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Your No.1 Brass Fittings Manufacturer In China

Miracle has 20+ years of history as the brass fitting manufacturer, and the successful and failed experience accumulated over the years allows us to better understand your needs and provide products that are more suitable for you;

A 25-person in R&D team can quickly design the custom products and supervise every step carefully to ensure you get the reliable quality brass fittings;

20,000㎡ plant areas and 310 sets of CNC machines can ensure on-time delivery even in the peak season.

Brass Fitting Nut

Miracle provides brass fitting nuts with size 1/4,5/16,3/8,1/2,5/8,3/4 SAE to meet your needs for different applications. Miracle brass fitting nut also can be called AC brass nut, and the brass fitting nut has different processing methods, forged type, and machinery type are available for you. Send us your inquiry to get your brass fitting nut now!

Reducer Brass Fitting

Miracle supplies various types of reducer brass fitting for you. Reducer brass fitting has different sizes for both sides, that’s why we call it reducer, but it is actually an adaptor for the connection of copper pipes that has different sizes. No need for welding, the SAE connection is very easy to operate. Send us your order and try our brass fitting now!

Union Brass Fitting

Miracle union brass fitting is widely used for the connection of two copper pipes, normally use on the insulation copper pipes. Because of the air conditioner features, the union brass fitting should be used in pairs. We provide the sizes for metric type and British type, just tell us your required type and Miracle will provide you the perfect union brass fitting!

Your Brass Fitting Manufacturer and Supplier In China!

Miracle has a 20-year history and 20-person engineers and will ensure the brass fitting has an accurate size, uniform pitch, and tight connection. So Miracle brass fitting is of high quality that sealing well, no leakage.

Miracle has more than 200 workers and enough production line, we can produce 4000pcs brass fitting or 500pcs refrigeration valves per hour. Strong production capacity will ensure a fast delivery time.

More than 30 managers in different departments, will supervisor every process of the factory, so the brass fitting quality can be a guarantee, and the time for getting material and machinery are all under control. Miracle has got approval for CQC, CE certificates now.

Miracle has already earned a lot of brands’ trust, including York, Carrier, Daikin, and so on for more of our partners, you can see the below table.

All the above efforts Miracle made to support us to be your reliable brass fitting manufacturer in China!

If you want more proof to show our strength and the high quality of our brass fitting, I guess the cooperated customers will be the best voice. Please kindly check some of our partners’ brands below, Heatcraft, Emerson, Gea, Haier, Midea, and so on.

Contact us and become our next partner for brass fitting right now, I believe Miracle won’t let you down, you will get a reliable brass fitting supplier from now on!

Brass Fitting Manufacturer Partner

As one of the responsible brass fitting manufacturers, Miracle never stops our footsteps on improving our brass fitting quality and the service to you. The certifications are a good affirmation of the results of our hard work. We have got the COQ, CE, and other certificates, you can rest assured to deliver your order to us!

Brass Fitting Certifications

Check a few pics of Miracle brass fitting workshop to know us better. And we warmly welcome you to visit our factory always. Just contact one of our managers and send us your agenda, we will arrange everything, such as the temperature, what necessary thing you need to take, which airport, what kind of viewpoints and so on.

Just contact us, we will take the rest, that’s what a reliable brass fitting manufacturer does.

Miracle is not just a brass fitting supplier, also a copper press fitting and copper fitting supplier.

We provide the copper fittings for household air conditioners and central air conditioners etc. Plenty of types of copper fittings are ready for you, straight type, T type, 3-way or 4 way, Pants type copper fittings, and so on.

Check the copper fitting page to select the satisfied copper fitting after you purchase the brass fittings! Or just find our team to give you a fast guide!

Brass Fitting and Copper Fitting

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