What are the Benefits of Refrigerator Ring

What are the Benefits of Refrigerator Ring

Today commercial refrigeration equipment is using new refrigerants such as R290, R600a, etc.

These refrigerants have a higher risk factor.

Therefore the danger for the after-sales service personnel can happen at any time.

Besides the safety factor, another important reason is the inconvenient and costly after-sales service.

Based on these problems, Miracle proposes a fireless connection solution.

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Security Advantages

Security Advantages

Miracle refrigeration appliances ring has been in use for 20 years.

Therefore, we are able to solve the safety problems in the field during the repair process.

It eliminates the danger of fire welding at the repair site.

In addition, Miracle lokring rings are also used in public places where fire welding is prohibited.

For example, supermarkets, shopping malls, libraries, museums, restaurants, etc.

Miracle lokring ring can reduce the sales loss of supermarkets and shopping malls.

And the highest safety is guaranteed whenever the repair is done on-site.

Cost Advantage

Cost Advantage

When refrigerators, freezers, and refrigeration appliances need to be repaired, using Miracle ring does not increase the cost of repair.

This is because Miracle ring can greatly save the time of the repair company and the customer when repairing refrigeration appliances.

It greatly improves repair efficiency and reduces unnecessary hassles for home users.

For example, if you use Miracle ring to repair a refrigeration appliance, you do not need to transfer the frozen food.

In addition, using Miracle ring repairers can achieve repairing refrigeration appliances anytime and anywhere.

There is no need to transport the refrigeration appliances back to the company for repair.

This can greatly reduce the losses of supermarkets, shopping malls, and food manufacturers.

Miracle refrigerator rings can bring more convenient service to after-sales repairers and merchants.

For refrigeration appliance manufacturers, Miracle ring can provide a faster response to your customers.

This can effectively help your business to improve after-sales service efficiency and after-sales service reputation. Contact us now.

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