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Miracle centrifugal blower fan products are very diverse, including high-pressure centrifugal blower, small centrifugal blower fan, and other products. In terms of power supply types, we have a variety of AC/DC/EC power supplies to choose from to improve your market competitiveness.

Not only that, we adopt the high-torque permanent magnet brushless motor with flat energy concentrated closed-loop technology, the motor system efficiency is more than 92%, the reliability is high, and it is more energy-saving. All in all, Miracle is your professional centrifugal blower fan supplier, please contact us with your requirements now!

97mm Centrifugal Blower Fan

The diameter of the Miracle 97mm centrifugal blower fan impeller is 97mm, and the total product size is 145mm*153mm*77mm. At a speed of 2500RPM, the air volume and static pressure can reach 93.6CFM and 57.1mmH2O. For more technical parameters, please contact us to get the centrifugal blower fan design now!

108mm Centrifugal Blower Fan

The diameter of the Miracle 108mm centrifugal blower fan impeller is 108mm. Of course, it also has a larger appearance size, which is about 158mm*168mm*115mm. Please match your centrifugal blower fan according to your purchase requirements, or send your purchase requirements directly to Miracle technicians, We will give you professional centrifugal blower fan advice!

120mm Centrifugal Blower Fan

The 120mm centrifugal blower fan with a noise level of only 57.8dB will bring you more excellent performance. First of all, this centrifugal blower fan has various kinds of voltage options. Second, it has a speed of 2400RPM and an air volume of 172CFM, which is more adaptable to the market. Now send your centrifugal blower fan requirements to us!

133mm Centrifugal Blower Fan

Miracle centrifugal blower fan is a forward-inclined centrifugal fan with different diameters, which can be widely used in IT communication, ventilation and cleanliness, air conditioning, electronic power, cold chain, and other application environments. The wide application environment can effectively improve the product competitiveness of Miracle centrifugal blower fan. Send your order to us and get a good centrifugal blower fan manufacturer now!

140mm Centrifugal Blower Fan

The impeller diameter of Miracle 140mm centrifugal blower fan is 140mm, and the power and speed of this fan have a large value. As the air volume increases, the static pressure decreases. The curves of air volume and static pressure basically show a parabolic trend. Of course, a 140mm centrifugal blower fan has a very wide application scenario. Click to check more details or contact us with the order list now!

146mm Centrifugal Blower Fan

Miracle 146mm centrifugal blower fan uses a 146mm wind wheel with a three-speed adjustment function. The air volume range is 445CFM-624CFM. The blower fan with dual air inlet design and 66dB noise can be used in air purifiers, central air conditioners, and other scenes. Contact us to get a fast quote now!

150mm Centrifugal Blower Fan

Miracle 150mm centrifugal blower fan requires more current, and the power is 100W. The curve between air volume and static pressure has a parabolic distribution, and the temperature range is -10℃-+65℃. We have more experience in the noise control of centrifugal blower fans. Therefore, Miracle centrifugal blower fan has higher power and lower noise. Send your inquiry to our professional sales manager directly!

160mm Centrifugal Blower Fan

Centrifugal blower fans with different diameters will have different air volume and static pressure curves. This is also an improvement based on specific applications. In order to make the product better serve you and your customers in different markets, we have done a lot of tests and experiments to ensure that all products are suitable for your market needs. Contact us with your market needs and get a better centrifugal blower fan design now!

180mm Centrifugal Blower Fan

The static pressure value of Miracle 180mm centrifugal blower fan is extremely low. When the air volume is 527.9CFM, the static pressure value is 22.1mmH2O. When the speed is 1350RPM, the noise value is 63.4, and the working mode is S1. For more technical parameters, please Whatsapp us now!

Quality product quality comes from excellent production management.

Miracle centrifugal fans are 100% tested during the production process, and the testing items include wind motor balance, noise, product performance, etc.

These tests ensure that the centrifugal fans you buy are quality products. Contact us now.

Centrifugal Blower Fan Manufacturer in China

We conduct a series of performance tests on all centrifugal blower fans that were developed by us, including salt spray detection, temperature experiment, international certification experiments, etc., to provide product quality assurance from the source, completely eliminate the potential hazards of the centrifugal blower fan.

If you also need a reliable centrifugal blower fan supplier, please do not hesitate to contact us now!

Miracle uses computer simulation technology to continuously test new centrifugal blower fans to ensure the efficiency of centrifugal blower fan research and development.

This will further increase the speed of our new centrifugal blower fan launches and increase market competitiveness. For more technical needs, contact Miracle engineer team directly!

The Role of Fan Shell and Volute Tongue in the Centrifugal Blower Fan

The Role of Fan Shell and Volute Tongue in the Centrifugal Blower Fan

The centrifugal blower fan has a simple and compact structure.

It is composed of impellers, motors, air inlets, air valves, air outlets, and other components.

Each component is an indispensable part and has its own unique function.

As small parts of a centrifugal blower fan, volute shell and volute tongue play an irreplaceable role.

Today we focus on explaining the role of the volute shell and volute tongue.

So what are the effects of the shape and size of the volute shell and volute tongue in the centrifugal blower fan on the efficiency of the entire device?

Now let us explain in detail:

Centrifugal Blower Fan Volute Shell(Housing)

Centrifugal Blower Fan Volute Shell

The shape of the centrifugal blower fan volute tongue is a logarithmic spiral.

Its main function is to collect the gas thrown out of the impeller and allow these gases to flow to the exhaust port.

During the gas flow, the gas can be converted from kinetic pressure energy to static pressure energy at the centrifugal blower fan wheel. , Thus forming wind pressure.

The centrifugal blower fan volute tongue is equipped with an outlet diffuser.

This is to make the airflow out of the volute tongue deflect toward the impeller.

Generally, the diffuser needs to be designed in the same direction as the fan wheel.

Centrifugal Blower Fan Volute Tongue (CutoffPlate)

Centrifugal Blower Fan Volute Tongue

The outlet of the centrifugal blower fan is designed with a volute tongue, which has a tongue-like structure.

Its main function is to prevent gas from circulating in the casing.

There is a gap between the centrifugal blower fan volute tongue and the outer diameter of the impeller when it is designed.

The size of the gap has a great influence on the noise of the work.

If the gap is relatively small, the noise is relatively large, and if the gap is relatively large, the noise is relatively small.

The shape of the centrifugal blower fan volute tongue is a circular arc.

Although the circular arc does not have a great impact on the aerodynamic force of the fan, it has a relatively large impact on noise.

Normally, if the radius of the arc is small, the noise is high, and vice versa, the noise is small.

In summary, volute shell and volute tongue play an important role in centrifugal blower fan, and the rationality of these two parts is directly related to the performance and effect of the equipment.

So you need a reliable centrifugal fan blower manufacturer, contact us now.

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