Compressor Start Capacitor Supplier
Compressor Start Capacitor Supplier

Your Best Compressor Start Capacitor Supplier In China!

Your Superior Compressor Start Capacitor Supplier

Miracle is a reliable compressor start capacitor supplier, and products passed CE, UL, VDE, and many other certifications.

With 15 years of production experience, we support your personalization and provide OEM service for you.

We can supply you with a CD60 compressor start capacitor, Danfoss type compressor start capacitor, phenolic case compressor start capacitor, etc.

CD60 Compressor Start Capacitor

The CD60 compressor start capacitor is designed with an aluminum housing and has an operating temperature range of -40°C to 65°C. It is mainly used for 50/60Hz air conditioners, refrigerators, and single-phase motors. Contact us now.

Danfoss Compressor Start Capacitor

Danfoss compressor start capacitor electrolytes are made of bi-directional stretchable polypropylene film. And has an operating temperature range of -25°C to 85°C. For more information, please contact Miracle now.

Phenolic Case Compressor Start Capacitor

Phenolic case compressor starts capacitor shell using phenolic as raw material, with good stability, durability, and other characteristics. In addition, our compressor start capacitor uses an automatic winding and vacuum pouring process, so it is more fine workmanship.

Our compressor start capacitor has a wide range of styles, new appearance, and high recognition.

We have accumulated more than 15 years of manufacturing experience, so our capacitors have fewer design flaws and more consistent quality.

For more info, please feel free to contact Miracle.

Compressor Start Capacitor Certification

Miracle can provide refrigeration compressor service for your refrigeration plant, transport refrigeration project, railroad plant, etc.

You can choose the compressor you need here, we can provide you with 100% original and genuine air conditioner compressors, semi-hermetic compressors, rotary compressors, etc.

Such as Copeland, Danfoss, BITZER, Refcomp, Carrier Carlyle, Highly compressor, Maneurop, Frascold, Panasonic scroll, Panasonic rotary, Daikin, LG, Mitsubishi, GMCC, Refcomp, Invotech compressor, Scope compressor, Huayi compressor, etc.

Contact Miracle and send your inquiry now.

Refrigeration Compressor

Customize your own compressor start capacitor color, and send your inquiry now.

Compressor Capacitor Color

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