What is the Cost of the VRF/VRV System?

1. VRF/VRV Indoor Unit Installation Cost:

VRF/VRV Indoor Unit Installation Cost

VRV indoor unit installation cost can vary depending on factors such as the number of units, the complexity of the building layout, and other specific installation requirements.

However, on average, the system cost per indoor unit can range from $1000 to $4000, based on the unit itself, installation labor, and necessary accessories.

If you increase the number of units, the overall cost will increase, too. Contact us now for competitive VRF indoor units!

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2. VRF/VRV Outdoor Installation Cost:

VRF/VRV Outdoor Installation Cost

The factors that influence the installation cost of outdoor units are unit capacity, VRF system type, whether it is a heat pump or heat recovery, and the complexity of the installation site.

Please learn about the types of VRF systems.

Typically, the VRV outdoor unit installation cost ranges from $3000 to $10000 per unit.

If the unit system is large and needs high capacity, the cost would be higher.

This cost can vary depending on labor costs for installation or other structural modifications.

Additionally, there is a difference in price depending on where the VRF indoor unit is manufactured.

So, Please contact us for the most up-to-date pricing on VRF outdoor units.

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3. VRF Piping Installation Cost:

VRF Piping Installation Cost

Besides the cost of installing VRF indoor and outdoor units, there is also a VRV pipe installation cost that connects both indoor and outdoor units.

For example, in some scenarios, the price per square foot of piping is typically between $2.00 and $2.27, depending on the installation’s specific requirements.

We recommend that you source your air conditioning connecting tubes from China because China has the largest market for VRF air conditioners.

As a result, there are more choices of air conditioner connecting tubes and it’s more cost-effective.

Additionally, the labor hours (Hrs) needed for installation can vary from 200 to 490 hours.

If you use Miracle Braze-free HVAC fittings, you can reduce the cost of soldering by 1/3 and increase the efficiency of VRF piping installation.

It’s recommended to follow the VRF piping design for proper planning before installation, which would save money, too. Check this VRF piping design pdf to learn more.

Please learn VRF Pipe Installation.

How to Reduce VRF Installation Cost?

How to Reduce VRF Installation Cost

Miracle’s braze-free technology tools for pipe installation can reduce the cost and complexity of VRF system installations.

Miracle’s HVAC press tool and fittings can simplify the refrigerant line installation process, reduce the risk of leaks, and boost overall system reliability.

It can cut down your labor cost when you don’t need to bring brazing tools, equipment, gas cylinders, flames, etc, and can minimize installation errors.

For more information on how Miracle’s braze-free technology can benefit your VRF system pipe installation, contact us now with your inquiry for a free quotation and consultation.

Please Check the Miracle Ring PDF.

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