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Your Trusted Carrier Compressors Supplier

We supply 100% genuine and original Carrier compressors, such as carrier reciprocating compressors, carrier semi-hermetic compressors, carrier screw compressors, and so on.

We can provide you with original Carrier compressors made in China.

We do not use refurbished compressors as new compressors for sale, and we support third-party testing organizations to check the authenticity of compressors before shipment.

For more export details, please contact us to get more.

Carlyle 06D Semi hermetic Compressor

The Carlyle 06D semi-hermetic compressor is a conventional compressor that can be purchased in large quantities to meet requirements from 3 HP to 15 HP. In addition, this compressor can be used with R134a, R404A and R407C refrigerants.

Carlyle 06E Semi hermetic Compressor

The Carlyle 06E semi-hermetic compressor has a cooling capacity of 15 HP to 40 HP. The high flow rate, large fuel tank are the advantages of this compressor. In addition, it is equipped with electronic oil pressure switch and crankcase ventilation system, you can increase or decrease these compressor accessories according to the actual demand. Contact us now.

Carlyle 06M Semi hermetic Compressor

With 12HP to 20HP cooling capacity, 25 to 41 m³/h discharge capacity, dual sight glass, and compressor motor protection, the Carlyle 06M type semi-hermetic compressor combine all these advantages in one unit. It has high reliability and low energy consumption, and it is designed for R410a refrigerant. If you have a need for an R410a refrigerant compressor, contact us now

Carrier Open Drive Reciprocating Compressor

The Carrier open drive reciprocating compressor does not have a motor module, it needs to be paired with your existing drive motor. As a result, the open drive reciprocating compressor is much smaller in size. This type of compressor is available in 05T, 05K, 05G, 05H, 05F, etc. For more information, please send your inquiry today.

Carrier Screw Compressor

Carrier screw compressors are available in open and semi-hermetic versions. Open type screw compressors are less common and therefore have a longer procurement cycle. Carrier screw compressors are larger in size and are used in central air conditioning systems, marine systems, etc. Carrier screw compressors are available in the 90-800 Cfm discharge range.

100% genuine Carrier compressor is guaranteed.

Because our Carrier compressor pick up channel is authentic.

We support third-party institutions to test the authenticity of the compressor before shipment.

Carrier Compressors Authenticity Guarantee

Even with the current severe COVID-19 situation, we are able to deliver Carrier compressors with stable lead times and on-time delivery.

This is due to our cooperation with forwarders of several ports.

Tianjin Port, Qingdao Port, Shanghai Port, Ningbo Port, Shenzhen Port, Guangzhou Port, China-European Train – Zhengzhou, Xinzheng International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, etc.

We can deliver Carrier compressors to you on time in China by various freight methods.

Carrier Compressors Fast Shiping

We can provide you with Carrier compressor parameters, drawings, product photos, etc.

In addition, we can also provide you with a warranty service. For more details on Carrier compressor after-sales service, contact us now.

Carrier Compressors Technical Support

You can see more types of Carrier compressor oils here.

Carrier Compressors Oil

Carrier Remanufactured Compressors

Carrier Remanufactured Compressors

Carrier compressors have a long history and are widely available in the market.

This is why there are a large number of Carrier remanufactured compressors and Carrier refurbished compressors on the market.

This is inevitable. Because remanufactured compressors are in demand in the refrigeration market and are very inexpensive.

But when you purchase a remanufactured carrier compressor you need to pay attention to the compressor’s operating time and wear and tear.

In addition, you need to confirm that the compressor is running properly before shipping.

This is necessary because it affects the reliability of the reconditioned compressor.

Therefore, when you need to purchase a reconditioned carrier compressor, you can consult our technical support team and we will give you professional advice.

Who Makes Carrier Compressors?

Do you know who the man behind today’s modern air conditioning is?

Willis Carrier, the father of modern A.C., invented the first ever electrical A.C. unit in 1902.

Still, now they are working to ensure our comfort and global productivity.

Carrier is contributing worldwide, providing a huge range from Chillers, Condensers to Compressors.

However, Carrier Screw Compressors and Carrier semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors are the most common and popular.

They are capable of covering your wide range of compressors that can go with your residential, commercial, or transport refrigeration.

Miracle is very proud of being an authorized supplier of Carrier Compressor.

We serve people worldwide to get access to this revolutionary compressor technology.

Carlyle Compressor Nomenclature:

Carlyle Compressor Nomenclature

Here we explain the Carlyle Compressor model number in detail so you can learn Carlyle compressor nomenclature.

We choose the 06T Semi-hermetic screw compressor and show all Carrier compressor specifications.

06TRC065B1AA-A00 Model Number Nomenclature

  1. 06 =First two digits mean the compressor type; it can be open drive (05) or Semi-Hermetic (06)
  2. T =It means 74mm Geared Twin Screw Compressor.
  3. R =This value means Design Variable of Carlyle Compressor, where R means Low-Temperature Refrigeration.
  4. Others value you may see in other Carlyle Compressor Models are A (Air Cooled Condensing) and W (Water Cooled Condensing).
  5. C =It is nominal horsepower. As this Carlyle Compressor model has 5 to 70 HP, Latter A to P is used instead of a number, where 0 means no motor.
  6. 065 =These 3 digits mean C.F.M. or cubic feet per minute, which indicates the compressor’s flow rate. Other values are 033, 039, 044, 048, 054, 065, and more.
  7. B =This variable means carrier compressor electrical specification, and all are 3-phase compressors. B means 460/60, 400/50 Volts & Hertz. Other values can be A ( no motor, low-speed seal), C, D, E, F, & L.
  8. 1 =10th digit is refrigerant.
  9. A =This variable means the design level of the Carrier compressor. A means prototype (1); other values are B ( prototype 2), C (Pre-production), D, E, & F.
  10. A =This value doesn’t have a significant meaning.
  11. A00 =Last 3 digits mean model variance, A00 is standard, and A01 is 50Hz application only.

Carlyle Compressor Parts

Carlyle Compressor Parts

Carlyle provides everything that your compressor needs.

Miracle supplies an exclusive range of Carlyle compressor parts and makes sure you find it most beneficial, economically valuable, and efficient in terms of quality.

We have a Carrier compressor service valve, crankshaft heaters, Gasket set, complete connecting rods, compressor crankshaft, pistons, Carrier compressor oil, and more.

As a leading and reliable Carrier/Carlyle compressor parts & accessories supplier in China, we allow you to browse all spare parts at affordable prices.

If you need help to know detailed features, benefits, and technical characteristics of the Carlyle compressor, we are here for you 24/7. Send us your inquiry now.

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