Copeland ZR160KC Series Compressor

Copeland ZR160KC Series Compressors

Copeland ZR160KC Series Compressors

Copeland ZR160KC series compressors include the ZR160KCTFD and ZR160KCETFD series.

They are ZR160KCE-TFD-550, ZR160KCE-TFD-425, ZR160KCE-TFD-522, ZR160KCE-TFD-523, ZR160KCE-TFD-551, ZR160KC-TFD-522, ZR160KC-TFD-523, ZR160KC-TFD-550, etc.

Miracle support bulk purchase of ZR160KC series compressors.

Choose Miracle refrigeration you will get:

  • Full-range Copeland ZR160KC series compressors
  • The experienced and efficient service team
  • Reliable packaging, reliable shipping
  • One-stop ZR160KC series compressor services, such as compressor oil, compressor capacitor, and valves.

Contact Miracle and know more ZR160KC series compressor.

ZR160KCE TFD 550 View 2
ZR160KCE-TFD-425 View 1
ZR160KCE-TFD-522 View 2
ZR160KCE-TFD-523 View 2
ZR160KCE-TFD-551 View 1
ZR160KC-TFD-522 View 1
ZR160KC-TFD-523 View 1
ZR160KC-TFD-550 View 1

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