Copeland Scroll Compressor ZF Series

ZF/ZFI series are Emerson Copeland low-temperature series scroll refrigeration compressors.

The ZF series Copeland compressors use liquid injection technology to control the discharge temperature to achieve the expansion of the compressor’s operating range.

The ZFI series Copeland compressors use air injection technology as well as a subcooler to ultimately improve the system’s cooling capacity as well as operating efficiency.

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The liquid injection system of the Copeland ZF low-temperature scroll compressor requires fewer accessories.

Copeland ZFI series compressors have more accessories required for the dual injection and jet system.

Copeland ZF Series Scroll Compressor System Diagram

If you have a Copeland ZFI series compressor in your refrigeration system, then you will need to use the following accessories.
Manual valve, sight glass, filter, plate heat exchanger, thermal expansion valve, solenoid valve.

Copeland ZFI Series Scroll Compressor System Diagram

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