What are the Types of Refrigeration Compressors

Types Of Compressor

Compressors are the heart of a refrigeration system. It has different types, styles, forms, and characteristics.

Based on the internal mechanisms, there are different types of compressors having different unique capabilities, pros, and cons.

These two main generic principles are positive displacement and dynamic.

However there are five main types of compressors used in refrigeration systems. They are :

Types Of Refrigeration Scroll Compressor

Types Of Refrigeration Scroll Compressor

Scroll type compressor refrigerant gas in an internal compressor way where the fluid flows into the fixed and moveable scroll and became a high pressor from normal pressure.

And the discharge port in the middle of the scroll discharges the fluid.

The two types of scroll compressors are radially scrolled compressors and axially compliant scroll compressors.

The scroll compressor has fewer moving parts and minimum torque variation.

So it ensures a smooth and 10% to 15% more efficient result than other compressors.

It is widely used in residential central heat pumps, HVAC systems, and automotive ac systems.

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Types Of Refrigeration Rotary Compressor

Types Of Refrigeration Rotary Compressor

Rotary type compressor has two rotors that run in rotary types in opposite directions in a positive displacement mechanism to compress the refrigerant.

The main two types are oil-injected and oil-free rotary screw compressors.

It used the “The Airend” way where the air is compressor from inside.

It is famous because of its durable, efficient, and simplest mechanism which ensures higher air quality.

So it is important to choose a good brand for the best Rotary compressor for refrigeration.

The best Rotary compressor comes with Hitachi, Highly, Horizontal, GMCC, Panasonic, LG, GREE, and other brands.

It is also widely used in a large volume of commercial, industrial, and construction HVAC applications and captured a large portion of the refrigeration compressor market.

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Types Of Refrigeration Hermetic Compressors

Types Of Refrigeration Hermetic Compressors

When the both motor and compressor are limited to a steel shell, it is called a sealed or hermetic refrigeration compressor type.

The repairing option for this compressor is not very convenient so it is always replaced when an error occurs but the hermetic compressor is airtight and has no possibility of leakages.

According to the cooling system needs, many types of hermetic compressors are available to us.

Such as scroll hermetic compressors, reciprocating hermetic compressors, and rotary hermetic compressors.

It is ideal for small air conditioning and refrigeration system as it’s not available for repair such as for domestic, residential, or room ac units.

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Types Of Semi-Hermetic Refrigeration Compressors

Types Of Semi-Hermetic Refrigeration Compressors

A semi-hermetic types compressor has a cast iron casing for its necessary parts but the compressor and motor are together like hermetic.

It raises the pressure of the refrigerant and flows it through the pipe.

The gas enters into low-pressure space through a suction valve which is used to control the pressure.

It is very accessible for repair and maintenance and has a longer lifetime.

The semi-hermetic compressor includes Bitzer, Copeland, Frascold, Carrier, Original, or Pistion types.

It is used in medium or high-temperature air conditioning units and refrigeration systems.

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Types Of Refrigeration Screw Compressor

Types Of Refrigeration Screw Compressor

A screw types compressor uses two male and female screws or rotors for compressing the gas.

Both males and female screws rotate, gas flows into them and changes the pressure of gas and discharge at the end of the screws.

These screw types of compressors are usually very energy efficient and consume very little amounts of oil.

There are Bitzer screw compressor, Frascold screw compressor, Original screw compressor, and Carrier screw compressor available to us.

A screw compressor is used in larger commercial and industrial applications if large volumes of high pressure are required. It is also used to replace piston compressors.

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Types Of Refrigerators Compressors

The compressor used in the refrigerator, freezer, and pump system is a refrigerator compressor.

It can be a single-phase motor and pump, This single-phase motor and pump refrigerator compressor are the central components that make the refrigerator work.

There are many different types of refrigerator compressors such as Secop refrigerator compressor, Embraco Refrigerator compressor, Huayi refrigerator compressor, Donper refrigerator compressor, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, and other top brands.

A refrigerator compressor is used in high, medium, and low temperatures of residential or domestic refrigerators, freezers, or other small heat exchange equipment.

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