Copeland Scroll Compressor ZW Series

ZW series scroll compressor is used in the heat pump field.

ZW series scroll compressors are equipped with Copeland™ EVI Scroll Intense Heat Technology.

ZW series compressor for heat pump uses unique scroll disc and axial flexible design.

It makes the ZW series compressor has a higher compression ratio and larger pressure difference.

In addition, Copeland ZW series compressors have a wider operating range than ordinary heat pump air conditioning compressors.

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The Copeland ZW Series Scroll Compressor offers a higher energy efficiency ratio than electric heaters or fuel boiler heating.

It can be widely used in domestic hot water, home heating, and industrial applications such as drying and plating.

ZW Series for Heat Pump Applications

EVI Scroll Intensive Heat Technology reliably extends the heat pump and water heater heating range to -20°C ambient temperature.

At the same time, it can increase heating capacity by approximately 40% and energy efficiency by 22%.

In addition, the ZW heat pump compressor can deliver water at temperatures up to 85°C.

As a result, the Copeland ZW Series Scroll Compressor is perfectly suited to the hot water needs of domestic and industrial production.

ZW Series Compressor EVI Technology

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