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20 Years’ Profession commercial refrigeration unit production experience, all Miracle series commercial refrigeration units are concentrated and polished production processes for 20 years. Standard commercial refrigeration units and customized commercial refrigeration units are available for your needs.

It covers an area of 90 acres and a standardized production workshop of 60,000 square meters, then Miracle provides a guarantee for a high-standard, high-quality commercial refrigeration unit. Not only that, high efficiency, stability, and reliability are also one of the reasons why Miracle commercial refrigeration unit is favored by customers.

Small Commercial Refrigeration Unit

There are currently four types of small commercial refrigeration units available for you. Different commercial refrigeration units are equipped with different compressors. Miracle small commercial refrigeration units mainly include Secop compressors, Embraco compressors, Tecumseh compressors, and Maneurop compressors.

The compressors matched with Miracle small commercial refrigeration unit are all world-renowned brands, so this greatly reduces your risk of purchasing small commercial refrigeration units. Because the compressor is the core of the commercial refrigeration unit, a compressor with stable quality will definitely improve the reliability of the commercial refrigeration unit. Therefore, purchasing Miracle small commercial refrigeration unit will make your business more worry-free!

Commercial Outdoor Refrigeration Unit

There are six styles of commercial outdoor refrigeration unit to choose from, including the top blowing commercial outdoor refrigeration unit and the side blowing commercial outdoor refrigeration unit. Of course, we can also customize the commercial outdoor refrigeration unit that you like according to your requirements.

The appearance of the unit responds differently in different markets. Gray or black is easy to sell in some areas, and white is easy to sell in some countries. For commercial outdoor refrigeration unit factories, we can all supply. We can customize the color for you to suit your market. Of course, the performance of the commercial outdoor refrigeration unit is also the best.

So please don’t worry, send your inquiry directly and let us solve your query now!

Danfoss Type Commercial Refrigeration Unit

Danfoss type commercial refrigeration unit adopts Danfoss scroll compressor, and Miracle commercial refrigeration unit has six styles to choose from, including top air blowing and side air blowing. Danfoss type commercial refrigeration unit belongs to the outdoor refrigeration unit, so Danfoss type commercial refrigeration unit has the same appearance as outdoor commercial refrigeration unit.

At the same time, the Danfoss type unit customized options are the same as the outdoor commercial refrigeration unit, except that the compressor brand is different. Contact us now to get more details about the Danfoss type commercial refrigeration unit!

Copeland Type Commercial Refrigeration Unit

Copeland type commercial refrigeration unit can be designed as condensing unit with side blowing or top blowing, and open-type commercial refrigeration unit according to requirements, just like you can see in the picture. Copeland type commercial refrigeration unit adopts Copeland compressor, and the compressor of the unit is responsible for the power source of the HVAC&R system. Therefore, a good compressor will reduced failure rate of the commercial refrigeration unit. you can purchase with more confidence.

Not only that, the Miracle Copeland type commercial refrigeration unit adopts a modular design, which has the advantages of simple installation, convenient maintenance and replacement, and strong uniformity, which is especially suitable for mass purchases. Send your inquiry to us right now!

Bitzer Type Commercial Refrigeration Unit

The bitzer-type commercial refrigeration unit is widely used, and the Bitzer compressor has almost become synonymous with commercial refrigeration. Bitzer commercial refrigeration unit can be applied to small refrigerators, cold storages, large supermarkets, parallel units, water-cooled units, air-cooled units. In our more than 20 years of business, we feel that the application of the Bitzer commercial refrigeration unit covers almost all aspects of life.

Of course, Miracle also keeps up with the times and continues to develop new-style Bitzer commercial refrigeration units. Miracle Bitzer-type commercial refrigeration unit also covers various industries around it, including medical care, office buildings, supermarkets, cold storage, etc. Send your order to Miracle now and let Miracle Bitzer-type commercial refrigeration unit help you better!

Parallel Commercial Refrigeration Unit

Parallel commercial refrigeration units are generally used in large refrigeration equipment, central air-conditioning refrigeration, or HVAC industries. Miracle parallel commercial refrigeration unit can be matched with different compressor brands, including bitzer compressor, Copeland compressor, Danfoss compressor. The design of a parallel commercial refrigeration unit needs to consider more energy-saving factors. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the structural design and accessory layout of the parallel commercial refrigeration units.

Parallel commercial refrigeration unit has more custom parameters due to its complexity, so I won’t repeat them here. If you have a requirement for a parallel commercial refrigeration unit, please send your commercial refrigeration unit detailed requirements. We will provide you with the best design plan in a fast way!

From walk-in commercial refrigeration units and evaporators to small refrigeration units and evaporator units, all Miracle commercial refrigeration units have quality assurance when they leave the factory.

Miracle refrigeration is one of the excellent commercial refrigeration condensing unit suppliers in China, Including air-cooled refrigeration unit, water-cooled refrigeration unit, HVAC refrigeration unit, and air conditioning refrigeration unit, Miracle can provide efficient commercial refrigeration unit solutions for you.

Miracle is committed to improving the sales of refrigeration units through sustainable commercial refrigeration unit processes and technological innovation.

At the same time, Miracle commercial refrigeration unit also provides solutions for food security and environmental protection. If you need help in the commercial refrigeration field, please call our friendly customer service staff. We are happy to help you at any time!

Good production of commercial refrigeration units requires good management. Good performance of the production equipment to produce high-quality commercial refrigeration units.

Miracle Refrigeration Equipment Ltd attaches importance to the maintenance of production equipment.

Miracle factory implements a responsibility system, assigns responsibility to individuals, and regularly maintains commercial refrigeration unit tools.

Not only that, but the Miracle commercial refrigeration unit factory also keeps a vigilant attitude at all times, and while actively developing its own innovation capabilities, it also keeps a close eye on the forefront of the times.

We attach importance to the introduction and development of new production equipment.

High-performance commercial refrigeration unit production equipment and mature production management ensure the stability of Miracle commercial refrigeration unit. Contact us now to get a high-quality commercial refrigeration unit!

The factory’s ability to customize is important to you. We value your needs.

Miracle’s strong production and design capabilities can perfectly match the customization needs of your commercial units.

Contact us now to get more customization details of the commercial refrigeration unit!

Commercial Refrigeration Unit Customize Service

We have 20 years of experience in providing the complete commercial refrigeration unit solution for different customers from different markets.

If you are engaged in an air-conditioning installation project, then you need a perfect fire-free connection solution, and the air-conditioning installation tool will be your good helper.

If you are engaged in refrigerator manufacturing, then you also need an efficient pipeline crimping solution, Propress for refrigeration will give you the answer.

If you are engaged in the maintenance of a copper piping system or aluminum piping system, propress tool, and propress fitting is an indispensable toolset.

Maybe you have met the leakage problem because of welding the refrigerator filter, it doesn’t matter, Miracle refrigerator repair tool can solve this problem perfectly, especially when you are connecting the refrigerator filter and the capillary tube.

Send your inquiry now!

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