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The 30-person R&D team will provide you with technical support to meet your customization needs, We accept various drawings and samples, and can accurately customize according to copper fitting drawings. Miracle always insists on speaking with quality and speaking with customer satisfaction!

Miracle provides the copper fitting wholesale price, while focusing on product quality, we further give benefits to bulk buyers. Miracle copper fittings have been widely used in domestic refrigeration projects. Therefore, Miracle copper fittings have a certain sales volume as support, so we will be more competitive in product unit prices.

Straight Copper Fitting

Straight copper fitting uses high-quality copper as the raw material, with solid materials. Miracle Copper fittings can be used to make variable-diameter straight copper fittings according to usage requirements.

Miracle copper fitting has the advantages of glossy appearance, low steel value, corrosion resistance, high-pressure resistance, etc., and is widely used in the conversion connection between copper fittings. Both variable-diameter straight-through copper fitting and equal-diameter straight-through copper fitting have a variety of specifications and sizes to choose from, which can completely match your purchasing needs.

At the same time, when choosing copper fittings for direct refrigeration pipelines, Miracle recommends that you use Miracle no solder copper fittings. Miracle no solder copper fittings have the advantages of simple and efficient installation, which greatly improves your construction efficiency.

Contact us to learn more about the advantages of Miracle no solder copper fittings!

45 Degree Copper Fitting

45-degree copper fittings have a socket and to be socketed copper fittings(which means the copper fitting has one side with expanding sizes, or both sizes expanding that other copper pipe can be socketed), and of course, 90-degree copper fittings are available for you to purchase. 45-degree copper fitting and 90-degree copper fitting can also be made according to the procurement requirements of reducing 45°copper fitting or reducing 90°copper fitting.

45-degree copper fittings using hydraulic pressure technology are widely used in air-conditioning and refrigeration, plumbing hardware, air-energy refrigeration, and other equipment. The small copper fitting ensures the reliability of the entire refrigeration system. Start your copper fitting sourcing journey now!

U Bend Copper Fitting

U bend copper fitting adopts TP2 red copper tube extrusion molding, and the extrusion molding U bend copper fitting has a better molding effect. The U bend copper fitting has no wrinkles or cracks in the curved part after forming, and the aesthetics is greatly improved.

At the same time, U bend copper fitting adopts an upgraded cutting process, and the U bend copper fitting has a smoother cut. U bend copper fittings are widely used in the connection of refrigeration pipelines and are common refrigeration accessories for the installation and maintenance of air conditioners and refrigerators.

U bend copper fitting can also be used for the diversion of vapor and liquid gas in the refrigeration system. All in all, U bend copper fittings are widely used and sold in a very high quantity. Start purchasing your U bend copper fitting now!

Pant 3 Way Copper Fitting

Pant type copper fitting is also called 3 way copper fitting. The raw material of Pant 3 way copper fitting is made of TP2 high-quality copper, with a copper content of up to 99.9%.

Pant 3 way copper fitting can be made into equal diameter Pant 3 way copper fitting, socket Pant 3 way copper fitting, socketed Pant 3 way copper fitting, and flared Pant 3 way copper fitting according to requirements.

Pant 3 way copper fitting adopts advanced ultrasonic cleaning technology. Under the premise of not damaging the copper fitting, the appearance of Pant 3 way copper fitting is cleaner, with no black spots on the inner wall and no impurities.

Miracle Pant 3 way copper fitting is a first-class copper fitting with reliable quality. Welcome your purchase!

Tee Copper Fitting

Tee Copper Fitting also belongs to 3 way copper fitting. Tee Copper Fitting is produced using advanced water pressure technology, and the method of measuring the wall thickness of the extrusion end of Tee copper fitting is distinguished by the diameter of Tee copper fitting.

When the diameter of Tee copper fitting is less than Φ12.7, measure it from the nozzle of the Tee copper fitting extrusion end 3mm down. When the diameter of Tee copper fitting is greater than or equal to Φ12.7, it shall be measured 5mm down from the nozzle of the Tee copper fitting extrusion end.

The more scientific Tee copper fitting measurement method makes Miracle Tee copper fitting smaller error and higher accuracy. Therefore, Miracle Tee copper fitting is easier to install and use. Contact Miracle team to get a Tee copper fitting with higher accuracy now!

4 way copper fitting

4 way copper fitting is a pipe assembly used to connect copper pipes, which are divided into refrigeration pipe assemblies and plumbing pipe assemblies according to their functions. 4 way copper fittings can be used for gas pipelines and liquid gas pipelines.

4 way copper fitting is widely used and can be applied to the installation of commercial air conditioners of Haier, Midea, Gree, and other brands. Each 4 way copper fitting will undergo rigorous testing before it leaves the factory to ensure that the quality of 4 way copper fitting reaches the standard before it can be packaged and shipped.

Therefore, every set of 4 way copper fittings you receive is a boutique. Contact Miracle 4 way copper fitting Team now!

