Cold Storage
Cold Storage

Cold storage provides our lives with fresh vegetables and fruit, and cold storage is a good way to improve people’s lives. You can also think of cold storage as a large-scale refrigerator and therefore requires more powerful refrigeration equipment.

There is a wide range of cold storage units, which in terms of size can be divided into medium and large cold storage units, small cold storage units, and walk-in cold storage units for the storage of food, seafood, meat products, fruit, and vegetables.

Cold Storage Solution

The solutions for cold rooms are diverse and there is a wide range of functional options depending on the actual usage requirements. For example, alarm functions, real-time monitoring, automated control, and escape functions.

All of these features are of great benefit to cold storage managers. This can significantly reduce the risks involved in the operation of cold rooms.

As a professional cold storage supplier, we can offer you a full range of solutions for Mini cold storage, food cold storage, walk-in cold storage, quick-freeze cold storage, cryogenic cold storage, and more. Contact us to get more applications of cold storage!

Cold Storage Application

The above pis show the application of cold storage closer to our life, but in fact, the application of cold storage is much more extensive.

For example controlled atmosphere cold storage, storage cold rooms, logistics cold rooms, etc.

Whatever the type of cold storage, Miracle is capable of providing you with a professional design and a solution to suit your needs. Contact us now for more details!

  • Cold Storage Parallel Condensing Unit
  • Cold Storage Piston Condensing Unit
  • Cold Storage Scroll Compressor Condensing Unit
  • Cold Storage Semi-hermetic Compressors Condensing Unit

Cold Room Condensing Unit

Cold storage units are the core component of a cold storage unit that provides the source of cooling capacity.

Miracle cold storage units are available in two types: water-cooled units, air-cooled units, scroll units, semi-hermetic compressor units, and hermetic reciprocating units. For more information, please message Miracle group now!

Condenser And Evaporator

Condenser and evaporator with the condensing unit to ensure the normal operation of the cold storage, no matter what type of cold storage, the evaporator and condenser are all needed, but the existence of the form of difference, such as evaporator there are fin and coil type, condenser there is air-cooled and water-cooled type.

Miracle, as a professional refrigeration supplier, can provide you with different types of evaporators and condensers, contact us to get your condenser and evaporator of your cold storage now!

  • Cold Storage Evaporator Unit
  • MED Series Cold Storage Evaporator Unit
  • V Type Cold Storage Condenser
  • Cold Storage Condenser
  • Cold Storage Air Curtain
  • Cold Storage Door
  • Cold Storage Panels
  • Cold Storage Parts

Cold Storage Parts

Cold storage accessories include air curtains, cold storage doors, cold storage lights, cold storage panels, cold storage hinges, cold storage handles, etc. These cold storage parts affect the energy consumption of the cold storage and therefore the correct cold storage accessories to be selected based on your project.

For example, the thickness of the cold room panel and the thickness of the cold storage steel plate are selected according to the temperature of the cold storage and the application of the cold storage. The cold storage door is selected according to the use environment of the cold storage and so on.

Miracle is an experienced supplier of cold storage accessories, we are more than capable of handling cold storage details and recommending cold storage accessories. Contact us to select the cold storage parts immediately!

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