Copper Crimp Fittings
Copper Crimp Fittings

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The first factory in China to produce and manufacture copper crimping tools and copper crimp fittings started in 2004. The only factory in China with a full range of copper crimping tools and copper crimp fittings development capabilities.

Miracle has a complete copper crimping tool and copper crimp fittings development system, and all the design ideas coming from our experiences from the actual projects. Our products including propress for refrigeration, propress tool, plumbing press tool, manual propress tool, electric crimp tool, pipe press tool, copper press fittings, and other types of lokring fittings, etc.

Equal Diameter Brass Crimp Fitting

Equal diameter brass crimp fittings are machined with high-quality brass and steel. Equal diameter brass crimp fittings are mainly used to connect two pipes of the same diameter. Equal diameter brass crimp fittings can not only be made of copper and steel but also can be designed and produced as a required project in aluminum or stainless steel.

Equal diameter brass crimp fittings can be matched with 1/4” (6.35mm) ~ 1 1/8” (28.6mm) diameter copper pipes in regular sizes. For copper pipes with a diameter of more than 28.6mm and copper pipes with a diameter of less than 6.35mm, we will have a suitable solution. Contact us now to order a standard or customized brass crimp fittings!

Reducing Diameter Brass Crimp Fitting

The material and size range of reducing brass crimp fittings and equal diameter brass crimp fittings are the same. Brass crimp fittings are designed to realize the connection between copper pipes of different diameters. Reducing brass crimp fittings can easily realize the connection of copper pipes by changing the diameter of the connecting sleeve.

But if you use welding to connect copper pipes of different diameters, the operation will be very difficult, and it is also very easy to leak, but the use of brass crimp fittings can completely avoid these risks. Contact us now to learn more about brass crimp fittings!

Refrigerator Brass Crimp Fitting

As shown in the picture, refrigerator brass crimp fittings have a smaller size and volume, and, refrigerator brass crimps fittings have only one shoulder. You may be curious why the structure of refrigerator brass crimp fittings is one shoulder?

Now I will explain why. The working pressure of the refrigerator is generally relatively small, and the pipe diameter is relatively small. Therefore, brass crimp fittings designed as one shoulder can reduce the cost on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is easier to realize the connection in a small space.

Of course, refrigerator brass crimp fittings are not only used for refrigerators but also suitable for all small refrigeration equipment, such as freezers, commercial freezers, display cabinets, kimchi cabinets, etc. For more uses, please contact us directly!

Lokring Stoppers

Stoppers, as the name suggests, mean cut-off, so Miracle stopper is one type of copper crimp fittings that use to stop the system, mainly used to close the process tube of refrigeration equipment. For example, the maintenance valve interface of the refrigerator/freezer compressor.

Miracle copper crimps fittings stopper is mainly a solution proposed for the sealing of the process tube of the refrigerator/freezer production line. It is less used in ordinary refrigerator after-sales maintenance work. All in all, Miracle copper crimp fittings stopper is used to seal pipes, and Miracle copper crimp fittings stopper can be used in all places where bulk pipe sealing is required. Contact us now to get your copper crimp fitting stoppers!

Copper Crimp Fitting Sealing Liquid

The main function of Miracle copper crimp fittings sealing liquid is to fill the tiny gaps between copper crimp fittings and pipes, and to supplement the sealing of copper crimp fittings.

Miracle copper crimp fittings sealing liquid is an anaerobic liquid, the working temperature is the same as that of copper crimp fittings, and it can be used in the temperature range of -50℃~+120℃.

Not only that, Miracle copper crimp fittings sealing liquid has no pollution to the environment, no corrosion to the pipeline, and can be in contact with human skin without any harm to the human body.

For more details, please contact us now!

Copper Crimping Tool

The above copper crimp fitting products can be applied to air-conditioning installation, maintenance of refrigerators/freezers, oxygen pipelines, particulate material pipelines, and other pipelines. Miracle provides you with a full range of copper crimp fittings. Miracle copper crimping tool is used with copper crimp fitting.

Miracle copper crimping tool has a manual crimping tool, electric crimping tool, and a mini crimping tool, etc. All copper crimping tools will better match the crimping of the copper crimp fitting. Of course, we also guarantee that the copper crimping tool has the highest quality. Contact us now!

The structure of Miracle copper crimp fittings is different from press fitting of other brands.

Miracle copper crimp fitting adopts the design of plastic deformation, and the connecting surfaces are completely sealed by metal materials. Copper crimp fitting no use of rubber sealing rings.

Therefore, Miracle copper crimp fitting is more widely used, and its reliability and durability are stronger.

The burst pressure of Miracle copper crimp fitting can reach 30Mpa~35Mpa, which is unmatched by other brand products. Contact us now to get more Miracle copper crimp fitting structure details!

Contact us now and let our team design and develop copper crimp tools and copper crimp fittings that exactly match your application! We will worth your trying!

Miracle Copper Crimp Fittings Structure

The maximum burst pressure of the refrigeration system with copper crimp fittings is 30Mpa, how to get this data? In the picture below you can see the traces of the broken copper pipe.

That’s right because the copper pipe can only withstand a maximum pressure of 30Mpa. When we were doing a pressure test on the copper crimp fitting, the copper pipe ruptured when the pipeline pressure in the copper pipe reached 30Mpa. But Miracle copper crimp fitting did not leak.

In fact, Miracle copper crimp fitting can withstand higher pressure.

In terms of holding pressure, sealing, reliability, safety, durability, etc., you can rest assured, because Miracle copper crimp fitting has undergone rigorous experiments and a large number of engineering use cases. Contact us now for more detail!

Miracle Copper Crimp Fittings Blasting Experiment

For copper crimp fitting and copper crimp tool reliability, we have done adequate experimentation tests to ensure reliability.

The experimental content of Miracle copper crimp fitting includes high and low-temperature impact test, salt spray test, vibration test, pull-out test, etc. Contact us now to see more about the copper crimp fitting tests!

Experimental equipment is the focus of a company’s core technology. We have established an independent copper crimp fitting laboratory.

For more experimental equipment and laboratory details, it is not convenient for us to display too much content due to technical confidentiality. If you want to know more details about the copper crimp fittings laboratory, please contact us directly.

Welcome to visit our copper crimping tool and copper crimping fitting factory and laboratory at any time!

Copper Crimp Fitting Test Equipment

A patent is a testimony to the growth of an enterprise. Each patent certificate application contains a large amount of research and development investment behind it.

Miracle is still working hard on the development of copper crimp fitting. We firmly believe that hard work will yield fruitful results.

Only companies with new products constantly launching will have a future. Miracle Refrigeration will be your premier manufacturer and supplier of copper crimp fitting. Contact us now!

Copper Crimp Fitting Patent

Quality is the life of an enterprise. All the core components of Miracle copper crimp fitting are manufactured by ourselves, and we never adopt the mode of processing on behalf of others.

Because the reliability of copper crimp fitting produced on behalf of processing cannot be guaranteed.

Miracle has its own production equipment and manufacturing team to ensure that all Miracle series of copper crimp fittings are of stable quality and high reliability. Contact us now!

In this part, we show you the applications of Miracle copper crimp fittings. I solemnly declare that all photos shown in this section are taken from the Miracle copper crimp fitting projects.

The contents shown in the Miracle picture include single crimp fitting used in the refrigerator factory, copper crimp fitting with copper& steel for air conditioning installation, air conditioning installation training, etc.

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