Copper Fitting Cap

A copper fitting cap is used to seal the copper pipes in the refrigeration system. The copper fitting cap bears a certain pressure in the pipeline, so when choosing a copper fitting cap, you should choose a reliable copper fitting manufacturer. Miracle copper fitting has ten years of manufacturing and sales experience.

It is Miracle’s pursuit to create copper fitting with the spirit of craftsmanship. The Miracle copper fitting technical team can communicate with you efficiently, allowing you to obtain the best copper fitting cap in the shortest time.

At the same time, Miracle recommends that you use no solder copper Fitting cap, Miracle no solder copper Fitting cap adopts the method of cold connection between metals to firmly lock the copper fitting cap and the copper tube, which has higher sealing performance and more resistance Corrosion and strong pressure resistance. Miracle copper fitting caps are your best choice, send your orders to us now!

No Solder Copper Fitting

No solder copper fitting is made for safe installation. Miracle no solder copper fitting can effectively improve the installation environment of air conditioners, refrigerators, and HVAC industries. While saving costs, the installation efficiency is greatly improved.

No solder copper fitting adopts the principle of extruded metal deformation, which has a stronger locking ability than traditional copper fitting. Traditional copper fitting will produce welding slag in the piping system when the pipe is welded, which will affect the performance of the system. No solder copper fitting does not have such a situation. No solder copper fitting does not use fire or welding rod. After No solder copper fitting is connected, the inner wall of the pipeline is cleaner.

If you are interested, you can read our article on copper pipe joining methods, and we have made a detailed description in the article. The feedback from a large number of customers’ purchases indicated that Miracle’s no solder copper fitting is currently the best connection method. Contact us to find a new copper fitting business opportunity now!

P Type Copper Fitting

P-Type Copper Fitting is also called copper p trap. The design purpose of P-Type Copper Fitting is to make the system return oil smoothly and to ensure the lubricating oil inventory in the system.

P-type copper fitting is made by kneading, mixing, drawing, pelletizing, extrusion, and other processes. It has the advantages of a smooth surface, high heat exchange efficiency, easy welding, and corrosion resistance. Miracle P-type copper fitting has no obvious wrinkles or cracks in the bending part.

The flattening rate of Miracle P-type copper fitting is based on the bending radius (R) of P-Type copper fitting which is 1.7 times the diameter of P-type copper fitting (Φ) as the watershed. When P-Type Copper Fitting R/Φ is less than or equal to 1.7, P-type copper The flattening rate of the fitting is less than or equal to 20%; when R/Φ is greater than 1.7 times, the flattening rate of P-type copper fitting is less than or equal to 15%, and the flattening rate = (maximum outer diameter on the same cross-section at the end of the copper tube-minimum outer diameter )/Outer diameter of copper pipe*100%.

Miracle strictly controls the flattening rate of P-type copper fitting to ensure the reliability of Miracle P-type copper fitting quality! Send your inquiry and cooperate with us now!

Your Best Copper Fitting Manufacturer and Supplier In China!

Miracle Copper Fitting is Environmentally Friendly

Miracle copper fittings use advanced water pressure and extrusion processes. Miracle lead-free copper fittings are all degreasing and degreasing treatment, ultrasonic cleaning, and environmental protection without damaging the copper.

Miracle Copper Fitting Can Be Customized

The Miracle copper fitting production line is comprehensive and diverse. Copper fittings of all shapes can be designed and developed according to user requirements to meet the needs of copper fittings with different pipe diameters and different appearance shapes. Miracle copper fittings only customize copper fittings that suit you.

Miracle Copper Fitting After-sales Service Commitment

Miracle ensures that Miracle copper fittings are environmentally friendly, lead-free, crack-free, and have good performance. Any copper fitting quality problems will be unconditionally returned within the warranty period. We will deal with and follow up technical consultations and quality complaints in a timely manner, and provide you with regular telephone visits or door-to-door visits.

With more choices and more business opportunities, the Miracle copper fitting design and R&D team will continue to develop new style copper fittings as a mission at the beginning of its establishment. After the production and sales of copper fittings and some achievements, I still dare not relax.

Miracle is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive and high-quality copper fittings. We always consider the problem from your perspective. The easier it is for you to sell copper fittings, the more beneficial it is for the copper fitting factory. I hope you will succeed in the copper fitting business. Miracle’s help is on the way.

Contact us and let us be your best copper fittings manufacturer and supplier in China!

If the copper fitting you purchase is used in the refrigeration industry, then when you purchase copper fitting, copper Y joint is also what you must purchase.

Miracle recommends that you choose the combination of Miracle no solder copper fitting and Miracle no solder copper Y joint, no solder products, which will surely Boom your business. Contact us now and become the distributor of Miracle no solder copper fitting!

Copper Fitting and Copper Y Joint

Miracle copper fittings have a strict quality inspection process. Before leaving the factory, Miracle copper fittings are subjected to an air-tightness pressure test and quality inspection to ensure that copper fittings meet the standards. Miracle copper fittings have passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification and EU ROHS Claim.

