What is a Cold Room

Have you imagined our modern lifestyle without refrigeration? Yes, it will be difficult for you to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Yes, our lives will be severely affected, including our business. That is why you need a cold room.

Air cooled condensing units

Now, we should know what is the cold room.

The cold room is a place that can be fresh preservation of fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products, and it also can be the processing place for those food products.

It will use the refrigeration equipment to create a suitable temperature and humidity of the cold room, to ensure the perfect environment for fruits and vegetables.

The cold room is mainly composed of cold room panels, cold room doors, cold room floors, cold room roofs, condensing units, refrigeration evaporators, condensers, and other refrigeration parts.

Type of Cold Room

Food Cold Room

If you are facing problems: No fresh fruits, no fresh vegetables, no good business, don’t worry, Miracle food cold storage can solve your problem properly.

The food cold storage room is the main way to keep the low temperature to achieve fresh preservation for fruits and vegetables in modern life.

It is widely used for fruits and vegetables, dairy products, fresh eggs, and meat preservation, it can make sure the food remains at a low temperature, but won’t lower than 0℃.

As we all know, the best temperature for food fresh preservation is 0℃~15℃, because this temperature range, reduces the pathogenic bacteria and the rotten rate of fruits, and it also slows down the respiratory metabolism of fruits, so as to prevent decay and extend the storage period.

In fact, different fruits and vegetables have different perfect storage temperatures, so it’s better to store them separately.

For example, the best storage temperature for cabbage, carrots, grapes, and apples is 0℃~2℃, for tomatoes, cucumbers, and lychee is around 10℃, for bananas, lemons, and pumpkins is around 13~15℃.

Mini Cold Room

If there is a space, one refrigerator is too small, and multiple refrigerators consume too much energy, what should you do? No worries, small cold storage can be a good solution.

The scope of use of small cold storage is more extensive. Mini cold storage can be used in restaurants, fresh supermarkets, for fresh-keeping of vegetables, frozen for seafood and meat, storage for medicine, etc.

The mini cold storage is automatically controlled by PLC, which can accurately control the temperature in the cold storage and has a real-time alarm function.

You can check the usage of your cold storage through a mobile device, which greatly saves you time in managing cold storage.

The advantage of mini cold storage is also standardized manufacturing, which makes the subsequent installation and maintenance process of small cold storage easier.

Walk-in Cold Room

Inconvenient, not energy efficient, not cheap? Let me help you solve it. Walk-in cold rooms, also known as walk-in Fridges, are one of the most effective methods for food preservation and meat freezing. The walk-in cold room has the following characteristics:

A walk-in cold room can be adopted Copeland Scroll compressor inverter compressor unit and PLC automatic control.

Compared with multiple refrigerators, it has lower noise, more stable operation, more energy-saving design, and lower operating costs.

In the case of sufficient operating funds, the walk-in cold room can also be designed as a mode where two units operate alternately, which greatly reduces the deterioration of food and medicine caused by unit failures, and better protects your business.

What Cold Room Need?

Cold Room Condensing Units

The main function of the unit is to provide power to the refrigeration system and pressurize the gaseous refrigerant. In the cold room, the condensing unit can be divided into air-cooled condensing units and water-cooled condensing units according to major categories.

Air-cooled condensing units also include Copeland outdoor condensing units and Danfoss condensing units. Copeland condensing unit and Bitzer piston condensing unit.

Water-cooled condensing units are widely used for Parallel Refrigeration Units (Rack condensing units).

Outdoor Unit

Outdoor condensing unit

Outdoor units include Copeland outdoor units Danfoss outdoor units, and other brands of compressor units.

Copeland compressor models include the ZB series, ZSI series, and ZFI series. The temperature range is +10~-40 degrees Celsius. It is suitable for mini cold storage, a walk-in cold room, and a small freezer.

Danfoss compressor models include MLM series and MLZ series, suitable for a temperature range of +10~-20 degrees Celsius, suitable for mini cold storage, walk-in cold room, and medium and high-temperature cold storage.

Both Danfoss compressors and Copeland compressors use the most advanced scroll technology. Scroll compressors are well-known in the field of unit compressors due to their outstanding performance.

Outdoor Unit has a variety of appearances to choose from and can customize a unit suitable for your business according to the specific use in the cold storage. For more details, please contact the Miracle technical team.

Air-cooled Condensing Units

Air cooled condensing units

Air-cooled condensing units include many types of compressor refrigeration units, here we introduce the Copeland condensing units and Bitzer piston compressor condensing units.

