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Miracle is a factory integrating design, production, and sales of the condenser coil, evaporator coil, complete condenser, and evaporator for 20+ years, which ensures Miracle has an experienced team to take care well of every process from R&D, production to sales.

Check the videos to see Miracle condenser coil factory and see what kind of condenser coil you can get from us, small condenser coil, AC condenser coil, HVAC condenser coil, epoxy coated condenser coil, refrigerator condenser coil are all ready for you, please do not hesitate to contact us get a free design and quote!

Small Condenser Coil

The small condenser coil is an important accessory and needs to be put inside of complete condenser, which is more popular for refrigerator, freezer, showcase and water dispenser, etc. The small condenser with matched shaded pole motor or Axial fan motor and installed on the condensing units.

Miracle can provide the standard condenser coil for the popular models and sizes of condensers, Not only that but we can also customs the small condenser coil according to your refrigeration equipment, no matter you need the high temperature, medium temperature, or low-temperature condenser coil for your system, Miracle all can supply. Just contact the Miracle team with your specific requirements directly!

AC Condenser Coil

From its name you can understand the function of the AC condenser coil is for heat dissipation. Miracle AC condenser coil is made of copper pipe and aluminum fins which is the standard and popular type all over the world. As shown in the picture above, there is L type, which is the most popular type for the air-cooled condenser, also there are V type, W type, etc for different cooling capacity and temperature ranges.

You can purchase the suitable AC condenser coil from our current system, or explain all of your demands clearly, we are specially custom for you. Our experienced R&D team and strong production line, testing equipment will ensure you get the perfect match and reliable quality AC condenser coil every time! Please do not hesitate to contact us with your demands, you wonâ€TMt lose anything for that, on the contrary, you will get a valuable AC condenser coil supplier! Miracle AC condenser coil manufacturer is waiting for you!

HVAC Condenser Coil

HVAC condenser coil is the condenser coil for HVAC equipment, that is condenser unit. The HVAC condenser coil can be used on the condenser which is used on cold room condensing unit, also can be used on the small condenser which is for refrigerator, freezer, showcase, etc.  HVAC condenser coils are used in a wide range of applications, including commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, air conditioning, etc.

If you are the evaporator and condenser factory, we can supply the OEM service of the HVAC condenser coil to you, then you can save time and energy with an economic cost and improve your working efficiency, or just transfer the types you can not produce right now, we make them for you; If you are service to project customer, we can help you to design, more fin space, more fin material for you to choose. Just send us your demand for the HVACA condenser coil right now!

Epoxy Coated Condenser Coil

The epoxy-coated condenser coil is a special type of condenser coil, it is usually applied in coastal areas or island countries, or other areas with high humidity and salinity, Why is this the case? The answer is epoxy coated condenser coil excellent corrosion resistance. According to the feedback from our customer, Miracle epoxy coated condenser coil works very well even in a wet environment and has a longer running time.

For the epoxy coated condenser coil, we use the epoxy aluminum fin which is with cold color as the fin material, the type normally sins wave, and it works at least 2000hours under our salt spray test. The copper tube size we use can be 9.52mm, 7mm,7.94mm,12.7mm, 15.88mm, and so on.

If you have any needs for an epoxy coated condenser coil, just send us your order now!

Custom Condenser Coil

If you can not find the satisfied condenser coil on the above page, don’t worry, we also provide you the customer service. When you contact us with the custom condenser coil service, please share all the details of the condenser coil you need.

For example, what types of condenser coil do you need, L type, V type, Double L type, etc; the detail application, for the condenser unit of cold room, or for refrigerator, freezer, showcase or some big refrigeration equipment of industrial refrigeration; if you have the special demand for the fin material and fin space, please also indicate it when you send the inquiry. The cooling capacity, fan motor diameter& brand, the air volume, and other important factors you think, please also let me know. The more specs you provide, the condenser coil and condenser unit are more perfect to your demand.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our successful managers to design the condenser coil for you right now!

Miracle refrigeration is one of the reliable condenser coil manufacturers in China and has devoted itself to the condenser coil and evaporator coil field for more than 20 years.

We have formed our stable R&D team which has more than 10 experienced engineers to serve you the customer service well. Also, we have a mature and reliable production system and management system to ensure the high quality of every detail of the condenser coil.

Below are some pics of our condenser coil workshop for your reference, you can see we separate the office building, raw material, fin making, welding, assembling, testing, packing into different workshops, make sure every production process of the condenser coil ordered and reliable.

Miracle has got the ISO9001 certificates, the high-quality condenser coil has been exported to North and South America, Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, etc, and get a good reputation.

On this ground, the Miracle team knows better what kind of condenser coils do you need in your project or your market and can understand you in the easiest way.

We welcome you to visit Miracle condenser coil supplier in your free time and see every process in person, or if you can’t come right now, we have videos for you to watch.

All that we do is just want you to know us well, know our production of the condenser coil, you will know what kind of condenser coil you will have.

Equipment is one of the proofs of the factory strength of condenser coil, and the advanced equipment can guarantee to provide the high-quality condenser coil. Miracle knows this very well, we do not skimp on investment in equipment.

In addition to the conventional equipment used in the condenser coil industry, we are also constantly looking at new equipment, and the introduction of tested and reliable equipment, on the one hand, to improve efficiency and better achieve your customized needs of the condenser coil, on the other hand, to improve the quality of condenser coil, as far as possible to let automation to replace manual, reduce human losses, thus saving costs, so that you can buy at the most economical price for more High-quality condenser coil.

Miracle’s management also pays great attention to the maintenance and upkeep of the machine, some minor problems of the machine if not found in time, may also affect the condenser coil, leaving hidden dangers for the user process.

Therefore, Miracle has a strict and detailed maintenance process for each equipment responsible person, to do daily checks on, off, weekly and monthly checks to ensure good operation of the equipment

The condenser is the complete unit compared with the condenser coil, every condenser unit has a condenser coil inside. When the condenser coil equips with the axial fan motor, steel plate, and covers, it becomes the condenser.

So Miracle is also the condenser manufacturer and supplier. As long as the condenser coil type we can provide, the corresponding condenser unit is also available.

The evaporator coil is very similar to the condenser coil for production, so to enrich our product range, the evaporator coil and evaporator unit are all provided for you. If you want to know what types of refrigeration evaporator and evaporator coil we have, just click the right page and check the details.

We are waiting for your inquiry and orders of condenser coil and evaporator, condenser unit, and evaporator unit at any time!

Condenser Coil and Evaporator Coil

The condensing unit, or refrigeration unit, compressor unit you may call it, are the great partner of the condenser and evaporator.

Miracle knows that there is a high possibility you will need the unit when you purchase the condenser coil, evaporator coil, so we start to develop and supply the unit after a few years after our factory is built.

Until now, Miracle condensing units and condenser coils have been exported to many countries and support many customers’ business or cold room&air conditioning projects.

You can see the pics of the condensing unit we have, no matter you need the air-cooled unit or water-cooled unit, no matter the open type unit or box type unit, no matter which brand of compressors and spare parts, we all can supply.

Miracle has a standard condenser coil, evaporator coil, condensing unit for distributors, customs condenser coil, unit for your projects, also OEM for some condenser coil suppliers.

When you have needs, please feel free to send them to us, you won’t lose anything, but get a reliable supplier! Call to action now!

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