Copeland ZR108KC Series Compressor

Copeland ZR108KC Series Compressors

Copeland ZR108KC Series Compressors

Copeland ZR108KC series compressors include the ZR108KC-TF5, ZR108KCE-TF5,  ZR108KCTFD, and ZR108KCETFD series.

The ZR108 series compressors Miracle can offer you include ZR108KCE-TF5-950, ZR108KCE-TFD-522, ZR108KCE-TFD-950, ZR108KC-TF5-250, ZR108KC-TFD-52E, ZR108KC-TFD-250, ZR108KC-TFD-522, ZR108KC-TFD-950, etc.

We can supply ZR108 series compressors to all types of air conditioner manufacturers, such as bus air conditioner manufacturers, railroad air conditioner manufacturers, RV air conditioner manufacturers, reefer air conditioner manufacturers, etc.

Why choose Miracle refrigeration:

  • Genuine original Copeland ZR108KC series compressors
  • Support third-party inspection
  • Professional technical services
  • 3D digital models and CAD drawings
  • Reasonable ZR108KC series compressors price

Contact Miracle team and tell us your ZR108KC series compressor model.

ZR108KCE-TF5-950 View 1
ZR108KCE-TFD-522 View 1
ZR108KCE-TFD-950 View 2
ZR108KC-TF5-250 View 3
ZR108KC-TFD-52E View 2
ZR108KC-TFD-250 View 1
ZR108KC-TFD-522 View 1
ZR108KC-TFD-950 View 2

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