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Your #1 Cold Room Panels Manufacturer In China
Miracle Refrigeration is a leading cold room panel manufacturer in China for more than 10 years, we have high-quality cold room panel with various certifications.

Cold Room Panel Certifications to Ensure High Quality

  • Cold Room Panel CQC Certification
    CQC Certification
  • Cold Room Panel ISO9001 Certification
    ISO9001 Certification
  • Cold Room Panel ISO14001 Certification
    ISO14001 Certification
  • Cold Room Panel OHSAS18001 Certification
    OHSAS Certification

Miracle Cold Room Panels to Boom Your Business

As one of the top cold room panel manufacturers in China, Miracle cold room panel conforms or exceeds the GB/T2400, GB/T19001 National standards, complying with criteria CQC, ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS 18001.

Miracle Cold Room Panels Manufacturer

Miracle can customize the most convenient connect method, to make sure you get the cost-effective cold room panel, but has less installation work.

Miracle has specific research of the connection of each cold room panel, and forms a variety of mature cold-breaking bridge solutions to ensure the best sealing effect and insulation effect of your cold room, and support your condensing unit has the minimum energy consumption.

Cold Room Panel Reliable and Convenient Installation, Energy-saving

Miracle technical team has 20 years’ profession to provide you the most suitable cold room panel according to your demand.

Miracle adopts the raw material supplier for color steel panel or stainless panel that on the top list of Chinese supplier, control the quality from the first process.

Scientific ratio, sufficient amount, adjust the amount of polyurethane according to the temperature in different seasons to ensure the foaming effect.

Miracle has the longest full-automatic profiling production line in China, ensure that polyurethane foaming is more sufficient, the interior of the cold storage board is perfectly filled, so the heat preservation effect is better.

Cold Room Panel Design Ability+Excellent Production

Miracle uses Pentane for foam production, it won’t contain CFCs.

Miracle use environmentally friendly material, when you use 1m³ of polyurethane, it can reduce carbon dioxide by 270kg. Set a 90㎡ three-layer building as an example, polyurethane cold room panel can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 7.3T per year.

If a tree can absorb 18.3 kg of carbon dioxide per year, it is equivalent to planting nearly 4000 trees.

Environmental Protection Cold Room Panel

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    What Our Clients Say About Cold Room Panel

    Paul Steven:

    I never imagine the cold room installation can be so easy, Miracle really did a lot of work in their factory, even marked every panel for installation, I just follow their drawing to finish it, so fast and convenient. Now my business is increasing, I have more time to do more work. Miracle is a good supplier that worth cooperating with!

    Eddy Martin:

    Miracle is an A-class supplier of our company, they always provide the highly efficient service, quick response for quotation and problem solved, fast delivery, and their cold room panels are great, our customers are satisfied. They make me feel safe, my work is getting easier.

    Hector Gomez:

    Miracle is professional for cold room panel, they can customize the cold room for my project very well, and their cold room panel did have better insulation function, the energy consumption is less than my other projects, it has good sales in my market.

    Miracle Cold Room Panel 20 Years Experience
    20 Years+
    20 years profession and got a good reputation in worldwide
    Miracle Cold Room Panel Design Ability
    Design Ability
    Cold Room Panel Design Ability+Excellent Production
    Miracle Cold Room Panel Environmentally Friendly
    Environmentally Friendly
    Environmental Protection Cold Room Panel
    Miracle Cold Room Panel Easy Installation
    Easy Installation
    Reliable and Convenient Installation, Energy-saving

    Miracle Service to Make Your Business Simple

    Miracle will also calculate the best loading quantity and size when designing the cold room panel for you, the production department will arrange and pack them with the most suitable height when they are ready.

    Miracle transportation department will load the goods very well with their many years’ profession to ensure the container can be used at the most, then you can get the cold room panel with less freight.

    If you don’t have enough time, let Miracle take everything for you, you just wait at home or office, Miracle will deliver the cold room panel to your door.

    Miracle Cold Room Panel Service

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