Copeland R410a Compressor Supplier
Copeland R410a Compressor

Your Reliable Copeland R410a Compressor Supplier In China!

Your Reliable Copeland R410a Compressor Supplier

Your Reliable Copeland R410a Compressor Supplier

Copeland R410a scroll compressor is Copeland ZP series scroll compressor. It is specially designed for R410a refrigerant.

As your reliable Copeland R410a scroll compressor supplier in China, we can provide you Copeland 1.5-45 ton(5.1-160kw) r410a scroll compressor.

In addition, we also provide you with one-stop Copeland R410a scroll compressor service. Contact us now for more details.

Copeland R410a Compressor ZP 24-91 Series

Copeland R410a compressor ZP24-91 series is derived from ZP24KSE-ZP91KCE. Its cooling capacity range is 5.1kw-19.3kw (1.5Ton-3.6Ton). This series of compressors are commonly used models, such as ZP61KCE-TFD, ZP72KCE-TFD, ZP83KCE-TFD, etc., For more details, please contact us now.

Copeland R410a Compressor ZP90-137 Series

Copeland R410a compressor ZP90-137 series has a higher cooling capacity. It is mostly used for commercial air conditioners. According to the Technical Overview, it has a higher COP value. If you need any compressor from this series, please contact us now.

Copeland R410a Compressor ZP154-725 Series

Copeland R410a compressor ZP154-725 series is used in commercial and industrial applications, its voltage types include TWD, TFD, TED, FED, etc. Its performance is so superior that its cooling capacity can reach an astonishing 160.0kw. Contact us now.

Copeland R410a scroll compressor one-stop service is a symbol of our strength and also provides you with better service. In addition to the Copeland R410a compressor, we can also provide you with expansion valves, filters, vacuum pumps, pressure hoses, etc. for R410a systems. For more needs, please contact us now.

Copeland R410a Compressor One-stop Service

Copeland 1.5-10Ton R410a Scroll Compressor

  • Copeland 1.5 Ton R410a Scroll Compressor

    1.5 tons of cooling capacity in any of the R410a air conditioning compressor brands are used for residential central air conditioning air conditioners. Whether it is a landlord or a house owner, the 1.5 Ton air conditioner is the most cost-effective solution. Contact Miracle now.

  • Copeland 2.5 Ton R410a Scroll Compressor

    Do you need to replace Copeland 8.75kw R410a scroll compressor when repairing commercial central air conditioners? Congratulations, you have come to the right place, we can offer you Copeland R410a compressor at ex-factory price, contact us now to get the latest quotation.

  • Copeland 3.5 Ton R410a Scroll Compressor

    When will you use Copeland 3.5Ton(12kw) R410a scroll compressor. Whether in the process of repairing or designing a commercial air conditioning system. This is our strength, we can meet your  Copeland R410a compressor purchasing needs and technical support at any time.

  • Copeland 4.5 Ton R410a Scroll Compressor

    The R410a compressor cooling capacity range of 15.82kw is very popular. Because it has the largest usage, the price is also the most cost-effective, because for Copeland R410a compressor factories, mass production can reduce production costs to a limited extent. Contact us now.

  • Copeland 5.5 Ton R410a Scroll Compressor

    Copeland 5.5 ton R410a scroll compressor has a cooling capacity of 19.34kw. There are many brands of compressors with this series of refrigeration capacity available, such as Daikin, Panasonic, Hitachi, etc.

  • Copeland 10 Ton R410a Scroll Compressor

    Copeland ZP series R410a scroll compressor is designed for high-pressure systems, so Copeland 10Ton R410a scroll compressor will bear greater system pressure. Therefore it is expensive to manufacture and use. Contact us now to give you the safest and most reliable Copeland R410a compressor.

Which Model of Copeland R410a Scroll Compressors is Right for You?

If you are replacing the Copeland R410a compressor it is easy, you just need to check the compressor model.

But if you’re choosing a new Copeland R410a compressor for your system, you’ll need to understand the compressor’s performance in detail.

This way you can choose the perfect compressor model.

For example, when you choose a 2-ton Copeland R410a compressor, you can choose the ZP31 series or the ZP36 series.

Their cooling capacities are 6.5kw and 7.9kw respectively.

The cooling capacity of these two models of Copeland R410a compressor is around 7.034kw.

But the price is different. The 7.9kw Copeland R410a compressor is more expensive.

Therefore, this requires you to comprehensively examine the target market and target temperature of your air conditioning system to better match the Copeland R410a compressor.

Maybe you can find the answer from this article on how to choose the right compressor.

Of course, many technical articles on compressors can help you better understand the air conditioning system and air conditioning compressor.

For example:

How Many Types of Refrigerant Compressors?

What is a Scroll Compressor

What is a Rotary Compressor

Compressor Compression Ratio

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