Copeland Scroll Compressor QF Series

Emerson’s Copeland semi-hermetic scroll compressor has the advantages of simple construction, high balance, and high efficiency.

In addition, it can maintain high refrigeration efficiency at high condensing ambient temperatures.

As a result, semi-hermetic scroll compressors are superior to semi-hermetic piston compressors, and they operate with lower noise levels.

QF series compressors are equipped with a Coresense computer board with a self-diagnostic function.

When the compressor fails, it can accurately determine the cause of the failure.

The compressor has its own economizer, which is reliable at low temperatures.

Another feature of the semi-hermetic scroll compressor is that it can be disassembled for easy on-site maintenance.

Copeland’s semi-hermetic scroll compressors provide high-energy efficiency products and solutions for cold storage, supermarket, convenience store, and restaurant coolers and display cabinets.

Copeland Scroll Compressor QF Series for Refrigeration Applications

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