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Miracle cooling coil manufacturer has advanced cooling coil production equipment and a complete set of refrigeration equipment testing centers, which can test various performance indicators of cooling coil and refrigeration unit. The leak detection of condenser and evaporator uses advanced vacuum box helium leak detection. Better leak detection effect makes the sealing performance of the cooling coil is stronger.

The cooling coil manufacturer has successively passed a series of certifications such as ROHS certification, UL certification, CE certification, ISO9001 certification, and CRAA certification. Miracle cooling coil manufacturer is actively developing new products while constantly testing the cooling coils to ensure the quality of the cooling coils and to meet the needs of different markets for use.

AC Cooling Coil

AC cooling coil includes AC condenser cooling coil and AC evaporator cooling coil. The picture shows the cooling coil of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. Air conditioning cooling coils are generally connected by the mechanical expansion of copper tubes and aluminum fins. For more details, please contact us directly!

Condenser Cooling Coil

Condenser cooling coil has a wide range of applications, including refrigerator cooling coil and air-cooled refrigerator condenser cooling coil, and more corrosion-resistant epoxy layer condenser cooling coil. As a cooling coil manufacturer, Miracle provides you with a wide range of cooling coils and customized services. For more customization details, please contact Miracle directly!

Evaporator Cooling Coil

The evaporator and condenser are one of the main components of the refrigeration system. The normal operation of the refrigeration system depends on the reliable evaporator and condenser. Condenser cooling coil and evaporator cooling coil are the core of evaporator and condenser, so the choice of condenser cooling coil and evaporator cooling coil is very important.

Miracle has more than 20 years of experience in the production of cooling coils, and experience in providing customized condenser coil and evaporator coils in many markets, and has more experience in production management and process flow. Every cooling coil produced by Miracle has concentrated a lot of experience. So you can purchase with no worry, call us now!

DX Cooling Coil

DX cooling coil is also called direct expansion cooling coil. The design of the DX cooling coil is to further improve the heat transfer efficiency of refrigeration equipment and reduce energy consumption.

The copper tube of Miracle DX cooling coil adopts a circular seamless copper tube, and the tube expansion method adopts a mechanical expansion tube. The advantage of this tube expansion method is that the copper tube can be more closely matched with the fin, thereby further ensuring the heat exchange efficiency of the cooling coil.

Not only that but the Miracle DX cooling coil is also designed with a return elbow design to ensure that the refrigerant can pass through the cooling coil smoothly, which will further improve the heat exchange efficiency.

Under the current trend of global energy conservation and emission reduction, every reduction in energy consumption is meaningful. Because the reduction of energy consumption is accumulated by small details. Miracle, as a reliable cooling coil manufacturer, knows this well.

In the global environment of energy-saving and emission reduction, Miracle continues to improve the details of the cooling coil from the details, reduce the energy consumption of the cooling coil, and contribute its own strength.

HVAC Cooling Coil

The HVAC cooling coil covers a relatively wide range. Almost all places that require heat exchange require cooling coils. HVAC cooling coils mainly include HVAC evaporator cooling coils and HVAC condenser cooling coils.

The HVAC evaporator cooling coil is mainly responsible for transferring the heat in the space to the outside of the space, taking out the moisture in the air, and drying the indoor air. The main function of the HVAC condenser cooling coil is to convert the gas discharged from the compressor into liquid.

HVAC evaporator cooling coil and HVAC condenser cooling coil cooperate with refrigeration compressor to complete the cooling or heating cycle. Miracle has more than 20 years of accumulation, Miracle HVAC cooling coil is a high-quality product built with time. Contact us now!

Water Cooling Coil

The water cooling coil is divided into a hot water coil and a chilled water coil. The main function of a hot water coil is to heat the air. It is usually composed of 1-3 rows of tubes, and the temperature is generally 40-65 degrees Fahrenheit.

The water cooling coil is a fluid to air heat exchanger. Miracle water cooling coil can meet the requirements of any design load. The application scenarios of water cooling coil are quite special, and more parameters cannot be listed. If you are engaged in the work of a water cooling coil, please contact us directly.

