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Miracle offers you a wide range of condensate pumps, which is what we should do as a qualified condenser pump manufacturer in China. In actual use, Miracle condensate pump can be divided into Mini condensate pump, HVAC condensate pump, automatic condensate pump, hot water condensate pump, etc. according to the different use environment.

The main function of the condensate pump is to solve the problem of air conditioner drainage, especially for the coil water of central air conditioner fan coils. Because of its indoor structure, natural drainage is not possible, so it is necessary to use a condensate pump to drain the water generated by air conditioners.

Miracle condensate pump manufacturer has made air conditioning drainage engineering and air conditioning parts supply its business, and we have a more professional team to serve you. Contact us now to purchase your ideal condensate pump!

Air Conditioner Drain Pump-Angle Pump

The corner-type condensate pump is designed to integrate the water storage tank and the pump body, so the corner-type condensate pump is a whole unit, and the one shown in the picture is the corner-type condensate pump.

The advantage of the corner-type condensate pump is that it is installed at the corner of the piping, saving space and making installation easy. For more mini condensate pump models, please contact us directly now!

Mini Drain Pump

Mini condensate pumps are available in split type and corner type. The split condensate pump consists of two parts: a storage tank and the pump body. The split condensate pump has a separate tank and can therefore hold more water. The split condensate pump is suitable for use in environments where installation space is abundant and the discharge volume is large.

HVAC Condensate Pump

HVAC condensate pumps are used in an extremely wide range of applications, including industrial, commercial, domestic, office, restaurant, hospital, supermarket, and other applications. Contact now.

High Volume Condensate Pumps

As a reliable condensate pump manufacturer, We not only have high-volume condensate pumps, but we also can supply you with an air conditioner condensate pump, high-head condensate pumps, high-temp condensate pumps, high-capacity condensate pumps, etc. Contact us to pick your condensate pump now!

Central AC Condensate Pump

There are 9 types of built-in central AC condensate pumps available, including float, single-hole bracket, and heterogeneous bracket models. The built-in central AC condensate pump is installed in the fan coil water connection panel, so there are more types of brackets. Of course, this can better match your purchasing needs. Contact us now for more details!

Commercial Condensate Pump

Commercial condensate pumps are mainly used in large supermarkets. Large supermarkets have refrigeration equipment such as display cabinets, freezers, island cabinets, commercial refrigerators, etc., which are usually located in the central part of the mall to facilitate consumers’ needs for purchasing goods.

However, this can cause the problem of drainage of the island cabinets, so commercial condensate pumps are the solution to this problem. Miracle commercial condensate pumps have a larger head lift, up to 36m. Where there’s a problem, there’s a solution. Miracle has the perfect commercial refrigeration drainage solution for you. Contact us now!

Hot Water Condensate Pump

A hot water condensate pump is also called a high temp condensate pump. a hot water condensate pump is mainly used in precision air conditioners and dehumidifiers and can withstand water temperature up to 90℃. In terms of internal structure, Miracle hot water condensate pump adopts a double float design to ensure the safe operation of the condensate pump.

In the meantime, Miracle hot water condensate pump also has a 4L large capacity water tank and brass spout design to ensure safe drainage while reducing the frequency of start-up. Contact us now to purchase the exploding condensate pump!

HS 18P Split Air Conditioner Drain Pump

The air conditioner condensate pump is a drainage solution for air conditioners, Miracle air conditioner condensate pump is mainly used for split type air conditioners. Different types of air conditioners need to be matched with different types of air conditioner condensate pumps.

As a trustworthy condensate pump manufacturer, Miracle has done a better job in detail. We have made the details for different markets and different environments. This ensures that every condensate pump you purchase is the right one for you. Send your inquiry now!

The clean factory environment and orderly working order ensure Miracle condensate pump manufacturer’s high-quality products and efficient production.

Miracle as a reliable condensate pump manufacturer, we implement a 6S management system and pay attention to talent training and saving.

Miracle pays attention to the construction of the talent echelon and implements the talent echelon construction program of senior engineers teach intermediate engineers and intermediate engineers teach junior engineers.

After years of efforts, Miracle condensate pump manufacturer has realized a reasonable talent ladder to ensure the R&D and production of a condensate pump. Contact us now and get more details!

For help with your sales in your market and increase the strength of our condensate pump, Miracle has applied the following certificates.

We never stop our steps to get more approval and recognition from all over the world, please pay attention to our development and support us more.

Condensate Pump Manufacturer Certification

Condensate pump certificate and condensate pump patent are the cornerstones of a condensate pump manufacturer’s development.

Only enterprises that continuously increase investment in research and development and create new condensate pump products will have a future.

I think, as an air conditioning parts distributor and central air conditioning engineer, you need to find a young and hardworking spirit of the condensate pump manufacturer for you to do support, the traditional condensate pump manufacturer development momentum has been depleted, the ability to treat product updates and customization, often have a heart but not enough power.

Miracle condensate pump manufacturer was established in 2011, more than a decade of accumulation, so Miracle condensate pump manufacturer is still in the young and strong period, such a company has more passion, creativity, and vitality.

Please believe that the Miracle condensate pump will be the best choice for you. Send your order now!

Condensate Pump Manufacturer Patent

If you are an air conditioning parts distributor, Miracle lokring tool and lokring fitting will be the highlight of your parts sales process and a big hit because we have done that in other countries, also we have enough case studies and resources to help you.

Miracle lokring products are the best way to replace welding.

Not only that, the Miracle pipe press tool has the advantages of easy operation, few minutes to get started, no fire required, no safety hazards, reduced labor costs, etc.

Miracle propress tool and propress fitting is the best air conditioning installation tool. Contact us now for a fire-free connection solution!

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