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Miracle can provide you with condenser fan motors for various purposes, such as WA, WB series servo motors, ECM high-efficiency energy-saving motors, YWF series external rotor axial fans, centrifugal fans, shaded pole motors, cross-flow fans, etc.

With rich experience in exporting condenser fan motors to all over the world, we understand your needs better and support your mass purchase needs very well. Send us your order to get the most cost-effective condenser fan motor cost now!

YWF92 Condenser Fan Motor

Miracle YWF92 condenser fan motor has four series and eight models. The diameter of the condenser fan motor shell is 90mm, which is a regular size. YWF92 condenser fan motor adopts S1 working mode, which can output power safely and reliably for a long time. The rated speed is 1350r/min-2500r/min, applicable to -30℃-60℃. Message us to get the YWF92 condenser fan motor cost right now!

YWF92J Condenser Fan Motor

Compared with the YWF92 condenser fan motor, Miracle YWF92J condenser fan motor has a longer driving arm and a slightly different appearance. The protection grade of the YWF92J condenser fan motor is IP44, and the operating temperature range is the same as that of the YWF92 condenser fan motor. There are two frequency options of 50HZ/60HZ. Contact us with your detailed requests for a condenser fan motor now!

YWF102 Condenser Fan Motor

The shell diameter of Miracle YWF102 condenser fan motor is 102mm. This motor has better performance in torque. The maximum torque of the YWF102 condenser fan motor can reach 1270nN.m. This condenser fan motor with an outer diameter of 102mm is matched with a pure copper motor, which is a real high-quality product. Contact us to get a fast quote now!

ECM Condenser Fan Motor

Miracle ECM condenser fan motor adopts advanced electronic control technology, which greatly improves the energy efficiency of the condenser fan motor. The structure design of Miracle ECM condenser fan motor is the same as that of the YZF motor, which can easily replace the two types of motors. Not only that, Miracle ECM condenser fan motor fundamentally solves the problem of motor heating, which further improves the reliability of the condenser fan motor. Contact us to get the ECM condenser fan motor immediately!

YZF Condenser Fan Motor

Miracle YZF series condenser fan motor belongs to the shaded pole motor series. The shaded pole motor is mostly used for refrigeration and heat dissipation of household appliances due to its small and beautiful appearance, compact structure, simple maintenance, low starting torque, low noise, and low vibration. The output power of the YZF condenser fan motor is between 2W-34W. For more details, please contact Miracle team to see what types of condenser fan motors are for sale now!

Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motor

Miracle refrigerator condenser fan motor is a type of shaded pole motor, which is widely used in small refrigeration equipment, such as refrigerators, kitchen refrigerators, and commercial refrigeration. We can provide you with refrigerator condenser fan motor, refrigerator evaporator fan motor, refrigerator accessories, refrigerator compressor and other products. Contact us with your condenser fan motor pasts list without any hesitation!

Miracle has rich experience in R&D and production of condenser fan motors, with a high safety level, high IP protection level, and high reliability.

We have carefully considered every part, every detail, and every electrical component of the condenser fan motor so that the condenser fan motor and the control board module achieve the best match.

Not only that, the reliable running time of Miracle condenser fan motor is much higher than 50000h. What are you waiting for? Send us your bulk order of condenser fan motor now!

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