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Welcome to visit Miracle refrigeration! You have very discerningly chosen to open our website to find out what miracle cooling fan manufacturer is capable of and what value we can create for you. Miracle refrigeration has been in the cooling fan manufacturer field for more than 20 years, therefore we got a lot of experience for exporting to all over the world with various types of cooling fan.

For the past years, we supply full sizes of AC axial cooling fans, DC axial cooling fans, EC axial cooling fans, AC centrifugal cooling fans, DC centrifugal cooling fans, EC centrifugal cooling fans to many applications in different markets. Of course, for achieving more support for our partners, Miracle cooling fan manufacturer has passed ISO, CE, UL, etc certifications.

So send us your cooling fan list and give both you and us a chance to go further in the cooling fan and refrigeration industry now!

AC Axial Cooling Fan

AC axial cooling fan is the most popular type axial fan motor for traditional refrigeration business, especially you are the HVAC&R wholesaler, condensing unit manufacturer, cold room project contractor, etc. Miracle prepares all sizes of AC axial cooling fans for you, 200mm~900mm axial fans with different designs are all available for you. Just send us your needs or application, Miracle team will choose the most suitable and most economical AC axial cooling fan for you at the fast way!

DC Axial Cooling Fan

According to our long business with the overseas market for DC axial cooling fans, we have a deep understanding of the cooling fan you need. So we prepare the DC axial cooling fan in a very detailed way. In terms of broad categories, there are 12 models, but each model is available in a number of sizes depending on the specific parameters required. Just click to check more material and more sizes of the DC axial cooling fan or contact us for a fast quote by saving your time now!

EC Axial Cooling Fan

EC axial cooling fan is a cooling fan of the higher demands placed on him by the market. Miracle, as one of the cooling fan supplier leaders in China, we have invested our energy and money to research and develop EC axial cooling fans for many years. The high-performance and energy-saving EC axial fan is the future of refrigeration. EC axial cooling fan has a wide size from 170mm to 900 diameters, and the high motor rated speed 500r/min~3000r/min. Besides that, you can also contact Miracle team to custom your EC axial cooling fan when you have needs.

AC Centrifugal Cooling Fan

AC centrifugal cooling fan supplier, Miracle wants to do more and make your business easier. So in Miracle, you can get a backward-curved AC Centrifugal cooling fan, forward curved AC centrifugal cooling fan, AC centrifugal duct fan, AC centrifugal blower fan, etc. Strong production and complete test process will ensure you can get the high-quality AC centrifugal cooling fan at all times, just send us your requirements right now!

DC Centrifugal Cooling Fan

DC centrifugal cooling fan is a type of brushless fan motor. In Miracle, DC centrifugal cooling fan is available for 12V and 24V backward and forward-curved types. The material, the color, and the types of DC centrifugal cooling fan are all under your choice. Call us to get more specifications of the DC centrifugal cooling fan now!

EC Centrifugal Cooling Fan

EC centrifugal cooling here includes backward curved EC centrifugal cooling fan, forward curved EC centrifugal fan, EC centrifugal duct fan, EC centrifugal blower fan, etc. Each type of EC centrifugal cooling fan has its advantages and is suitable for different applications, you can click to check the details or contact Miracle team to get the fast guide now!

Cooling Fan Blower

The cooling fan blower with a forward curved centrifugal fan will give you a smoother air supply. Because Miracle uses professional cooling fan software design and simulation technology to analyze and improve every detail of the blower in advance. This ensures the high quality of our cooling fan blower. In addition, we have done a lot of experiments to verify the reliability of the cooling fan blower, so you can purchase it with no worry. Contact us now.

Refrigerator Cooling Fan Motor

The Refrigerator cooling fan consists of a fan blade and a motor, which is available in DC and EC versions, Miracle’s own EC motor has passed the initial stage and is now in its third generation, so the quality of the product is extremely high. Meanwhile, our new type of refrigerator cooling fan motor will be put into the market in the near future, so subscribe to us now to get the news of new products and provide more possibilities for your business.

The Miracle cooling fan manufacturer and supplier in China is a qualified production factory that has obtained ISO certification.

In order to guarantee you a high-quality and stable cooling fan, we refine the workshop functions into raw material warehouse, finishing, injection workshop, winding workshop, assembly workshop, inspection workshop, embedding workshop, spray workshop, packaging workshop, delivery warehouse, and professional R&D and performance testing laboratory, etc.

Each workshop has a person in charge and an auditor, and each link of cooling fan production is bound to each post, and problems can be traced to the source and solved quickly. You are always welcomed to visit our cooling fan factory at any time!

Cooling Fan Manufacturer

As mentioned above, Miracle cooling fan manufacturer has a performance testing laboratory, and this laboratory will provide us a good environment to custom the cooling fan for you.

We have professional software, such as Moldflow, ANSYS, etc which are great tools to help us to do the design, we can input all the necessary data and do the measurements first to check the performance in theory when it’s good, we make the samples and do the actual process test in our testing room to confirm the high performance.

With the double test of theory and cooling fan samples, it can effectively ensure that your cooling fan is fully in line with the requirements, and the performance is stable and reliable. This is Miracle’s promise to you like a cooling fan manufacturer and supplier!

A laboratory is a place where a cooling fan manufacturer can best reflect its design and R&D capabilities.

And here we mainly show the part of the cooling fan performance test, let you know what tests each factory cooling fan has gone through to ensure its high quality and stable performance, you can also learn more about our cooling fan And trust.

Miracle cooling fan supplier will do the following tests, including Air volume test, anti-aging test, wind tunnel test, noise test, high and low-temperature test, etc. Welcome you to visit our factory to see these tests by yourself!

The application for the cooling fans is very wide, you can see it everywhere at home or in the commercial fields and the industrial field. such as air purification and fresh air technology, artificial intelligence, industrial ventilation, medical instruments, refrigeration and air conditioner, ventilation system, etc.

Contact Miracle engineer to help you choose the cooling fan for your business right now!

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