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Miracle charging hose, charging hose set, refrigeration manifold gauges and HVAC adapter is introduced in the video. You can check the video to learn more about charging hose, or directly contact the Miracle charging hose team to answer your questions about charging hose more quickly.

Miracle charging hose includes all refrigerants, including R12 charging hose, R22 charging hose, R134a charging hose, 1234yf charging hose, R410a charging hose, ac charging hose, refrigerant charging hose, etc. Start your purchasing journey now!

R12 Charging Hose

Miracle R12 charging hose is a high-quality refrigerant filling hose and ball valve set. Miracle R12 charging hose is made of high-quality materials, which are durable, tightly sealed, safe, and reliable.

R12 charging hose red/yellow/blue 3 types of hoses are a set, which is suitable for most refrigerants, such as R134A, R22, R12, etc. Miracle R12 charging hose supports a working pressure of 600 PSI~3000 PSI, A wider range of working pressures, so you can use Miracle R12 charging hose with ease,which is very suitable for the filling of standard refrigerants.

R22 Charging Hose

You can choose the matching red, blue and yellow tubes of the R22 charging hose according to your needs. R22 Charging Hose meets 1/4 “SAE requirements for refrigerant mixing. Miracle R22 Charging Hose is suitable for most refrigerants, such as R134A, R22, R12, R502, R404, etc.

Miracle R22 Charging Hose uses a standard 1/4 “SAE internal threaded flared connector, while the R22 charging hose valve core is designed with a presser, which has a higher connection and sealing. The R22 charging hose is designed with a 45° bend at one end, which is more suitable for maintenance work. Very convenient, you can enter the system more perfectly.

R134a Charging Hose

Miracle R134a charging hose fittings are made of high-quality brass alloy for durability, double sealing, stronger sealing effect. Miracle R134a charging hose has excellent durability and safety.

The maximum working pressure of Miracle R134a charging hose is 800PSI and the maximum burst pressure is 4000PSI. The hose part of the R134a charging hose is made of a special material that is resistant to high pressure and explosion-proof etc. All hoses of Miracle R134a charging hose 1/4″ SAE, 5/16″ SAE fittings are available.

R410a Charging Hose

R410a charging hose is exquisite in appearance and available in length of 36″ 48″ 72″ 96″. R410a charging hose adopts R22/R410 refrigerant universal luxury match for inverter/fixed frequency air conditioner service.

R410a charging hose is designed to meet 1/4″ SAE requirements for refrigerants. R410a charging hose is made of high-quality material to resist high pressure, more durable, and not stiff in winter use. R410a charging hose anti-slip knob design is more oil-resistant and easier to use.

R1234yf Charging Hose

Miracle R1234yf charging hose is used with Miracle R1234yf manifold gauge. Miracle R1234yf charging hose is designed for servicing and charging R1234yf refrigerants in automotive or home air conditioners or other refrigeration equipment.

Miracle R1234yf charging hose adopts high standard design for more stable working performance; more avant-garde design of R1234yf charging hose and more mature process of R1234yf charging hose perfectly ensure the accuracy of charging quantity of air conditioners and other refrigeration equipment.

Refrigerant Charging Hose

More choices of refrigerant charging hose styles, Miracle refrigerant charging hose provides charging hose with ball valve, short charging hose, best low loss charging hose, and charging hose fittings. More charging hose styles, but the same quality, contact Miracle charging hose team now, find your charging hose!

AC Charging Hose

Miracle AC charging hose valve body adopts one-time molding technology, which can avoid the trouble of leakage at the joints of various parts caused by multiple moldings. The anti-skid design of the rotating convex teeth increases the friction of the hand.

Miracle AC charging hose has the features of quick maintenance and is made of pure copper, can be manipulated without stopping the machine, and is safe to prevent frostbite. Miracle AC charging hose is made with exquisite craftsmanship, sturdy and durable, suitable for the maintenance of most refrigeration equipment.

Charging Hose Set

The perfect combination of charging hoses can achieve the desired effect. Miracle not only provides a charging hose but also a charging hose set. Miracle charging hose set includes digital charging hose set, single charging hose set, ac charging hose set, etc.

You can purchase a charging hose set together when you buy a charging hose to inject new vitality into your charging hose supply system.

Refrigerant Charging Hose Adapters

Miracle refrigerant charging hose adapters include automobile charging hose adapters, straight column charging hose adapters, R1234yf charging hose adapters, charging hose ball valve adapters, Refrigerant bottle opener, etc.,

You can purchase charging hose adapters according to your needs. For more details about charging hose adapters, please contact us directly.

Miracle manifold gauge includes a single manifold gauge, digital manifold gauge, manifold gauge set, ac manifold gauge. Miracle provides all the manifold gauges you need. If you have any questions about manifold gauge and charging hose adapters, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, Miracle manifold gauge team will give you a satisfactory answer!

Charging Hose and Manifold Gauge

There are some photos we took in our production line of charging hose, Miracle welcomes you to visit our charging hose factory any time you are free!

In a factory that pays attention to details, the quality of the charging hose produced will not be bad. Miracle is constantly working hard to provide you with a better charging hose. Send your inquiry now, and cooperate with us, we will be witnesses to the success of each other’s business.

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