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Miracle Refrigeration is a leading condensing unit factory in China for over 20 years, we have passed all certifications include UL, CE.

Condensing Unit Certifications for Your Market

  • Condensing Unit CE Certification
    CE Certification
  • Condensing Unit UL Certification
    UL Certification
  • Condensing Unit CQC Certification
    CQC Certification
  • Condensing Unit ISO9001 Certification
    ISO9001 Certification

Miracle Condensing Units to Boom Your Business

As one of the best condensing unit manufacturer in China, condensing unit conforms or exceed the SAC/TC238 industry standards. Complying criteria UL, CE, ISO9001,CQC.

Secop Condensing Unit
Miracle supply Secop condensing unit for your refrigerator, freezer, kitchen refrigerator, ice machine, showcase, and any other application that the small compressor unit is needed. Contact us with your demands right now!
Maneurop Condensing Unit
Miracle provides Maneurop condensing unit for medium temperature and low temperature, 2HP~50HP power is available to design your own condensing unit. And with high-quality parts, you will get a highly efficient and cost-effective solution.
Outdoor Condensing Unit
The outdoor condensing unit is one of the popular types of condensing units of Miracle, there are many types of appearance you can choose. Top blowing and side blowing are all available. You can choose the compressor brands and parts brand as you like, we do the design for you.
Danfoss Condensing Unit
Danfoss condensing unit is box type condensing unit, it will use Danfoss MLM, MLZ series scroll compressor for different temperature range and applications. Miracle will customize the high performance and more reliable condensing unit for you.
Copeland Condensing Unit
Copeland condensing unit is an open-type condensing unit with Emerson Copeland scroll compressor. High temperature,medium-temperature, and low temperature are all available. No matter you want to build your cold room or air conditioning, bring your requirements to us!
Bitzer Condensing Unit
Bitzer condensing unit is one of the worldwide popular condensing units when people build their cooling system. Miracle provides the Bitzer condensing unit with Ecoline series semi-hermetic compressor that with low noise and good performance, a wide range to meet your demand.

Miracle Condensing Unit Manufacturer

More Details for Miracle Condensing Unit

A high-efficiency heat exchanger, smooth inner tube, and internal thread tube are optional. An internal thread tube can be widely increased in the internal surface, so the thermal conductivity will be around 20% higher than the smooth type, and the heat exchange volume can be reduced by around 10%.

Hydrophilic-coated aluminum heat dissipation fins have a higher heat exchange rate, strong corrosion-resistance, and longer service life. Different fin space and pipe arrangement modes are available.

Condensing Unit Coil

Simulation Calculation Design + Practical Experience

The expert team that has excellent development ability, design a more reasonable structure of your condensing unit.

With professional simulation calculation design ability, analyze the status trajectory of the condensing unit, then provide more accurate control, and reduce the condensing unit failure rate.

Along with practical experience, and Lower the energy consumption and make sure the longer service life of the condensing unit.

Condensing Unit Simulation Calculation Design

Excellent Condensing Unit Customization Ability

Miracle can customize different types of condensing units for different working conditions according to your requirements.

The air-cooled condensing unit, water-cooled condensing unit, small refrigeration unit, refrigeration condensing unit, freezer condensing unit, commercial refrigeration unit, different type and different brand compressors, electrical defrosting/water defrosting, and hot gas defrosting system are all available.

3D model building can quickly develop a suitable condensing unit for you.

Professional design and customization ability, plus the real project in different countries, ensure the reliability and stable performance of the condensing unit.

Excellent Condensing Unit Customization Ability

High-quality Parts for Condensing Unit

High-quality parts are chosen to ensure the good function of the condensing unit, and the brands are of your choice, no matter for the 4 major parts of the condensing unit, includes the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and expansion valve, or the rest spare parts for the whole system.

Bitzer, Danfoss, Emerson, EBM, ABB, etc, or any Chinese brands are all available.

High-quality Parts for Condensing Unit

You are always welcomed to visit our factory and select your satisfied condensing unit for your own business.

We never stop putting on efforts to improving every detail of the Condensing unit and be your reliable condenser unit manufacturer in China.

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    What Our Clients Say About Air Cooled Condensing Unit

    Raul Bejarano:

    Thanks for Miracle’s high quality condensing unit, their team is very professional and did a great job for every process, my cold room project finished very smooth, especially during the design and installation process, they are really helpful, I feel safe and easy for this cooperation. If you have a demand for a condensing unit, I think you will love their factory.

    Moshe Berman:

    Miracle has a wonderful engineer team and good manufacturing, they respond very fast with solutions, even drawing, that help me to get the orders from the end-user. After I checked their factory, I just decide to give them orders without hesitation. For now, no matter the condensing unit for my project or my sales channel is all going well. Lucky for me to have their support.

    Manuel Castro:

    Miracle has a good line for the standard condensing unit, which is very popular in our market. And their delivery time is really good, I can get my condensing unit on time even during the hot season, they are not just strong for products, but also the transportation and another service.

    Miracle Condensing Unit 20 Years Experience
    20 Years Experience
    Miracle has been in providing a condensing unit solutions for more than 20 years.
    Miracle Condensing Unit Customized Service
    Customized Service
    Miracle has a strong technical team to customize the most suitable condensing unit according to your demand.
    Miracle Condensing Unit One Stop Shopping
    One Stop Shopping
    Miracle has various types of condensing unit for different application and different market, also supply the parts separately.
    Miracle Condensing Unit Strong After-sales Service
    Strong After-sales Service
    Miracle has 8 years’ history for the overseas market, so we can handle all the export process with the lowest cost, provide you strong after-sales service.

    Miracle Service to Make Your Business Simple

    Stay at home, Miracle will deliver the condensing unit to your door.

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