Copper Fitting Certifications

Miracle copper fitting has passed the ROHS environmental protection inspection, and the production area of the copper fitting is more than 7000 square meters. The production capacity is higher, which can meet your demand for copper fittings bulk buy. Miracle focuses on the production and research and development of high-quality copper fittings and propress fitting manufacturers, and our copper fittings are widely used in the air-conditioning industry, water heater industry, etc.

Miracle copper fitting adopts good design technology. Miracle copper fitting adopts PLC numerical control automatic processing equipment to ensure the design accuracy of copper fitting. The precision tolerance range of copper fitting is +-0,08mm.

Miracle copper fittings are processed by advanced hydraulic and extrusion processes, and copper fittings are heat treated by a special annealing process.

We may not have cooperated, but please give us a chance and we will prove that we are the best copper fitting manufacturer. Trust us, we will give you the best copper fitting price and the best copper fitting service, call to action now!

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    HVAC parts must be needed when you purchase the copper fittings, we understand if you search every product one by one, that would be very time-consuming and costly, so we prepare everything ready for you. Click to check more HVAC parts on this page or contact Miracle team for guidance!

  • Copper Fitting and HVAC Tools

    The HVAC tool and HVAC tool kit are here to support your connection of copper fittings and the installation or repair work. Miracle provides all the necessary HVAC tools to help your business and be your reliable supplier for life-long service. Click to choose your HVAC tools now!

  • Copper Fitting and Brass Fitting

    Copper fitting is copper with rose-red color and uses copper as the main material; Brass fitting is with a golden color and the main material also has zinc except for the copper. Copper fitting, lokring fitting, and brass fitting have their specific advantages for different applications. Click here to check more brass fittings if you need them!

Solderless Copper Fittings Tool

Solderless Copper Fittings Tool

Solderless means no need to solder, no need for fire to do long-time welding for connection. Miracle solderless copper fitting tools are designed to increase your working efficiency and lighten your workload, and have a better, easier, and happier life!

Below you can see the propress fitting tool we have:

Small-sized FRK propress tool, normally matched with aluminum propress fittings to help with your refrigerator&freezer maintenance work.

A little bigger size 25 series, 30 series plumbing press tool, normally matched with copper-steel copper press fittings to help with your central AC or other metal pipes connections.

Hand withdrawals electrical propress tool has great advantages than manual propress tool, it will be a better choice for your big project.

The propress for refrigeration lines, normally matched with a single ring and help with your refrigerator& freezer production line.

For details of the above propress tool, you can click a specific page or send us your requests and let our professional manager guide you!

Solderless Copper Pipe Fittings

Solderless Copper Pipe Fittings

Miracle solderless copper pipe fittings can be designed by different metal materials according to the pipe material you need to connect.

Such as copper pipe fittings, aluminum pipe fittings, Stainless steel pipe fittings, and so on.

Here check what kind of solderless copper pipe fittings Miracle normally supply:

Aluminum Lokring fitting is usually designed to be small sizes, and propressed by FRK propress tool;

Copper-steel press fittings are usually designed to the sizes from 1/4~1 1/8, and propressed by 25 series, 30 series manual propress tool, and electric propress tool;

Copper, stainless steel, aluminum single ring is usually customized on the refrigerator production line with different sizes.

For more demand, our R&D team can 100% custom for you! Send us your order now!

Why You Need Solderless Copper Fittings Tool and Solderless Copper Fittings

Why You Need Solderless Copper Fittings Tool and Solderless Copper Fittings

I know you must have a thought when you see Miracle propress tool and propress fittings here, that is why you need a solderless copper fitting tool and copper fittings, solder is enough for you. You may use solder for copper pipe connection for many many years.

But just because of this, you must know the disadvantages and the limit of the traditional welding method.

Miracle solderless copper fitting tools and solderless copper fitting are here to solve all the limits.

  1. Solderless Copper fitting tool and solderless copper fitting, and other 1 sealing liquid forms all the necessary parts for connection.

Not like solder, you need to prepare a lot of things, such as a hand torch, gas equipment, welding rod.

Solderless Copper fitting tools and fitting are easy to prepare and carry, just a small toolbox.

  1. How long time for you to welding a connection, even for a professional engineer?

I guess the faster is few minutes because it needs time to melt the welding rod and fill the gap of two pipes.

But for solderless copper tools and solder copper fittings, you just need few seconds!

Can you imagine how long time you will save for a project? Especially for a big project! Time is money, Miracle solderless connection will make your time more valuable!

  1. How much will cost for labor cost for a project? Especially you need a professional team to ensure the installation quality.

How much will cost you to train a professional engineer from new?

How much you will lose if the professional engineer quits the job for some reason?

Miracle solderless connection will be here to save you!

It is very easy to mater, few minutes training, they can handle well, just remember the most important things!

  1. Miracle solderless copper fitting and solderless copper tool are suitable for different material pipes connection, custom fittings will 100% fit your system.

Other features and convenience that Miracle solderless crimping tool and copper fitting can bring you, welcome to contact us to discuss!

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