Refrigerator Factory Case Stories
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Refrigerator Factory Case Stories

With the transformation of people’s consumption concepts and the improvement of living standards, refrigerators are widely accepted by people.

Now almost every family has at least one refrigerator, so the refrigerator market is very large.

At the same time, competition among refrigerator factories is fierce.

Refrigerator factories in various countries around the world are striving to reduce production costs.

In this context, Miracle refrigerator fire-free connection solution came into being.

Miracle refrigerator line propress tool uses plastic deformation between metals to realize the connection of refrigerator pipes.

This method is not limited by the refrigerator pipe material, which greatly improves the convenience of pipe connection. At the same time, Miracle has a lower leakage rate than fire welding.

Now let’s analyze why the non-fire connection is more suitable for you than fire welding.

First of all, Miracle fire-free connection tools can save more money.

Because the price of each of our connections is equivalent to the price of fire welding, but our connection time is two-thirds lower than the connection time of fire welding, and the efficiency is higher. Therefore, the productivity per unit time is higher.

The second is the labor cost. The investment in the non-fire connection equipment is one-time, as long as the maintenance is done. However, the cost of labor is increasing year by year with the increase of time.

These artificial inputs will become a large part of the refrigerator investment in the future, and the controllable rate is relatively low. From this point of view, compared with fire welding, fire-free connections will save money every day in the future.

Then, the leakage rate of the solder-free connection is 1/5 of that of soldering, which will increase the utilization rate of materials, reduce the number of repaired refrigerators, and further improve the production efficiency of the refrigerator factory.

Furthermore, using Miracle FRK tool can easily help you build an after-sales maintenance network. This is very beneficial to the promotion of your refrigerator brand.

The following are some of the refrigerator brand factories that we have cooperated with, and more refrigerator factory use cases, involving commercial secrets and inconvenient to display, please contact us now and let us provide you with more possibilities.

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