Miracle Product Used for Commercial Building
Commercial Building

Commercial activity drives economic growth, which in turn promotes commercial prosperity and optimizes people’s quality of life.

This is why commercial buildings also develop along with business development.

Miracle, as one of the top refrigeration suppliers in China, can meet the needs of commercial buildings for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, HVAC parts, HVAC piping design optimization, and HVAC project construction.

Commercial Building Solution


Can you imagine working in a hot and cold environment in Summer and Winter? It’s bad for people’s comfort, and it can also cause a lack of concentration of workers in the workplace, resulting in low working efficiency.

Green, healthy, intelligent workplaces have revolutionized the way we work. Miracle HVAC solutions will help you greatly in improving your office environment. Contact us for your office project now!


For business trips, travel, and holidays, people all will choose a comfortable hotel, which will greatly improve the quality of sleep for the customer, which is positive.

Miracle hotel air conditioning systems can help you to achieve this as Miracle air conditioning systems can effectively improve the air quality and temperature of the space. Contact us to design your hotel project now!


The presence of a supermarket in a commercial building greatly optimizes our lives, and supermarkets bring a great deal of convenience to our lives. So what solutions can Miracle provide for supermarkets?

Firstly, we can design and manufacture HVAC systems for supermarkets. Secondly, we can provide supermarket display cabinets, island cabinets, and other services. Send us your demand and let us design your supermarket now!

Data Center

The development of digitalization will inevitably lead to more and more data centers, as online shopping, logistics, communications, and other important life-related applications all require data center support.

Therefore, it is very important that the data center operates safely and reliably.

Miracle data center cooling systems ensure that the data center operates at the optimum temperature and humidity to ensure the maximum stability of the data center. Email us with your refrigeration or air conditioning needs now!

Swimming Pool

Swimming has become the new form of fitness as it is the least damaging sport and the healthiest way to exercise. Keeping the pool water temperature constant and comfortable is where Miracle refrigeration comes in.

Miracle heat pump units ensure that the pool water temperature is maintained at international standards, taking care of your health. Contact us to get your heat pump unit now!

Commercial Building Application


Chiller includes the cooled water and hot water units, mainly used for domestic hot water production and industrial chilled water. Not only that, but Miracle group also can offer you refrigeration compressors, chiller accessories, etc. Contact us to be your one-stop supplier for chiller now!

Island Cabinet

Island cabinet is the solution for the display of fresh products in supermarkets. Miracle can supply you with island cabinets, drainage pumps, island cabinet compressors, and more. See more types of island cabinets by contacting us now!


Showcase offers solutions for the display of beverages, alcoholic beverages, milk, and other products in supermarkets.

Miracle can provide you with products such as showcases, showcase compressors and showcase after-sales service solutions, etc. Contact us to get your perfect showcase with no welding connection technology today!

  • Commercial Building Parallel Unit
  • Commercial Building VRF Unit

Condensing Unit

Commercial building condensing units include small refrigeration units, freezer condensing units for commercial refrigerators, display cabinets, and island cabinets.

Outdoor units and central air-conditioning units for air conditioning, parallel units, and water-cooled units for large supermarkets/office buildings, etc. Contact us to get more details of condensing unit now!

PE Insulated Copper Pipe

Miracle PE insulated copper pipe is the perfect solution for long-distance cold air transport. Miracle PE insulated copper pipe is fire and corrosion-resistant and has a long service life.

PE Insulated Copper Pipe can be used with Copper Y joint for commercial air conditioners, display cabinets, and other refrigeration applications.

In addition, Miracle PE copper pipe insulated can also be used for the insulation of plumbing lines. Message us with more specifications of insulation copper pipe immediately!

  • Commercial Building Air Conditioner Copper Pipe Insulated
  • Commercial Building Air Conditioner Copper Y Joint
  • Commercial Building Air Conditioner Insulated Copper Pipe
  • Commercial Building Air Conditioner Electrical Tool
  • Refrigeration Showcase Lokring Repair Tool
  • Commercial Building Air Conditioner Lokring Tool

No Welding Connection Tool

The Miracle no welding connection tool meets two major needs in commercial refrigeration: firstly, it offers the construction team a fast and efficient method of installing central air conditioning.

The second is to facilitate the construction of your own after-sales network, as the Miracle no welding connection tool is a product that allows for standardized operation, easy to operate.

Whether building an after-sales system for an air conditioning factory or a showcase factory, we can provide you with professional solutions. Contact Miracle team to check more real cases now!

Commercial Refrigeration Parts

Commercial refrigeration parts include horizontal rotary compressors for display cabinets, refrigerator compressors, condensate pumps, scroll compressors for central air conditioning, semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, fan coils, air curtain units, HVAC tools, etc. Contact us to get all the commercial refrigeration parts right now!

  • Commercial Building Air Conditioning Air Curtain
  • Commercial Building Air Conditioning Condensate Pump
  • Commercial Building Air Conditioning Indoor Unit
  • Commercial Refrigerator Horizontal Compressor
  • Supermarket Showcase Compressor

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