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Miracle supply the refrigeration shut off valve from 1999, and has more than 20 years of experience in R&D, manufacturing, and sales for refrigeration shut-off valves.

Miracle provides CE, UL, CQC, ISO9001 quality system certification, and ISO1400 certification to improve our quality control level and service level to be your reliable supplier.

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Refrigeration Shut Off Valve-Ball Valve

Ball Valve

The ball valve is adjustable refrigeration shut off valve manually, it will open and cut off the internal flow path by the valve stem, and it’s suitable for two-way flow.

The ball valve is widely used for liquid lines, suction lines, and hot gas lines for commercial air conditioning, freezing, and refrigerating equipment.

When the ball valve is fully opened, it will provide the maximum flow;

It can be the service valve when you do the maintenance work, widely used for vacuuming and filling refrigerants.

There are two types of ball valves for your reference: with or without a charging port.


  • No pressure drops when the refrigerant flows.
  • It only turns 1/4 cycle from fully open to fully closing off the ball valve.
  • There is a rotation limit for fully open and close.
  • Two-way flow, which means the installation of the valve has no relationship with the flow direction of refrigerant in the system.
  • It has good sealing between the valve seat and sealing parts.
  • It has an explosion-proof design for the valve system.
  • It has a sealing cap, and the sealing cap can be locked by the metal wire, to prevent the removal, lost, and inappropriate operation of the sealing cap.
  • We do 100% tests for all the ball valves manufactured by our factory.
  • The installation position has no limit, It could be installed on the control panel.

Technical Data:

Applicable refrigerants: HCFC and HFC.
Applicable media temperature: -40℃-+150℃.
Max working pressure: 4.5MPA.
Max test pressure: 6.5MPA.
Yearly refrigerant leakage: ≤2g.
Certifications: CE, UL, CQC, ISO9001, ISO1400.

Ball Valve Structure

Ball Valve Structure

The explosion-proof stem is designed to be installed from inside to outside, there is a protruding part at the bottom of the valve stem, it can be against the valve body, and prevent the inner pressure is too high, the high pressure will have a possibility to against the valve stem out.

The valve stem of the refrigeration shut off valve adopts a double O-ring design, it will have a more reliable sealing function;

Under the condition of ensuring good sealing, the refrigeration shut off valve also adds a Teflon gasket between the valve body and valve cap, when the valve cap is tightened, the Teflon gasket and valve body are connected closely to form good sealing.

This design will prevent the sealing from the O-ring part when you tighten the valve cap, you can seal the refrigerants in the refrigeration system;

The valve stem locking function can effectively prevent the automatic closing of the valve because of mechanical vibration.

Check the following technical sheet to pick the most suitable refrigeration shut-off valve for your system.

Refrigeration Ball Valve Parameter​

Refrigeration Ball Valve Parameter

Refrigeration Shut Off Valve Diaphragm Hand Valve ​

Refrigeration shut off valves

6210/6220 series Refrigeration shut off valve is a type of manual diaphragm shut-off valve, it is suitable for one-way flow.

The refrigeration diaphragm hand valve is widely used on the suction line, liquid line, and hot gas pipeline for air conditioning, freezing, and refrigeration equipment.

According to the connection method, the refrigeration shut-off valve has an SAE connection and ODF connection, the connection size is from 1/4’’ to 7/8’’.

All the refrigeration shut off valves have installation holes, used for dashboard installation.


  • It is suitable for all refrigerants.
  • It has 3 stainless steel diaphragms, which will make sure no leaking for the full operating life of the valve.
  • It has a special valve cap design, which can prevent the wet gas from entering the valve.
  • The applicable temperature is from -30℃ to 90℃, and Max’s working pressure is 28 bar.

Check the following technical data in detail and pick the right one for your system, or contact us for a professional suggestion.

Refrigeration Shut Off Valve Parameter​

Refrigeration Shut Off Valves Parameter

Refrigeration Shut Off Valve Refrigeration Globe Valve

Refrigeration Globe Valve

A refrigeration shut-off valve, also called a refrigeration globe valve, is used for commercial refrigeration systems, and civil and industrial air conditioning equipment.

The refrigeration shut-off valve is designed for using a valve stem to close and seal automatically, so the refrigeration shut off valve can be installed on any position of the refrigeration system, as long as the refrigeration system needs to close because of the refrigerant flow.


  • It adopts the Teflon valve plate, you can close the shut-off valve tightly with the smallest torque.
  • The refrigeration shut off valve uses a special design for the valve handle, you don’t need to require any tool when closing the valve.
  • The welding connection is designed with an extended length, which will make the installation easier, you even don’t need to disassemble the valve body when welding.

Check the following technical data for choosing the suitable refrigeration shut off valve.

Refrigeration Globe Valve Parameter​

Refrigeration Globe Valve Parameter

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Miracle cooperated with the refrigeration valve factory that has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing, designing, and marketing the refrigeration shut off valves. Except for the refrigeration shut off valves, we also supply the 4-way reversing valve, hot gas bypass valve, expansion valve, solenoid valve, etc.

Miracle’s aim is to do more and make your business simple and profitable, so any parts or equipment(types of condensing unit, evaporator, and condenser)you need for commercial refrigeration, or air conditioning parts, just contact us for professional service. We provide CE, UL, CQC, ISO9001, and ISO1400 certificates to ensure good and reliable product quality and better service for you. Contact us, we will be worth your trying!

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