Copeland scroll compressor model uses ZB series, suitable for a temperature range of +10~-15 degrees Celsius, suitable for R22, R404A refrigerant, suitable for mini cold storage walk-in cold room, and medium and high-temperature cold storage.

BITZER piston compressor horsepower from 2HP to 50HP, suitable for a temperature range of +5~-30 degrees Celsius, the refrigerant is suitable for R22, R404A, and R507, suitable for medium and low-temperature cold storage.

For more information about air-cooled units, please Contact Miracle.

Bitzer piston compressor working principle animation

Water-cooled Condensing Units

Water cooled condensing units

Water-cooled condensing units include Screw compressors water-cooled condensing units and Bitzer piston compressor water-cooled condensing units.

BITZER semi-hermetic compressor power from 20HP to 200HP, suitable for a temperature range of -5~-30 degrees Celsius, suitable for R22, R404A, R507A refrigerant, suitable for

Medium and large commercial freezer room.

For more information about air-cooled units, please Contact Miracle.

Cold Room Condenser

The main function of the cold room condenser is to convert the high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous refrigerant into the medium-temperature and high-pressure liquid refrigerant. In this process, the heat from the evaporator in the cold storage is dissipated outside the cold storage. Mainly composed of condenser, Condenser Coil, shell, and fan.

MCH Type Air-Cooled Condenser

MCH Type Air Cooled Condenser

MCH-type air-cooled condenser total air volume range will be around 430m³/h-21640m³/h, heat exchange range is around 0.7kw-60kw. It applies to refrigerants like R22, R134a, R404a, and R407c, etc.

The air-cooled condenser is mainly used in conjunction with air-cooled units, as the heat dissipation devices of the air-cooled unit, are used in small cold storage and medium-high temperature cold storage, for the cold storage and preservation of food.

MCU Type Air Cooled Condenser

MCU Type Air Cooled Condenser

MCU-type air-cooled condenser, also known as box condenser, adopts a U-shaped Condenser Coil and is integrated with the unit.

It has good adaptability to areas with narrow spaces. The compressor is wrapped in an outer shell, which is good for the compressor.

The protection is better, the safety is higher, and the service life is longer.

MCU-type air-cooled condenser heat exchange range 9kw-46kw. The refrigerant has a wide range of applications.

It is often used in medium and high-temperature cold storage and cold storage for keeping fresh vegetables and fruits.

The unit can be designed according to specific usage conditions. For more information, please Contact Miracle.

MCV Type Air Cooled Condenser

MCV Type Air Cooled Condenser

The MCV-type air-cooled condenser adopts a V-line design, which occupies a small area and arranges more heat exchange areas in a small space.

The V-type design also condenses steam from top to bottom, which is consistent with the direction of gravity and is closest to the vertical Straight state.

MCV-type air-cooled condenser can also be integrated with the unit to save floor space to the greatest extent.

MCV-type air-cooled condenser heat exchange range 24kw-165kw, suitable for R22, R134a, R404a, and R407c refrigerants. For more parameters, please Contact Miracle.

MCF Type Air Cooled Condenser

MCF Type Air Cooled Condenser

MCF air-cooled condenser is designed for more flexible movement. It can be designed as a single outlet or multiple outlets to match the appropriate condenser according to the volume of the cold storage. Applicable refrigerants are R22, R134a, R404a, R407C, etc.

Better design and higher reliability will lead to better business. These are all condenser types used in cold storage systems, if you are interested, don’t hesitate, please contact us directly.

How are Condensers and Evaporators Produced

Cold Room Evaporator

The main function of the cold room evaporator unit is to provide a vaporization place for the medium-temperature and high-pressure liquid refrigerant in the refrigeration system to transform into a low-temperature and low-pressure gaseous refrigerant.

The process of converting the liquid refrigerant into a gaseous refrigerant absorbs the heat of the cold storage, and then the refrigerant acts as the heat transfer carrier that brings the heat in the cold storage to the outside, thereby achieving cooling.

Ceiling-type evaporator unit

Ceiling type evaporator unit

MED series evaporators are widely used in various forms of cold storage, such as fruit and vegetable cold storage, mini cold storage, small fresh flower cold storage, meat product cold storage, large data center heat dissipation, etc.

According to the temperature requirements of the use environment, the Ceiling type evaporator unit has three series of MEDL, MEDD, and MEDJ, which can be used according to different storage temperatures.

