Cold Room Panels
Cold Room Panels
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Cold Room Panel Certifications to Ensure High Quality

  • Cold Room Panel CQC Certification
    CQC Certification
  • Cold Room Panel ISO9001 Certification
    ISO9001 Certification
  • Cold Room Panel ISO14001 Certification
    ISO14001 Certification
  • Cold Room Panel OHSAS18001 Certification
    OHSAS Certification

Miracle Cold Room Panels to Boom Your Business

As one of the top cold room panel manufacturers in China, Miracle cold room panel conforms or exceeds the GB/T2400, GB/T19001 National standards, complying with criteria CQC, ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS 18001.

Miracle Cold Room Panels

Cold Room Panels Color Options

The popular colors for the two galvanized steel sheets as below for your choice, or you have other requirements, share us the RAL number, we customized for you.

Free Design For Your Cold Room Panels

Do you want a customized cold room panel that suits your project perfectly with the most economic cost?

Do you have some trouble designing the cold room panel with the easiest way to install it?

Miracle has the solution to provide you a free design according to your project and a customized cold room panel for you!

Scientific customization ability to provide you the most suitable cold room panel; One-stop supplier for cold room panel and cold room project; Cost-effective price, fast delivery time, and high-efficiency installation method.

Free Design For Your Cold Room Panels

Strong Production Capacity & Excellent Quality

Miracle introduced the world’s most advanced Italian Automatic cold room panel polyurethane production line, it includes the uncoiling system, laminating, forming machine system, steel plate preheating, six-component high-pressure foaming system, cutting system, translation cooling system, palletizing system, and other equipment.

With the above Automatic machine, combining various technologies such as machinery, chemical industry, electronic control, hydraulic pressure, and HCFC polyurethane chemical polymerization reaction, it truly realizes the automatic production of all functions from uncoiling of color steel plate to product packaging and can produce more than 1 million square meters of various types of polyurethane energy-saving building boards every year.

It can produce the max length 35m cold room panel which can make sure the polyurethane can be foamed fully and ensure the good heat preservation and sealing function of your cold room.

Cold Room Panels Strong Production Capacity & Excellent Quality

Environmental Friendly Cold Room Panels to Protect Our Earth

Miracle is a responsible company. We have not forgotten to give back to society while improving our business. When we produce cold storage panels, we choose environmentally friendly and energy-saving cold room panels and methods.

Every time when you use 1m³of Miracle cold room panel, it can reduce carbon dioxide by 270kg, so every piece of Miracle cold room panel you use, you are contributing to our mother Earth and protect our home.


Environmental Friendly Cold Room Panels to Protect Our Earth

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    Cold Room Panels Video Cover

    Miracle Cold Room Panels Features

    The construction period is shortened by more than 40%

    The overall structure of Miracle cold room panel has the advantages of a lightweight, large span, high load, easy installation, which can make the construction period shortened by more than 40%.

    Cold Room Panel Appearance is Beautiful and Practical

    The surface of Miracle polyurethane cold Room panel is smooth and flat. Experienced senior designers use the technical methods of architectural principles to not only ensure the beauty of the cold room panel but also ensure the practicality and durability of the cold room panel.


    Cold Room Panel Design
    Good Insulation Design
    The interface of Miracle polyurethane cold room panel adopts two concaves and three convexes structure to improve the insulation and air-tightness of the joints of the cold room panel, and effectively solve the problem that the cold storage is not insulated.
    Cold Room Panel Flammability Rating
    Class B Fire Retardant
    The burning performance of Miracle polyurethane cold room panel is Class B, the use temperature is 180°C, and it has carbon formation, no dripping, no curling, and no melting under the action of flame.
    Cold Room Panel Super Bearing Capacity
    Super Bearing Capacity Without Deformation
    Miracle polyurethane cold room panel has stable quality, long service life, high comprehensive cost performance, super bearing capacity, and service life can be more than 30 years.
    Cold Room Panel Appearance
    Hidden Nail Connection, Beautiful Appearance
    Miracle polyurethane cold room panels are connected by hidden nails, and the surface has no exposed screws. The cold room is beautiful and smooth, and the surface color is bright and beautiful.

    Miracle Cold Room Panels Specifications

    Cold Room Panels Installation Method to Save Your Work

    Cam Lock Cold Room Panels

    Cam lock cold room panel is made of two galvanized steel sheets and foamed polyurethane inside. It is embedded the eccentric hook inside of the cold room panel when we do the production, when you receive the cold room panel, follow the drawings and hook every piece of the cold room panel very easily.

    Plug-In Cold Room Panels

    Plug-In cold room panel is the foamed polyurethane galvanized steel sheets with a concave-convex groove structure for installation method.

