Such as refrigerator production line, condensing units production line, etc.

The single ring is very simple, just a ring, but needs to use with the Electric Hydraulic Clamp System.

Work pressure≤5Mpa, thickness off connected pipes≤2mm.

The working temp range is -50℃-150℃.

We have different materials lorking single ring, copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, used for different applications.

And there are no standard sizes or specifications, they are all designed according to the tube size of your refrigeration system by our technical team.

To make sure 100% perfect with your production line.

The tube sizes in mass production of refrigeration equipment are relatively fixed, the single ring will be more economic than complex rings.

If you have further questions, please contact us, we’ll provide you with a complete solution.

The advantages of single ring:

Very fast connection during production, just a few seconds.

Simple processing, no increase in connecting joint.

Senior workers can operate it very well.

Reduce the electrochemical crossing on tubes, increase the joint reliability, more efficient than welding, cost-effective.

Contact us with your production line information, send us samples of your pipes used for the system if it’s ok.

we will test the pipe material and accurate diameter, then design the most suitable lokring single ring for you.

What is the Certification of Copper Press Fittings?

What is the Certification of Copper Press Fittings

As a leading copper press fittings manufacturer in China, Miracle refrigeration has ISO Certification-2015 and others certificates that ensure our quality.

We have ten years of experience in exporting to international markets and successfully follow all the terms and conditions.

Besides, Miracle refrigeration is committed to fulfilling your fastener demand with the best quality trust and best price.

Ask us for your inquiry. Ensure you don’t miss the best offer and book your necessary press fittings faster while in stock for export.

Visit our Website for more information, and please check the catalog.

How can the Sealing Liquid Make a Wonderful Seal?

Copper Press Fittings Sealing Liquid

The sealing liquid is a special sealant that is designed for no welding connection technology.

Use together with pipe press tool and copper press fittings to make sure good sealing function.

It uses on the surface of pipes to fill the gaps between the press fittings and pipes, also the small scratches that we may not see but surely affects the sealing of pipes.

The sealing liquid will fill the scratch and solidify during the installation with copper press fittings, to form a perfect seal.

It has better elasticity and ductility after solidification, in the specified temperature range, it will form a soft membrane to make a good seal effect.

Miracle sealing liquid can reduce electrochemical corrosion, such as copper and aluminum, copper and tin, copper and iron, etc.

It will form a protective membrane between two different metals to minimize the contact surface, which will slow down the corrosion process and ensure the safe operation of pipes during their designed working life.

According to the application, we have 4 models of sealing liquid :

SUP-1 Tempture -50℃-150℃, use for a refrigeration system, normally for the domestic market.

SUP-2 Tempture -50℃-150℃, use for a refrigeration system, normally for overseas markets.

SUP-3 Tempture -50℃-220℃, use for solar energy pipe system.

Miracle Refrigeration Offers Full Line of High-Quality Copper Press Fittings:

Miracle Refrigeration offers press fittings in brass aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and carbon steel.

You can choose any materials according to your project. Along with our press fittings, there are press fittings tools which makes it easier to do.

It is virtually adjustable for any project.

After connecting the pipes, Miracle copper press fittings need pressing, a more secure and intelligent connection.

It creates permanent fittings within less than 7 seconds.

Our policy and service make us the best copper press fittings manufacturer in China.

For any bulk order, we always serve at the affordable best price.

There is no delay in the delivery, and the customer-friendly refund policy is much stronger.

Any sizes and dimensions are also available with a custom order.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and explain your project.

We assist and suggest to you the best copper press fittings for your successful project.

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