MEDL condenser is mainly suitable for fresh-keeping warehouses around 0℃;

MEDD condenser is mainly suitable for cold storage around -18℃;

MEDJ condensers are mainly suitable for quick-freezing warehouses below -25℃.

Dual Discharge Evaporator Unit

Dual Discharge Evaporator UnitMES Series dual discharge air cooler used for storage cooling equipment, like food operating and processing workshops. Air comes out from 2 sides, it is applicable to about 8℃ cold storage.

If the room temperature is below 8℃ need to install a defrosting heater.

Small  Evaporator Unit

Small Evaporator Unit

Small evaporator unit used for small-size refrigerator. It has different sizes for 1,2,3,4 fans.

It transmits heat quickly, lowers the temp of the freezer sharply, and makes the temperature in the refrigerator well-distributed.

How to Install Cold Storage?

Do You Consider Having a Cold Room Business?

First, market analysis, along with the international society’s development, people’s living standards are constantly improving, and people are increasingly dependent on the individual needs of fresh fruits and vegetables, they also have new and high requirements for cold storage development and mode.

In the cold storage’s early development stage, it is often built in the food sales area which is Market-oriented.

Through the cold storage industry and the cold chain market development, people have begun to use self-built cold storage to increase their income.

The product sales location starts to use cold storage. Move to the place of production, so this will bring new potential for the development of cold storage.

Another reason for cold storage development is the diversity of cold storage product types.

Then coupled with the enhancement of the standardization and automation of cold storage products, the cost of cold storage will be gradually reduced, and this will stimulate the cold storage industry development.

The increase in market demand, the use of new low-cost cold storage insulation materials, and the individualization and standardization of production make it possible to develop combined cold storage, small cold storage, and walk-in cold rooms.

Small-scale cold storage has developed rapidly due to its simple installation, high degree of automation, low capital investment, and quick return on capital.

Second, The Development of Cold Room Technology

The application of PLC automation control.

In recent years, due to the rapid development of electronic technology and the wide application of computer control, the market has put forward new requirements for the technical performance and reliability of the refrigeration compressor and refrigeration system in the electrical control part.

Due to the small size of PLC, Strong performance, high reliability, easy maintenance, easy to master, etc., quickly replace the traditional relay control devices, small-scale cold storage has a high degree of automatic control, can be unattended for 24 hours, with automatic alarms and automatic temperature and humidity adjustment functions, Greatly reduce personnel costs, coupled with the application of energy-saving facilities in the refrigeration system, all of this will make the small cold storage more and more popular.

There are two types of thermal insulation materials during the actual application.

The first category is water-permeable thermal insulation materials such as glass wool and asbestos;

The other is an insulation layer made of air-impermeable materials, such as polystyrene, polyurethane, and other materials.

The selection of insulation materials for cold storage should be based on comprehensive considerations such as price, construction labor, use environment, and storage items.

At present, most small cold storage use prefabricated cold storage panels including a moisture-proof layer and heat insulation layer, also known as prefabricated cold storage.

The cold storage can be assembled directly on the site, which is convenient for construction and easy to install.

Do You Consider have a Cold Room business?

Third, How to Make Money with Cold Room

To better make money with cold storage, you must first understand what your market is like.

Is the cold storage rented out or does it own products? Is it putting agricultural products?

Or do businesses use some quick-frozen fresh meat or seafood products? Each choice directly leads to profitable results.

Of course, this profit result may also have something to do with the way you operate.

Objective analysis As people’s living standards improve, people can taste agricultural and sideline products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and aquatic products from different countries at any time.

After the agricultural and sideline products from other places arrive at their destinations, they need to be stored in cold storage.

The profit is high and the profit cycle is long. At the same time, the life of cold storage is very long. It can take decades to build cold storage.

Therefore, the cold storage rental method is relatively safe for making money in Long-term business.

At the same time, the life of cold storage is very long. It can take decades to build cold storage. Therefore, the cold storage rental method is relatively safe for making money in Long-term business.

Build a Rental Cold Room

If you want to build cold storage for rent, you can make money with the rent. And the monthly rent is fixed. Your rent income is related to the area, location, built-in equipment, and services provided by your cold storage.

A: How to find your customers?

First of all, you have to operate the cold storage business according to customer needs. Do you have to consider who needs cold storage to store items? Where can I find these customers? How do bring these customers to cold storage to store items?

Fruits need to be stored in cold storage. Find people who grow fruits and run fruit businesses, introduce them to building their own cold storage, and let them store in cold storage at preferential prices.

Generally, the meat products business also needs cold storage.