    Plug-In cold room panel is widely used for big size cold room projects.

    Plug-In cold room panel improves the insulation and air-tightness of joints of the cold room panel, and greatly improve the installation efficiency.

    Cold Room Panels System Accessories

    Miracle Cold Room Panels Other Parts
    Miracle Cold Room Panels Other Parts

    What is a Cold Room Panels Used for?

    Cold Room Panels for High/Medium Temperature Cold Room

    Cold Room Panels for Medium Temperature Cold Room

    High/Medium cold room is mainly used for freshness keeping and widely used for daily food storage, so it is also called food cold storage.

    Food cold storage room is a place that can be the fresh preservation of fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products, and it also can be the processing place for those food products. It will use the refrigeration equipment to create a suitable temperature and humidity of the cold room, to ensure the perfect environment for fruits and vegetables.

    The storage temperature for the food cold storage room is -5℃~15℃, so you can choose 75mm and 100mm thickness cold room panels.

    Cold Room Panels for Low-Temperature Cold Room

    Cold Room Panels for Low Temperature Cold Room

    Low-temperature cold storage is mainly used for frozen products, such as meat, seafood, and other products that need to be frozen. The temperature can be reached -25℃, for a quick-freezing cold room, the temperature even lower than -40℃.

    When choosing cold room panels for low temperature,120mm,150mm,200mm, even 250mm thickness will provide you the good insulation performance.

    Cold Room Panels for Wall Panel

    Cold Room Panel for Wall Panel

    If you plan to build a big plant or house to provide a good place for a cold room to ensure its good performance and longer service life, find Miracle!

    Miracle does not just provide the cold room panel for various temperature cold rooms, walk-in freezer, or any refrigeration house, also supplies the walk panel, as long as you need good insulation for the house.

    Contact us for more information on types of wall panels, we provide you a solution!

    How to Install the Cold Room Panels

    Set Cam lock type cold room panel as an example, to show you how to install the whole cold room panel quickly(Above Video)

    When you order the Cam-lock type cold room panel for a small or medium size cold room, we normally cut every panel ready and well to fit your project, at the same time, we make drawing to mark numbers to show you how to install. Cold room panel installation just like you make a puzzle, but a simple one. Every piece of cold room panel has its position just and right.

    Please also follow those notes to ensure you install the cold room panel perfectly:

    1. Assembling the cold room panel is the first step in the construction of cold storage. Because the ground is uneven when the cold room panel is assembled, the cold room panel should be partially leveled, because the cold storage floor is relatively large, even if you deal with it and make it very flat, the flatness is the only relative, there will be unevenness in some parts.

    For this situation, you can find some small pieces of wood or bricks to level up, make the gap of the cold room panel as small as possible, and the top of the cold room panel must be aligned and flat so that the cold room panel on the top of the cold room can be tightly covered and increase sealing function.

    2. Use a utility knife to cut off the protruding foam residue between the cold room panels. The protective film on the side of the cold room panel is scratched off by one centimeter and peeled off to help the sealant to be firm and tight. After the cold room panel is assembled, the protective film on the cold room panels should be removed to facilitate the heat conduction and exchange of the cold room panel.

    3. For low-temperature storage or ultra-low temperature storage, it is necessary to apply a sealing glue between the gaps between the two cold room panels to make the insulation performance more superior and reliable. After the overall assembly of cold room panels is completed, all-natural seams between the cold room panels should be filled with sealant to ensure fullness, and every detail can make sure the thermal insulation performance more superior.

    Cold room panels installation very important, there are standards in all aspects. In order to ensure the safety of cold storage installation and construction, people need certain requirements during installation to better install and use. Miracle summarizes more requirements for cold room panel installation:

    1. When the cold storage is installed, the layout of the cold room panel should be kept flat and free from warping, scratching, or bumping. The insulating material of each cold room panel must be a continuous and complete material.

    2. No leaking foam is allowed on the joint surface of the cold room panel installation.

    3. Refrigeration system accessories and other accessories should be anti-corrosion, anti-rust, non-toxic, non-polluting, easy to clean, and not suitable for bacterial growth.

    4. According to the design drawings, if there are supporting beams, columns, and steel frames in the cold room, they should be positioned according to the design drawings and the identification should be accurate and clear. When Welding or installing supporting beams, columns, and steel frames, the welds should be moisture-proof and anti-corrosion in accordance with the requirements of the drawings.

    5. The connection of the cold room panel needs to be operated according to the drawings and instructions.

    6. During the cold storage test, check the outer surface of the cold room panel for uniform reflection, no condensation, and cold running phenomena; check the sealing conditions and openings of the joints; check whether the storage door and the discharge port are tightly sealed, and deal with degumming and air leakage in time that may cause heat preservation and sealing failure.

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