Copeland ZR190KCE-TWD Series Compressor

Copeland ZR190KCE Series Compressor

Copeland ZR190KCE Series Compressor

Copeland ZR190KCE Series Compressor includes both ZR190KCE-TFD Series and ZR190KC-TFD Series compressor models.

Miracle can provide you with numerous models of the ZR190KCE Series including the following models ZR190KCE-TFD-422, ZR190KCE-TFD-522, ZR190KCE-TFD-523, ZR190KCE-TFD-550, ZR190KCE-TFD-551, ZR190KC-TFD-522, ZR190KC-TFD-523, etc.

Miracle is fully capable of meeting your bulk purchase need to use in a wide range of applications like air conditioning, transport refrigeration plants, chillers, condensing unit plants, etc.

Along with this, we ensure packing safety, shipping safety, fast & affordable freight service, and on-time delivery.

In order for you to get a 100% authentic ZR190KCE series compressor, please contact us now

ZR190KCE-TFD-422 View 1
ZR190KCE-TFD-422 model is a three-phase Copeland compressor that is designed with 380Voltage. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.
ZR190KCE-TFD-522 View 2
Copeland ZR190KCE-TFD-522 model compressor's available voltage is 380/420V – 460V. For more detail, please contact Miracle now.
ZR190KCE-TFD-523 View 1
Copeland ZR190KCE-TFD-523 Compressor is designed voltage of 380-420V – 460V and horsepower with 16HP. Contact us now to learn more.
ZR190KCE-TFD-550 View 1
Copeland ZR190KCE-TFD-550 Compressor model is three-phase and can be used to replace other compressors. Contact us now to know the replacement model.
ZR190KCE-TFD-551 View 2
The available voltage range of this Copeland ZR190KCE-TFD-551 Compressor is 380/420V at 50hz frequency and 460V at 60Hz frequency. Click to know details.
ZR190KC-TFD-522 View 1
Copeland ZR190KC-TFD-522 Compressor has an available voltage of 380-420V – 460V. If you need other specifications, contact us now.
ZR190KC-TFD-523 View 1
ZR190KC-TFD-523 model is a Copeland hermetic scroll compressor designed with three-phase and available voltage is 380-420V - 460V. Click to know more.

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