Compressor Run Capacitor Supplier
Compressor Run Capacitor Supplier

Your Best Compressor Run Capacitor Supplier In China!

Your Superior Compressor Run Capacitor Supplier

Our compressor run capacitor is manufactured with automation for more precise process control.

Also, strong production capacity to meet your bulk purchase.

Support compressor run capacitor personalization, and rich color options.

We can supply you with a CBB60 compressor run capacitor, CBB61 compressor run capacitor, CBB65 compressor run capacitor, CBB80 compressor run capacitor, etc. Contact now.

CBB60 Compressor Run Capacitor

CBB60 compressor run capacitor adopts insert design, it has the advantages of low loss, high insulation resistance, good self-healing performance, etc. CBB60 compressor run capacitor can be used in washing machines, fractional horsepower motors, pumps, etc. Contact us now.

CBB61 Compressor Run Capacitor

CBB61 compressor run capacitor is also called fan run capacitor because it is mainly used for electric fans, exhaust fans, etc. CBB61 compressor run capacitor helps to start and run the motor. For more details, contact us now.

CBB65 Compressor Run Capacitor

CBB65 compressor run capacitor is mainly used in air conditioner compressors, we can supply compressor run capacitor with a capacitance value of 25UF, 30UF, 35UF, 40UF, 45UF, 50UF, 55UF, and 60UF. For more details, contact us now.

CBB80 Compressor Run Capacitor

CBB80 compressor run capacitor is also called a high-voltage AC capacitor, which has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, and excellent electrical performance. CBB80 compressor run capacitor is mainly used for overvoltage protection of rectifier of electric locomotive. Send your inquiry today.

Whether it is compressor run capacitor, compressor start capacitor, or SPP compressor capacitor, they all have passed CE, UL, VDE, CQC, ISO9001, and so on.

Therefore, you can purchase with confidence.

Compressor Run Capacitor Certification

In this section, you can choose the compressor that suits your needs and support the bulk purchase.

We can supply Copeland, Danfoss, BITZER, Refcomp, Carrier Carlyle, Highly compressor, Maneurop, Frascold, Panasonic scroll, Panasonic rotary, Daikin, LG, Mitsubishi, GMCC, Refcomp, Invotech compressor, Scope compressor, Huayi compressor, etc.

You can click on the links directly to see more, or contact us directly for a quicker response.

Refrigeration Compressor

Now tell us the color of the compressor run capacitor you need to customize.

Compressor Run Capacitor Color

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