Capillary Tube Cutter Supplier
Capillary Tube Cutter Supplier

Your Reliable Capillary Tube Cutter Supplier in China.

Capillary Tube Cutter Video Cover

Your Reliable Capillary Tube Cutter Supplier

We can supply you not only a capillary tube cutter but also a refrigeration capillary tube to meet your one-stop purchasing needs.

We have rich experience in exporting, and we can meet the demand of bulk orders with stable delivery time.

Miracle freight is more cost-effective and can provide you with rail freight, sea freight, air freight, door-to-door service, etc. Contact us today.

XG-1 Capillary Tube Cutter

XG-1 capillary tube cutter is made of manganese steel, with a sharp cutting edge and no curling edge. The opening of the cutter can be adjusted according to the diameter of the capillary tube and is packaged in a blister box. Contact us now.

PTC-02 Capillary Tube Cutter

PTC-02 capillary tube cutter is a multifunctional model, also called wire cutter. It can be used for capillary tube cutting, also can be used for wire, solid fine copper wire cutting. For more details, please contact us now.

In this video, you can learn how to use the capillary clamp properly. If you need more help, please contact us now.


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