Miracle Braze-free HVAC Fittings
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The first Designer and Manufacturer of Braze-free HVAC Fittings in China.

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Your Trusted Braze-free HVAC Fittings Manufacturer

Miracle braze-free HVAC fittings use micro-deformation between metals to achieve piping connections.

The advantages of this type of connection are the ability to withstand higher pressures (over 30Mpa), long service life, non-corrosive piping of any material, and high reliability.

The service life of Miracle braze-free HVAC fittings is the same as that of copper pipes because they are made of brass.

Braze-free Connection Tool

The Miracle braze-free tool is used to crimp braze-free HVAC fittings. The tool is designed with a jaw so that the connection can be made at the connection point close to the wall.

Braze-free HVAC Equal Aluminum Fitting

The Miracle braze-free equal aluminum fitting is used to connect aluminum piping systems and is suitable for connections between pipes of the same diameter.

Braze-free HVAC Equal Brass Fitting

Miracle braze-free equal aluminum fitting is used to connect copper piping systems, which can be realized between copper and aluminum, copper and titanium, copper and copper. For more connection options, contact us now.

Braze-free HVAC Reducing Aluminum Fitting

The difference between equal aluminum fitting and reducing aluminum fitting is that the latter is used for the connection of pipes of different diameters. Now click to view details.

Braze-free HVAC Reducing Brass Fitting

Miracle braze-free reducing brass fitting is used to connect different diameters of copper, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, etc.

Miracle braze-free HVAC fittings work very simply by using the physical properties of metal piping and are designed based on the principle of elastic deformation of metal piping.

You can see a more detailed explanation of how it works here and also how Miracle braze-free HVAC fittings are used here.

Braze-free HVAC Fitting Work Principle

Before you can understand Miracle braze-free reducing brass fitting you need to understand the difference between brass and copper.

Brass is a soft material, so braze-free HVAC fittings made of brass cannot withstand large pressures.

Brass is a hard material, therefore, in the HVAC field, braze-free HVAC fittings made of brass are the best choice.

Braze-free HVAC Fittings Composition

Braze-free refrigeration fittings are used for the repair and installation of refrigeration appliances and commercial refrigeration.
For example, refrigerators, wine coolers, display cabinets, water dispensers, kitchen refrigeration equipment, etc.

Braze-free Refrigeration Fitting

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