Top-Selling VRF Manufacturers in Japan – Who Leads the Market?

Japan is undoubtedly the global leader in HVAC innovation. For more than a century, Japan has consistently produced the best HVAC products, and multiple leading brands in the world originated from Japan.

The Japanese HVAC market was USD120.1 billion in 2021, and it is expected to cross USD183.5 billion by 2030, with a growth rate of 5.4%.

These stats clearly show the potential of the Japanese HVAC market and the country’s contribution to innovation.

Due to advanced technology and increasing innovation, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) has gained popularity.

Professionals, including engineers and wholesale dealers, prefer to buy VRF systems to achieve efficient heating and cooling outputs.

As we have already mentioned, given the fast-paced dynamics of the Japanese HVAC market, anyone interested needs to know about the top VRF manufacturers in Japan.

Only then can they select the right brand to meet their unique requirements.

This extensive blog will list the top VRF manufacturers in Japan that you should consider first.  So, if you are looking for a VRF system in Japan, this guide can greatly help you.

Additionally, once you get the required VRF system, you will need help with the installation.

For that purpose, Miracle is one of the leading companies that offers to buy almost all the products necessary for the installation. Visit our website to learn about our diverse products!

Top VRF Manufacturers in Japan

1). Top VRF Manufacturers-Toshiba Corporation

Top VRF Manufacturers-Toshiba Corporation

Toshiba Corporation is one of the pioneers of VRF manufacturing in the Japanese market. It is a multi-national company founded in 1875, and since that time, it has maintained a huge market and customer support due to its exceptional quality.

In 2019, Carrier, an American HVAC brand, acquired Toshiba’s global VRF; therefore, you can purchase their VRF systems under the name Toshiba Carrier.

The company has remained famous for using high-quality inverter and heat pump compressors that produce optimized heating and cooling results.

Why Choose Toshiba-Career for VRF Systems?

  1. Toshiba has a global presence, and its products are famous for their reliability and quality.
  2. The company is committed to meeting all requirements for buildings, whether they are commercial or residential.
  3. Their VRF systems provide maximum energy efficiency while focusing on environmental sustainability.

Installation of Toshiba-Career VRF

VRF system installation is quite a complex job requiring multiple tools and fittings. Miracle could be the right platform to install your VRF system with a copper crimping tool.

2). Top VRF Manufacturers-HITACHI

Top VRF Manufacturers-HITACHI

HITACHI is another Japanese multinational company that has a lot of experience in manufacturing HVAC, VRF Units, and scroll compressors.

The company was established in 1918 and manufactured heating and cooling systems for various skyscrapers and residential buildings.

Although Johnson Controls acquired HITACHI VRF manufacturing units in 2016, the company has a huge presence in the market, and people prefer to buy their products.

Currently, both companies are selling VRF products through a strategic partnership.

Reasons to Choose HITACHI

  1. The company offers a warranty for a large number of their products.
  2. HITACHI has dedicated itself to innovation, which results in advanced products every year.
  3. All their VRF products are optimized through a building automation system, thus working quite efficiently.

Miracle and HITACHI’s VRF

We recommend that you use pipe press fittings to connect your HITACHI VRF air conditioning system.

We have partnered with the Fortune 500 VRF air conditioning brand, contact us now for more details.

3). Top VRF Manufacturers-Panasonic Corporation

Top VRF Manufacturers-Panasonic Corporation

Panasonic, another top VRF manufacturer in the Japanese market, was established in 1918 to provide people with comfortable lives.

The company has consistently incorporated the latest technology into its HVAC and VRF systems throughout this period, producing the highest quality VRF systems.

The company has ECO² and SKY series that utilize CO2 refrigerant, a more environmentally friendly gas, and the best alternative.

Choosing the Panasonic for VRF

  1. The company has always produced durable products while considering environmental sustainability.
  2. Various latest features like Wifi and noise reduction are integrated into their products.
  3. Panasonic uses the best inverter technology to produce energy-efficient results.

Panasonic’s VRF Installation

Miracle is the official supplier of all products, including copper press tools and copper press fittings used in Panasonic’s VRF products’ installation. Propress tools, copper Y joint, lokring tools, and fittings are all available here.

4). Top VRF Manufacturers-Fujitsu General Ltd.

Top VRF Manufacturers-Fujitsu General Ltd.

Fujitsu General is one of the leading VRF HVAC manufacturers in the Japanese market. Established in 1935, the company has always focused on making dependable VRF systems for its consumers.

The company has integrated various smart and advanced features into its VRF products, ensuring precise temperature regulation in all building zones.

Whether for cold weather or hot, all their products are optimal for all conditions.

Why Choose Fujitsu General?

  1. Buying their product means that you are getting something that is equipped with the latest features.
  2. Doesn’t matter what your requirements are; Fujitsu’s VRF products are available.
  3. Their VRF products are user-friendly in terms of installation and usage.

Where can you buy VRF installation products for Fujitsu’s VRF?

If you have purchased a VRF system manufactured by Fujitsu and now need installation tools.

Miracle will be your right partner, Propress tools, copper Y joint, lokring tools, and fittings are all available here.

5). Top VRF Manufacturers-Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Top VRF Manufacturers-Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Another giant in the VRF manufacturer ranking is Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, established in 1921.

In addition to Japan, the company has a huge global presence and is famous for its advanced VRF systems and Mitsubishi compressors.

The company takes credit for its latest airflow distribution and ducted option technology that ensures smooth operation.

Why Choose Mitsubishi?

  1. Their City Multi Series is a fantastic option if you want VRF for a large building.
  2. Their products’ parts are easily available in the market.
  3. The company ensures the manufacture of long-lasting VRF products.

Miracle and Mitsubishi – VRF Installation

Miracle provides professional solderless connection solutions for your R32, R410A, and R22VRF systems.

Please visit Braze free hvac fittings or contact us to learn more about our products.

6). Top VRF Manufacturers-Daikin Industries

Top VRF Manufacturers-Daikin Industries

Daikin is a Japanese brand with a considerable global influence in the VRF/VRV market.

The company started operation in 1924. Currently, Daikin Industries has a presence in almost all developed countries.

The company spends millions of dollars annually on innovation, and its products are always updated and durable.

Why Choose Daikin?

  1. Daikin claims to produce energy-efficient products.
  2. The company is also famous for its affordable prices in the whole market.
  3. All advanced features like noise reduction and Wifi are integrated into their products.

Pick Miracle to Install Your Daikin VRF

Miracle offers a pipe press tool and lokring kit used to install the VRF systems manufactured by Daikins. Touch us and choose the best!


After reading this comprehensive blog, we are optimistic you will be in a much better position to buy VRF systems for your commercial or residential building. This important ranking of VRF manufacturers can help you decide on your HVAC needs.

We also welcome you to visit Miracle to get the VRF installation tools compatible with all these brands.

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