Miracle has a large number of successful sales cases for customers, which can better help you, analyze your market, and launch a water cooling coil suitable for your market to help your success!

Copper Cooling Coil

Copper cooling coil fins are made of red copper. The thermal conductivity of the copper cooling coil at room temperature is 398W/mK, while that of the aluminum cooling coil is 236W/mK. Thermal conductivity is a measure of the speed of heat transfer. Good thermal conductivity is also good for cold conductivity, therefore, the heat exchange performance of the copper cooling coil is good.

Not only that, copper cooling coils are more resistant to corrosion than aluminum cooling coils, and their heat transfer performance is less attenuated, but they are more expensive than aluminum cooling coils and are mainly used for special occasions. In a general use environment, an aluminum cooling coil is sufficient.

Finally, the copper cooling coil also has certain antibacterial properties, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and molds. Contact us now!

Refrigerator Cooling Coils

Refrigerator cooling coils include refrigerator evaporator coil and refrigerator condenser coil. There are various types of cooling coils, including inflation type refrigerator cooling coils, plate and tube type refrigerator cooling coils, and fin type refrigerator cooling coils. For more details about refrigerator cooling coils, please click to view more, or contact us directly!

Custom Cooling Coil

As a reliable cooling coil manufacturer, Miracle has the most advanced heat transfer technology. Miracle cooling coil has the advantages of compact design, lightweight, and mature production technology, which greatly meets your purchasing needs.

At the same time, Miracle can also provide you with ODM services, you can transfer the factory’s production capacity, focus on your strengths, and improve your cooling coil production efficiency. Miracle has provided cooling coil supporting services for commercial air conditioners, refrigerators, display cases, beverage machines, ice machines, dehumidifiers, seawater desalination, chemicals, and other industries. Miracle looks forward to working with you on any types of cooling coil, contact us now!

Why Miracle is Your Best Cooling Coil Manufacturer?


Our cooling coil welding engineers have 20 years of work experience and have won awards in various welder competitions, you can reply on our cooling coil quality.


We have professional design software and experienced engineers from Germany to maximize your customization needs, while also ensuring that the design scheme best suits your requirements.

Good quality raw material

We regularly evaluate the cooling coil raw material manufacturers and sign an agreement. The cooling coil raw material supplier must provide the material in accordance with the agreement. We only accept the qualified cooling coil raw material.

Delivery Time

The cooling coil manufacturer is close to the port, and the factory is at the traffic hub, making it easy to import and export. At the same time, we have long-term cooperative shipping companies, which can guarantee priority delivery while having the lowest freight. To ensure timely delivery of the cooling coil.

We provide supporting services for many industries, so we have more experience in supporting factories to ensure that we can provide a cooling coil that is more suitable for your production line.

Our goal is to provide suitable cooling coils for the market and customers, whether it is a single cooling coil or a cooling coil unit. Although the market applications and customer needs of cooling coil are diverse, Miracle has a unique concept to guide your success.

For any of your cooling coil inquiries and questions, we will respond patiently and meticulously;

For any of your cooling coil inquiries, we will provide a professional and reasonable quotation as quickly as possible;

For any new cooling coil you need, the Miracle team will communicate with you very professionally, listen to your opinions and give useful suggestions to ensure that the best cooling coil is made;

For any of your cooling coil orders, we will complete them on time with good quality.

Miracle Refrigeration always adheres to the corporate tenet of “High Standards, Refinement” and regards quality as its life.

We sincerely welcome cooling coil and refrigeration coil customers from all over the world to visit us, seek development, and create brilliance together. Miracle looks forward to cooperating with you. Send your inquiry now!

Miracle not only produces a cooling coil but also an evaporator unit and condenser unit. The cooling coil is the core component of the condenser and evaporator. If you have a demand for a complete condenser and evaporator, please contact us directly!

Condenser Cooling Coil and Evaporator Cooling Coil

As a cooling coil manufacturer, Miracle also produces refrigeration units and HVAC coil.

Miracle condensing unit includes small refrigeration unit, commercial refrigeration unit, air-cooled condensing unit, water-cooled condensing unit, and so on. You can click on the relevant link to view the details, or you can directly contact us for a faster response!

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