For example, businesses that operate chicken, fish, and meat have this demand. If you take the initiative to solve their needs, your cold storage business will come.

Those who do seafood business need cold storage.

The cold storage can store seafood products such as kelp, hairtail, and shrimp. According to customer needs, we do cold storage business.

Vegetables such as potatoes and garlic moss also need to be stored in cold storage at low temperatures.

Find the people who have such a large number of sources are your cold storage customers.

In summer, refrigeration is needed to store ice cream. Cold storage can store a large amount of ice cream, thereby effectively avoiding wholesalers’ layer-by-layer wholesale, leading to the melting of ice cream, and ice cream storage is most dependent on cold storage.

B: How to retain customers?

Retain customers with a free rental policy.

In the early stage of cold storage, in order to attract customers, you can launch a promotional activity.

During the peak holiday period, all businesses that have worked with you for more than half a year can enjoy a free day of free use of cold storage.

This is great news for businesses because they can earn 2 times more profits during the holidays. With reasonable promotion methods, you can get quite a lot of customers

Use rental management software

Traditional cold storage companies only install inventory management software but often ignore lease management software, which makes the original simple leasing work cumbersome and also increases the expenditure on human resources, so choosing a good leasing management Software can make cold storage leasing easier to promote and easier to retain customers, and it can also save personnel expenses and have the best of both worlds.

The occupancy rate cannot be less than 50%

The occupancy rate of cold storage must not be lower than 50%, otherwise, it will be a loss of money.

New entrants can increase their visibility by reducing rental prices and other promotional methods to increase the rental rate of cold storage.

Open 24 hours

At present, most cold storage rental service centers are not operating 24 hours a day.

However, most of the goods are transported by road, and there are many uncertain factors, so most of the time, the service center can only arrive after getting off work.

Therefore, many goods cannot enter the cold storage in time.

Therefore, 24-hour business services can be launched when circumstances permit.

Build a Cold Room for Your Own Use

If you want to do business on your own, build cold storage for your own use, whether it is fresh fruit (fresh cold storage) or quick-frozen meat (quick-freeze cold storage), it is good, but the specific benefits depend on your operation method and the current development of the market.

Use cold storage to do fruit and vegetable business. For example, storing some fruits and vegetables, buying them when the price is low, and selling them when the price is high, is also a good choice for profit.

At the same time, you need to consider the storage time of various vegetables and fruits, the law of price fluctuations, cold storage electricity costs, cold storage construction funds, and the loss of cold storage vegetables and fruits.

Fruit and vegetable cold storage has two types: fresh-keeping storage and controlled atmosphere storage.

Atmosphere storage is a little expensive, but the storage time is 2 to 3 times that of ordinary cold storage.

At the same time, the quality of the fruits and vegetables stored is good and the selling price is higher.

Whether to build a fresh-keeping warehouse or a controlled atmosphere warehouse depends on your own needs and funds.

How the Refrigeration System Works

Application of filter drier in refrigeration system

A compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve, and an evaporator are the main parts to form a refrigeration system.

You can see in the figure shown above, that the compressor is not only the core component of the refrigeration system but also the entire refrigeration system’s power source.

The refrigeration compressor determines the refrigeration system’s reliability.

The refrigerant is first compressed by the compressor to form high-temperature and high-pressure gas, then enters into the oil separator, and the oil is separated under the operation of the oil separator.

After that, the clear refrigerant starts to flow to the condenser, and the refrigerant is condensated by the operation of the condenser.

The form changes from high temperature and high-pressure gaseous refrigerant to medium temperature and high-pressure liquid refrigerant and then enters the accumulator.

The main function of the accumulator is to stabilize the pressure fluctuation of the system, send the medium temperature and high-pressure liquid refrigerant to the filter, and enter the solenoid valve after filtering the impurities.

The solenoid valve adjusts the flow rate of the refrigerant under the control of the thermostat, and then atomizes and sprays the medium-temperature and high-pressure liquid refrigerant into the evaporator (the fan in the cold storage) through the expansion valve.

After the refrigerant vaporizes and absorbs the heat in the cold storage, The refrigerant form changes to low temperature and low-pressure gas into the compressor to start a new cycle.

In addition to the four major parts of the refrigeration system, the refrigeration system also includes refrigeration parts such as refrigeration ball valves, pressure controllers, accumulators, oil separators, filter driers, check valves, shut-off valves, solenoid valves, expansion valves, etc.

If you want to know more, you can click on the relevant link to view it, or you can contact us directly.

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